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5 Pro Health Advantages Stress Toys Give Human Body: Scientific Facts

Why minimalism in toys is useful for children?

Stress toys in soothing colors look cool on the shelf. But that’s not why we create them. We believe that minimalist ideas are important and useful for children of all ages, gender and status. And that’s why.

Stress Toys

Stress toys stimulates creativity

The human brain is so arranged – when something is needed, but it is not, it will figure out how to replace the necessary. On vacation, when there is not a whole wardrobe, we compose an unusual “bow” from three basic things. If you don’t have a special product at hand, remove your makeup with coconut oil … and rejoice at how fresh your skin is.

Similarly, if the doll has a set of doll furniture, a giant house with a garden, doll dishes, doll food, and a doll machine, the child does not need to invent anything. If there is a doll and a set of cubes or rainbow arcs, a game will begin in which the cubes turn into walls, a large arc into a bed, a middle one into a table, and beads can be food and treasure at the same time. There are fewer toys, but it will definitely not be more boring to play.

Why stress toys is useful: When in the future the child is faced with a difficult problem. He is more likely to figure out how to solve it in an unusual but effective way.

Stress toys teaches concentration

The more toys a child has, the more difficult it is for him to concentrate on one of them. Fewer toys will distribute attention more efficiently. And this leads to a longer and better independent game. This skill, by the way, is not just convenient for a mother who wants to calmly drink coffee.

It will also be very useful later in study, because much is decided by perseverance, the ability to concentrate on one thing.

Why it’s useful:  When your child learns a new skill, such as reading, he will be ready to concentrate on the task for a long time. The result is progress, satisfaction and love of reading.

Stress toys reduces stress levels

A huge number of toys, especially bright ones, squealing, squealing, leads to the creation of constant visual noise and a sense of chaos. And this is a source of stress even for adults, not to mention the little ones.

Why is it useful: Stress toys not exhausted for a day visually easier to assimilate new information, less overexcited, fast asleep, more user-friendly and healthy.

It teaches savings

One quality item is better than ten “one-day” toys. Such an attitude in the family teaches the child to value his property more, to treat his belongings more carefully. Not immediately, but gradually, green thinking is formed. When, instead of spending and buying more, you try to make the best use of available resources.

Why it is useful:  Instead of begging for the first toy in the store, the child is more likely to agree to an offer to save up for something really worthwhile.

It keeps things clean

The fewer things, the easier it is for the child to find this or that toy, and after playing, put it in place, receiving praise from the parents.

Why it’s useful:  Less time is spent cleaning and less conflict about it.

5 rules of minimalism in stress toys


Create a list of what you need. You can use the Pinterest or Google Keeper website. Before birthday and other holidays, give a link to guests. Believe me; people themselves will be glad that they were saved from the need to come up with a gift.

Don’t use stress toys as incentives. If you want to reward your child with something for good behavior, use non-material things. Such as walking to your favorite playground or feeding squirrels in the park. Children can be delighted with penny things – a magnifying glass, a laser pointer, an hourglass. That’s here in the blog Ko-ko-ko lots of ideas unobvious gifts for preschoolers.

Clean up. 4 times a year or, if you wish, arrange more general cleaning of children’s toys. Try to fix the broken, and throw away the hopelessly spoiled. Remove what is not used. Save the toys from which the baby grew up for future children.

Put those that for some reason do not play in a separate box – within a month, check if the child is asking about the toy.

Stress Toys 2021

Consider storage for stress toys

Often toys are stored in a large container, but for several of the most popular things. You can select a separate “toy” shelf – invite your child to keep order on it, show how to dust off.

It’s great when your favorite things – dolls, bears, cars – do not lie interspersed, but “live” in certain places. It would be good to put the dolls to bed in their cribs after the game, and drive the cars into the garage.


Choose quality over quantity. Prefer one higher quality toy that replaces ten “one-day” ones.

Minimalism is not a ban on buying stress toys. It’s about a more deliberate approach. Minimalism is when you have few things, but they are all such that they delight you with every use, last a long time and are well made.

Sometimes, by buying toys, we want to show that we love the child; we want to keep him occupied and develop in an interesting way. But toys aren’t the only way. An expression of love is reading a book together in the evening or flying a kite.

The best development is talking with a child, discussing the world around him and how everything works here.

And remember that one good and important toy is really better than a dozen spontaneous, incomprehensible and low-quality toys. We hope that in search of this one.

How to buy stress toys according to child age?

Babies 6-12 months old are supposed to study and master the space and capabilities of their own body. They need to learn to grab objects, including with two fingers, transfer them from hand to hand, drag them into their mouths, and study not only by touch, but also by taste. Toddlers gradually expand their horizons, kneel down, crawl, sit down, and later get up.

The more varied the space your baby is exploring, the better. It is very useful at this age to give the baby more different sensory sensations.

At this age, for the full development of the baby, the following toys are needed:

  • soft rag ball or knitted toy with a bell inside
  • a set of wooden balls with different sounds
  • small toy suspended from a string that can swing or move like a puppet
  • durable beads that can be chipped and dragged into your mouth;

And as a result, your baby already deftly grabs everything, transfers it from hand to hand, and everything that he finds will certainly pull into his mouth. He learns to wield a spoon and eat from it, drink from a cup, and learns new taste experiences.


Of course, the study of food so far is more about the touch, and not just the taste, but this is also such a game. In order for such stress toys to give mom not too much trouble, an apron with a pocket and a plate with a suction cup that does not fall off the table come in handy.