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13 Vending Toys Ranked for Kids

Please don’t be embarrassed accepting that being a child; you were among those who constantly cry while leaving the grocery store to take the coins from your parents to put them in the vending machine and get your favorite beverage or snack. We all have been through that phase when the vending machine and vending toys hijacked our senses of acting decently.

Moreover, the love of these toys is still an exciting experience. However, maybe this time, we are lending coins to our kids for vending machines, but deep inside, we also always enjoy the process through which vending machine dribbles the toy.

Vending Toys

The excitement and happiness of getting that (usually short-life) agate is unimaginable. Thought, the vending toys are generally made up of plastic material that soon breaks or doesn’t seem much exciting after a day or two. It is the process that excites us more than the toy.

Being adults now, we enjoy popular snacks like snickers, cliff bars, sun chips, pop tarts, planter’s trail mix, Reese’s peanut butter cups, granola bars, pretzels, Cheez-its, Chex-mix and drinks including mineral water, vitamin water, energy drinks, cold coffee, diet soda, iced tea, lemonade, seltzer, and Gatorade.

We have ranked the top 13 vending toys for kids. Let’s have a flashback of your childhood memories.

Top Ranked Vending Toys for Kids:

Below are the 13 vending toys ranked for kids. We hope they will remind you of your childhood.

1.    Candy Gumball Vending Machine:

The top of the world joy is achieved after getting anything out of this vending machine. Nothing can beat this excitement. The popping-out eyeballs following the gumball are worth experiencing, and watching them with your kids is even more agitated. It is just a tiny candy you get at the end, but kids love to spend on such engaging vending machines. We know, somewhere in your childhood, just like us, it was your dream to have a personal candy vending machine when you grow up. Your kids would have the same dream now. The vending machines and vending toys will remain the kid’s favorite always.

2.    The Colored Egg Mystery with golden premium egg Vending Toy:

The surprise eggs have always leveled up the excitement of kids. No matter how small or low-quality the toy is inside, they are super happy to get it, and it remains their center of attention for a couple of days. These surprises are filled with mini toys, stickers of their favorite superheroes, mini vehicles, tiny badges, rings, wrist bands, sticky creatures, and much more.

3.    Sticky Vending Toys:

Sticky hand vending toys are a holy grail for kids. These magical hands will lose their charm after five minutes of exposure to dirt, but this cannot stop kids from getting it a thousand times again if you offer them to. The vending machines with such vending toys grab the attention of kids and rank them among the top vending toys. There is also a variety of sticky toys that you can get from the link above.

4.    Customize TPR Soft Glow in the Dark Stress Relief Ceiling Sticky Wall Balls for Kids and Adults:

These sticky wall balls are super fun. They get stick to the ceiling and glow in the dark. It’s a TRP Non-Toxic material. They are stress relievers and equally entertaining for kids and adults. This vending toy is best to buy from here.

5.    Squishy Stress Relief Gel Bead Ball Vending Toy:

These super satisfying gel bead balls are also among the top vending toys. These balls are made up of TRP Non-toxic material and are usually available in multiple colors. The best and reliable vendor to buy Gel bead balls is Qimengtoys. 

6.    Bouncy Balls:

The bouncy LED surface molding bouncy balls a dream come true for kids. They are available in multiple colors and one of the best vending toys. The LED light inside the ball attracts the kids and keeps them engaged for hours. Moreover, the bouncing effect increases their physical activity. You can get them at wholesale rates from here.  As compare to plastic vending toys, they are worth spending on.

7.    Custom Animals Growing Vending Toy:

What is more exciting than having growing animals vending toys? Just put them in water and watch them grow. These animals are usually wrapped in plastic eggs are plastic cover. It has also been the kid’s favorite. They are made up of soft, non-toxic material, and kids treat them as a pet. Vendors can buy it from here.

8.    Keychain Vending Toys:

Kids don’t have so many keys to put in a key chain, but they love to place them on their school bags and flaunt. The colorful keychains are an attraction for kids. The reliable retailer to buy the best quality keychain vending toys are Qimengtoys. 

9.    Squishy Sticky Insect Vending Toys:

The squishy insects are kids’ favourite to collect. I used to carry them as a kid in my pocket everywhere and sometimes put them on the table quietly to prank with my parents and siblings. They are fun stuff, and you should invest in them.

10. Plastic Squeeze Balls Vending Toys:

Balls are equally entertaining for boys and girls. Being a kid, they all are attracted to lightening balls. Seeing them in the vending machine is even more exciting. Dealers can purchase the spiky balls like above in bulk and best quality from here. 

11.  Monster shape Vending Toys:

Monsters are a cool thing to have. The squishy monsters are easy to carry and unbreakable. Kids can enjoy them for a long time. The monster collectibles through vending machines is not a bad idea. These machines would make your kids excited and happy.

12.  TPR Sticky Splat Glitter Water Ball:

The Sticky Splat Glitter Water ball splat once you throw them against a hard surface and come back to shape quickly. Kids can squeeze and splatter them. Get the best quality TPR Sticky Splat Glitter Water Ball from this website. 

13.  Cheap Jewelry:

Trust me; your kid will refuse to wear the expensive jewelry you bought for them and resist wearing the necklace they won from a vending machine. These vending toys have a special place in the heart and minds of kids. They consider them as something they earned themselves. So don’t waste your energy in convincing them to give up on the precious jewelry they got as a vending toy.

capsule balls

Wrap Up:

All the vending toys mentioned above are the top-rated once. We loved them as a kid, and now our kids love to have them. Let’s live our childhood again with our kids as many of us have been looking at them desire fully in our childhood and never got a chance to have one.

The best way is to enjoy is to use these toys with your kids now. Though they are not very lavish vending toys, the vending machine process is the thing that attracts kids the most and lets these toys rank among top vending toys. www.qimengtoys.com provides you the quality vending toys at many reasonable rates on your doorstep.