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10 Custom Stress Balls Activities to Do at Home in 2021

How to develop children confidence using toys?

The Custom stress balls are a very specific teaching method that focuses on areas. It is a fundamental activity for the child’s development such as:

  • sensory development
  • practice
  • Mathematics, and languageCustom Stress Balls

 Let’s discover 10 Custom stress balls activities to do at home with children.

What, in principle, differentiates this type of education from that, which is taught in most schools, is that it adapts to the characteristics of each child. Moreover, it creates preferences in learning according to his abilities and interests. Learning can also stimulate by playful activities that you find in this category dedicated to Montessori games.

The famous pedagogue believed that children learn best when they choose what they want to learn. And this is the philosophy present today in the classrooms of Montessori schools.

The Custom stress balls method offers children a stimulating and fun way to learn.


Those that carry out are activities in which the senses play a fundamental role. The goal is to offer children a way to live and discover for themselves, based on the great learning ability that children have at an early age.

Ideas and stress ball activities to do at home

Playful activities based on the custom method have as their main objective that of developing children’s skills through very fun games that can be done without spending money.

Let’s see what the games are recommended by this method of spending time with your child between the domestic walls.


For children taking their first steps in the world of reading and writing, a very useful hobby is that of themed letters. You can easily make them at home by printing various images of things or animals and sticking them on cardboard. Moreover, if you own a Custom stress balls, it will be a plus point.

Make them as colorful as possible, using cheerful images that can catch the child’s attention. This method is very much based on the curiosity of the little ones. All you have to do is show the children the picture and let them take the poster with the name to put on top of the picture or letter.

The game of Custom stress balls

You will only need a couple of soft balls. The idea is to show the child the colored balls and let him touch them so that they become familiar and arouse his curiosity. Leave both balls a few inches away from the baby to encourage him to catch them.

The child will want to reach for the balls if he sees that they are not too far from his hand. The child can crawl to the balls, or he will try to reach out to grab them. Either way, whether he took them himself or you gave them to him, he will be happy that he did the move and received the reward.

This will be helpful in teaching him how a job or activity well done can reward him.

Washing games using Custom stress balls

The Custom stress balls toys that are common in the park get dirty and stained. So the activity of washing the toys is an excellent task that combines the useful and the pleasant. It is a good idea to give the child a step to reach the sink where the toys will be washed.

Give the child everything needed for cleaning: a bowl of soapy water, a rinse bowl and a cloth. In this way the child will be able to learn all the steps necessary to clean an object, as well as indirectly teaching him to follow and complete objectives.


The game of silence should not be understood as an excuse to have a few minutes of rest from the incessant daily screams. According to experts, the game of silence is an activity that develops the child’s attention and allows him to perceive even the most imperceptible sounds that can communicate happiness to them, such as the roar of rain.

Have the child lie on a soft surface, such as a towel or sofa, and tell him to listen in silence. After a few minutes ask the child what he perceived.

Building Custom stress balls maracas at home

For the little ones who have already turned three you can create maracas. With these, they will learn the importance of Custom stress balls music will be able to perceive surfaces and will have a lot of fun. Building them is really simple, and you can even build them together.

Take two or three empty plastic bottles and place objects that make sounds, such as rice or raw pasta, inside. Close the bottle and shake it like maracas. Let your child stand in front of you while you prepare this homemade tool, you can also customize the maracas by painting them or sticking stickers. In this way, the child will be even more encouraged to use them.


To give life to this splendid game, all you need is a canvas to use as a base and scraps of different fabrics. You no longer use such as jeans, velvet, flannel, linen or cotton. Cut each fabric you find, giving it a square shape, so that the children can play and feel the different textures.


Organize and adapt your child’s room so that, after playing, he can tidy up and put everything in order. Take a box, possibly decorated, so that you can keep Custom stress balls toys, dolls or cars inside. All of this must be within reach so that the child can carry out this hands-on activity without your help. This will help the child learn to tidy up and get the toys back when needed.


Activities for learning about colors: There are several Montessori activities for children to learn about colors. One of these is to have containers and small objects (like buttons) both of different colors. This will allow the child to put the buttons (or any other object) in the container of the corresponding color.

In this way, the child will learn the various colors, their names and how to put objects in order.

Painting stones

This Montessori activity favors concentration, mobility and imagination. This is an ideal activity for children, especially in times of greatest agitation. If the child is angry or overly agitated, take some Custom stress balls stones and start coloring them together with tempera paints and brushes.

Custom Stress Balls 2021


Water is a great stimulus, but as long as the child feels like it, don’t force anything, because then you will have the opposite effect.

To take a sensory bath, you need to buy a multicolored light that you should never put in the direction of the baby’s eyes. The ideal is to put it at a good distance, in order to create the right atmosphere in the whole room.

To make the sensory bath even more interesting, you can also use floating Custom stress balls toys. This will help the baby to relax and feel comfortable.