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5 Ways Bouncy Balls Relieve Stress from Children and Adults

Bouncy Balls
Most of bouncy balls have an interesting and cute design. Such toys are distinguished by bright and rich shades; they are quite dense, more stretching, transparent and translucent, with sparkles and beads inside.

Squishies are often performed not just as a toy that can be wrinkled in the hands, but also as a decorative component. Such products have a retainer that allows you to fix the toy as a keychain on a pencil case, backpack, keys.

Who are bouncy balls suitable for and what is used as a filler?

Bouncy balls are versatile toys that everyone, without exception, likes. Squishies are happy to “jam”:

Children from 3 years old

For them, it is a toy, with which you can both play with the plot, and simply “press” it, which is very fun, because the object as a result of this changes its shape, funny stretches and sometimes looks very funny;


Teenagers also often use them to stretch their arms and enjoy the process. Also for them, it is a decorative component that can be put in a pencil case or hung on a backpack;


For adults, this is not a toy to a greater extent, but an object with which you can experience positive and pleasant emotions. They promote quick relaxation; relieve stress and tension, fatigue from the hands.

Before buying such an anti-stress bouncy balls for themselves or their child, many parents ask themselves the question of what the squish is made of, what materials are used to make it, and how safe and non-toxic they are.

Such toys are made from the following materials:


The advantages of this option include the fact that the material stretches well (and quite easily) and at the same time quickly returns to its shape. The products are distinguished by their durability and retain their original appearance and quality for a long time.

Rubber + gel

These variations have a dense rubber shell. Inside, they are filled with a special gel substance. Thanks to this filler, the squish immediately changes its shape even with slight pressure, but soon it takes on its original shape.

Foamed materials

These variations are reminiscent of dishwashing sponges. Bouncy balls are very gentle, light and pleasant. They have a foamy structure, they crumple easily, but if you try to stretch them strongly, they can crack and even tear.


Modern silicones are quite plastic, so they are ideal as a material for making squishies. Silicone squishies don’t even fill anything; they just give the desired shape and add flavorings.

What is used as in bouncy balls?

  • Foam with “memory” effect. Such filler is soft enough and pleasant to touch. It is characterized by low porosity. When pressed, it retains the formed shape for a short time, and after that it gradually returns to its original shape;
  • This material has a harder texture, which crumples well and at the same time returns to its original shape in a matter of seconds. Therefore, it is quite difficult to see changes in shape on such squishes;
  • Gel base. These are some of the nicest varieties. They are elastic, unlike the previous version; they stretch well and do not tear. The gel can be either regular or with the addition of glitter. Such squishes are popular with girls.
  • if you decide to make the simplest squish with your own hands, then ordinary starch can be used as a filler;
  • Also for hand-made squishy you can use ordinary cotton wool, holofiber or synthetic winterizer.

Note that the composition of toys purchased in a trusted place is safe for the health of children and adults. It is completely free of toxic substances harmful to health.

Are bouncy balls dangerous for children?

Bouncy Balls 2021

As mentioned earlier, high-quality anti-stress bouncy balls toys are not dangerous for either children or adults. However, for this it is important to observe a number of the following rules of playing with squish:

Do not cut

You should not check what is inside the toy, as this will deteriorate and become unusable for further play.

Do not set fire

Do not set fire to toys, as this can not only cause a fire, but also as a result of combustion in the air, dangerous and unhealthy substances can be formed – products of combustion and decay.

Moreover, do not put squish in your mouth 

It is important to know that such toys are forbidden to chew and lick. Therefore, if you bought squish for a small child, it is important to control the gameplay.

Buy in trusted stores

When you buy bouncy balls, you can be sure that you are purchasing a quality, non-toxic and safe product that fully meets all the most stringent requirements. The assortment includes material from leading and best manufacturers.

If a child who is under 3 years old asks his parents to buy him such an anti-stress, do not refuse. It is important to remember that the baby’s play with such an object just needs to be controlled and not let the baby try and lick the squish.

What are anti-stress bouncy balls toys for?

Designed specifically to keep your hands busy and unload your head, anti-stress toys are specially shaped and filled:

  • it is convenient to compress them;
  • it is pleasant to squeeze them;
  • you want to squeeze them.

In this way, kneading the loose filler, trying to knead the elusive lumps, our lama free bouncy balls frees him from unnecessary stress that invariably accompanies a person in the modern world.

This is an almost unconscious process. This is how you sometimes twirl a pencil or pen in your hands. Only now, the benefits of the lama are much greater, as scientists have proved.

Sweet and graceful

  • The bouncy ballsare made in the classic style of a soft toy, so you can see at once who will like this cutie.
  • It can be patted on the protruding ears or tugged on the hooves.
  • The soft contours allow it to sit comfortably in the hand, thus provoking a squeeze.
  • Delicate pink color and a cute cartoon llama face will delight beautiful ladies.