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5 Best Stress relief ball toy for your Child? (Pros & Cons)


Are you nervous before the exam? Problems at school and at home? Is there an important meeting on your nose? Get a stress relief ball that will always be there and will take the blow of stress and negativity on itself, giving you pleasant sensations and calming. Scientists have found that physical exposure helps to release some of the stressful energy, and therefore relax.

What advantages stress relief ball provide?

All anti-stress toys are funny and colorful. As a rule, among the assortment of the online store , there is a design for every taste and the colors are always rich and bright.

Antistress toys are unusual to the touch. One has only to take them in hand and do not want to let go. Tiny balls roll so well inside the toy and act on the nerve endings that they instantly give a pleasant tactile sensation and relaxation.

Stress relief ball


Squishies are one of the main contenders for stress management. What it is? Squishy, ​​literally translated from English means – “crush”. This is a super soft toy that, after squeezing, takes back its cute shape.

Stress relief ball can be absolutely any shape or size: from adorable animals to fruits with funny faces and will suit both girls and boys. Everyone can find an option to their liking, because squishes can be fine for both as a cute donut in pink glaze, and as a miniature animal with a cute anime face. Moreover, the most important thing is that the squishy is pleasant to crush.


Squishies can be roughly come into three categories:

  • transparent silicone shell filled with many balls;
  • slimes made of soft rubberized material;
  • Foam rubber sponge, similar to polyurethane foam before hardening.

Generally, squishies are easy to hold in the hands of not only small children, but also adults. This is due to the fact that they help to relax, distract from everything that bothers for a while and restore nerves after another stress in the process of squeezing a cute little toy.

 Squishy – a world where there is no stress

There are various types of stress relief ball: from the most commonplace fruits to the most embarrassing human organs. Most often produced:

  • Fast food (burgers, soda, donuts)
  • Animals (unicorns, bears, whales)
  • Stationery (pencil cases, pencils)
  • Characters of films and cartoons ( Lego Man , Captain America, Hulk, Brawl Stars figures )
  • Sweets (marmalade, chocolate, cupcakes)
  • Fruit (banana, avocado, apple).
The trend that came from abroad has swept the whole world. The toy has a lot of advantages that allow it to stay out of competition:
  1. Does not stick to fingers and does not leave incomprehensible marks.
  2. Pleasant for tactile and visual perception.
  3. Bright outer shell that pleases the eye.
  4. Good stretching properties.
  5. Attractive scent.

It also helps adults to calm down or concentrate, and children develop various skills: fine motor skills or imagination. Therefore, the second name is anti-stress.

What’s inside of relief ball?

The whole secret of these cute objects lies in the materials used to create:

  • Rubber: The most durable and stretchy base. The Rubber squashes are great for maintaining mental balance for a long time.
  • Rubber shell + gel: change their shape even at the slightest pressure and cause funny emotions and interest in their owners.
  • Foamed matter: resembles household utensils for washing dishes and has a significant disadvantage – if stretched strongly, it can break.
  • Silicone: a malleable material to which you need to add flavor and shape.

But stress relief ball is much more interesting that now they have learned to do such an anti-stress at home, using starch or cotton wool, holofiber or synthetic winterizer.

How do I use squishy?

Absolutely no one can pass by. Affection and desire to touch arises even in the most serious and respectable people.

To please everyone, squishies come with special mounts so that you can hang the keychain on the keys or leave it in the car as a decor.

Subsequently, boxes with surprises are no exception. Almost everyone contains a gentle friend. Bloggers of all countries are just crazy about this. Buying boxes of stress relief ball toys, they collect them. Similarly, someone will give the toys into the good hands of subscribers, and someone will leave them on their shelves.

You can use stress relief ball in absolutely different ways!


When buying squishies, most people have a question about security. The quality depends on many factors. However, if you buy yourself a friend in trusted places, you cannot fear for the life and health of children and adults. It is important to follow a number of rules:

  • You should not carry out operations on the toy and open it. As a result of such actions, it will deteriorate and become unusable.
  • The fire joke is not the best option. This, first of all, will lead to fire, as well as to the appearance in the air of hazardous substances that do not spare the human body.
  • It is not advisable to try by mouth. A large accumulation of germs will not turn out to be something good for a child.

If a child under three years old asks to buy him a squish, this is not a reason to refuse. You can please not only him, but also yourself, thanks to the incredibly large assortment.

Pros and cons of toys

People who are experienced in the pros and cons will note that:

  • A gentle friend is short-lived.
  • The paint quickly peels off him.
  • It cracks strongly in a short period of time.
  • The fragrances are too persistent and may be unpleasant.

But there is also a positive one about stress relief ball. This is especially true for do-it-yourself squishies. So:

  • Cheap raw material available
  • Unique toy
  • Fun pastime

Squishy relief ball care features

Stress relief ball 2021

It must be remembered that such a toy also needs water procedures. Hot water is used for this. In the case of more severe contamination, the help of liquid soap or shampoo is required. After, the toy needs to dry out in the fresh air.

If, over time, hardening is observed, for any reason, it is advised:

  • Heat the squish on a plate in the microwave for 10 seconds.
  • Furthermore, use a nourishing cream. Lubricate and wait 5 minutes.
  • Moisten with water.

In the case of stickiness, starch or baby talcum powder will help, and if a trendy thing is unsuccessfully stretched, you can give a second life.

Where can you find them?

The surest and easiest way to find stress relief ball to your liking is to visit one of the major Chinese sites.  If this option does not inspire confidence, then it is worth looking into online stores or on the counters of the city.

In fact, the benefits of anti-stress toys are enormous. They can have a beneficial effect not only on our mental health, but also physical. Moreover, with the help of anti-stress balls and slimes, you can not only quickly and easily get rid of stress, but also improve your mood. Scientists have proven that those who regularly use all kinds of anti-stress toys are less stressed and more cheerful.