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5 Christmas Sticky Balls Gift tips for Each Age Group: Ultra Balls for kids

What Games you can play with your children?

Sticky Balls

The Christmas is one of the most anticipated dates of the year for people, and that includes children. It is an excellent opportunity for little ones to learn about affection, because they are with loved ones. It is also the long-awaited time to exchange sticky balls gifts. The kids are looking forward to opening the packages.

However, for the “Santa Claus”, the choice of what to give often ends up being a bit complicated. So, how about giving something that is both fun and enriching at the same time? The educational toys and comply with this proposal!

Are you in doubt about what to choose?

Check out 5 Christmas sticky balls gift tips for each age group that will delight the little ones!

Babies up to 2 years

  1. Wood teethers balls

From the third month, the baby’s teeth are growing and there is some discomfort. Therefore, it is common for him to take his hand or objects to his mouth to relieve the sensation of itching. Thus, wooden teethers are an excellent gift option. In addition to being sustainable, they will be very useful.

Sticky balls are organic and smooth in shape, allowing little ones to be able to hold them easily. And because they come with wood, their touch is pleasant, due to the natural heat of the material.

Its dry surface is resistant to microorganisms, and, being of the caxeta type, the toy will be free of harmful substances to the baby. To complete safety, the piece comes with microfibers with properties of germicidal effect.

Children over 2 years

2. Stacking sticky balls towers

From 8 months onwards, the child gradually develops fine motor skills. So, take this time to explore this, using play time as a way of learning. Stacking towers made of natural or colored wood have that spirit!

With light pieces and varied shapes, they stimulate the child to make pyramidal shapes or create the sequences they want. These multiple possibilities of using the sticky balls material are able to stimulate creativity and imagination!

  1. Upa Upa Cavalinho

Ideal for children from 18 months of age, the Upa Upa Pony is a classic and timeless toy . It awakens the imagination of the little ones, who can feel themselves riding.

Another benefit of it is the stimulation of the vestibular apparatus and the sense of balance. Thus, the child, when making the swinging movements in him, will be able to have fun. And, at the same time, to develop important psychomotor skills, guaranteeing a healthy growth.

4. Rainbow sticky balls Game

This educational game goes far beyond children’s entertainment. With wooden blocks in geometric shapes, he challenges the little ones to make inserts that can form different compositions.

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In addition, their vibrant and varied colors allow them to have their first contacts with different tones. Thus, learning the name of each of them and how to differentiate them becomes a playful activity.

  1. Little houses or farms

The cottages enchant the children for the infinite possibilities they offer. With them, it is possible to create sticky balls stories, dialogues and situations that represent the daily lives experienced by children.

And, escaping a little from the urban context, the farm also allows fascinating games. It is possible to represent life in the countryside. It is even using replicas of animals, learning about nature and putting creativity into practice!

As seen, a special date like Christmas can and should be used to, in addition to the long awaited moment of opening gifts, stimulating more playful moments of leisure. Educational toys fulfill this function well. And, after knowing these Christmas gift tips for the little ones, it became easier to choose which one to buy, do you agree?

Sticky balls are an opportunity to learn new things

Deciding for any one of them, you will be offering children the opportunity to learn while playing and, furthermore, promote notions of sustainability. In fact, this is one of the great advantages of wooden toys. They are more resistant, last longer and do not harm the environment. That’s all they need for healthy development!

Having a baby is a crucial step that should be prepared in advance. You have to buy a lot: interior items for a nursery, clothes and the first “sticky balls “. And one of the most significant expenses with the advent of a baby is the purchase of toys.

But is it worth spending a lot of money to replenish the toy “army” gathering dust in the box? It is better to approach this issue wisely and choose not only beautiful and expensive. But also useful toys that will positively affect the overall development of the child.

What should be sticky balls toys for children under two years old?

Today we will take a close look at all these educational games, find out what skills they can teach kids and how to play with them correctly. And also pay attention to the quality of materials and the characteristics of individual brands.


What are they and, most importantly, for what?

The learning process for a preschool child, fun is necessary. So manufacturers even dress up logic games in a bright, funny form. And themed sets – with Cars, Monster High dolls, etc. – add another component to the educational game – the factor of emotional trust.

What do we want to educate and what will help us in this?

  • creativity, imaginative thinking, acquaintance with color– kinetic sand and sets for creativity, for babies up to 6 months old – toys of bright colors of the main spectrum, which can be attached to a mobile or arcs of a developing rug;
  • fine motor skills of fingers– lacing on shoes, beads or whole creative sets for children from 2 years old, buttons, for kids – pyramids, ropes, pompons on small developmental toy centers;
  • Preparation for kindergarten or school– cubes with the alphabet and numbers, for adult children. Multifunctional development centers with drawing boards, abacus, puzzles, elementary sets for experiments, lotto and other board games .

According to their main features, the sticky balls from this review can be conditionally divided into the following groups:

  1. Wooden Toys.
  2. Emotional toys.
  3. Soft toys for the little ones.

Finally, wooden sticky balls toys have received their well-deserved high praise among modern parents. Since they are usually made of hardwood, such toys are very strong, but lightweight, with well-finished edges and bright colors. And most importantly, wood is a natural anti-stress. Playing with wooden products soothes capricious kids.

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Toys of the second conditional group are role-playing models, interactive toys that speak, move and “wish” to become a friend to the child, as well as ordinary toy figures with a cute and kind face.

Such toys relax the child, help him not only to cope with some task provided by the game, but also show approval. Set him up to be brave and not be afraid of communicating with the world. When children grow up, to carry out such a function, they subconsciously choose an idol from an animated series or a hero of a book and demand dolls in the image of a pet.