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10 Best Sticky ball toy Games Story Books for Adults to play in 20201

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Sticky ball toy is probably one of the words you have heard most in the past few weeks. The house that was previously a place of rest and leisure became the center of our social lives. Imagine now forty for a child.

Accustomed to a busy life, with walks, school and games, this is perhaps one of the first times that the little ones face each other facing monotony and boredom.

For this reason, adults around the world strive to entertain the little ones and soften the effects of quarantine in the children’s universe.

The task is difficult because it is added to the chores of work and home. It is a true balance. In this moment of tension, shared games are even more important. Thinking about it, and how to enjoy the books you have at home, we have prepared ten activities with books to do together with the little ones.

Sticky ball toy increases Play and mental health 

Play is good not only for the little ones, but also for the adults who accompany them. When you truly play with a child, sit with him and are totally his for a while, you build a safe and light space. Sticky ball toy has a major impact on both their mental health! You may even discover with your little one that the quarantine can have other colors and flavors.

Thinking about the importance of play in this period we separated some tips on how to play using the books you have at home! So in addition to taking care of mental health, we still take the opportunity to feed curiosity about books.

So come on …

10 activity tips using Sticky ball toy

No story ends with the end of a reading. The characters and plots still accompany us in the universe of imagination! Who never wondered why that book or series ended that way? Or did you feel that the characters are like friends? Yeah, so does children’s books! That is why activities that expand the reach of stories are so attractive.

So, after telling a story, you can do:

  1. Games inspired by history. 

If the story is of hide and seek, why not reproduce the game at home? Now, if the story is about a magician Sticky ball toy, how about doing magic tricks with the little ones?

  1. Collages to recreate elements of the book.

A magazine here, a newspaper there, everything can be material for a collage. But not just printed materials. The fallen leaf of a houseplant or a bud can also compose a work of art.

  1. Drawings about the story. 

You can draw inspiration from the traits in the books, their colors and techniques. For example, in the book the illustrator used the colors red and blue … What can we create with this combination?

  1. Ask questions!

Questions involving the main characters and the central conflict of the story make your little one reflect on the narrative.

5. Theater using elements of the Sticky ball toy story.

The theater is great for the development of creativity! Make a theater and invite the little one to represent your favorite character.

  1. Think of a different ending than what is written! 

Bring the imagination and creativity of the little one to life, thinking of new paths for a Sticky ball toy story already known.

  1. Treasure hunt with illustrations from books. 

As well? The joke is more or less like ‘Where’s Wally?’. You choose some elements from the illustration in a book and suggest that the child find them.

  1. Watch movies or cartoons that connect with the story. 

If the chosen book has a film adaptation, invite your little one to have a popcorn session! If the work does not yet have a video version, search for animations with similar themes. This way you will show your little one that there are several ways to talk about something.

  1. Create a book together. 

It may be the continuation of the story told or another idea that comes to mind.

10. Encourage the little one to retell the Sticky ball toy story to the family.

To retell a story, little ones need to activate their memory, creativity and the ability to connect ideas. In addition to developing Sticky ball toy skills; this moment also contributes to the strengthening of bonds at home!

With these family activity tips, there are plenty of games to play with books! Enjoy, join your little one and have fun!

The toy is an extension of our body. To spin a top, for example, the child doesn’t just use his hands. She needs to start the whole body, prepare it, have a bodily intention to make the magic happen, and the top will spin and start dancing.

The spinning top is magical, it hypnotizes the child with the speed of his movements, and his stay spinning. Many children spontaneously let their bodies spin like a top, and suddenly, body and top become confused and become one.

Best ball toy games for adults

The adult can optimize this body play by challenging the child to turn with his butt or belly on the floor, on his knees and with his back supported, using his feet to rotate the body. It is also possible to imitate the spinning top standing, spinning with open arms.

sticky ball toy 2021

It is also possible to play in pairs, holding the child’s hand, initially turning it slowly and then accelerating until it falls to the floor with dizziness. In fact … Children love that feeling.

The Sticky ball toy game can also become collective, with friends, brothers, cousins, uncles, making a big circle singing the popular song .

Another Sticky ball toy that invites a real dance is the shuttlecock.

In pairs or in groups, the dance created during the game is clear. We jump to reach the shuttlecock, throw ourselves on the floor, get up and run so as not to lose it. It is very beautiful to see children and adults playing shuttlecock, as they create a free and spontaneous dance.

The ball is a universal toy. It exists in many cultures and places, of all sizes and weights – nowadays, even the pilates ball becomes a toy.

The balls are made with different materials, such as rubber, plastic and even socks. No matter, it is always a great toy for children that can be used in many ways. An example is an old joke, but it is still successful today and is called “Order”. With the ball in your hands, you are facing a wall, about two meters away.

Another fun and easy body game is: to the sound of instrumental music and a string – taking inspiration from circus performances – children place the string tightly on the floor and from there they can face various challenges such as;

  1. Balancing on top
  2. Walking on your back
  3. Walking sideways
  4. Invent a different way of walking on the rope
  5. Bouncing from side to side with 2 feet without touching the rope
  6. Jumping using hands
  7. Jump freely, creating movements
  8. Dance on the rope
  9. Hold one end of the rope in each hand and dance, improvising as if you had wings or a cloak

Final Remarks

And how to talk about the Sticky ball toy without remembering football? Impossible! This sport is pure swing. When we do the silly game, that a person is in the middle and has to try to catch the ball, besides being very fun and funny, it is a body challenge, full of different movements.