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6 ways Squishy Toys can Increase creativity of your Child

Tips on choosing the right toy for your child

Children’s Day is coming and squishy toys are always a great option for little ones. But do you know what the ideal toy is for your child?

Some tips are very important to follow: budget, products with the child’s interest and also if a certain toy is according to the child’s age. Check out these tips:

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From 0 years squishy toys

In the first months of life, babies develop by jumping and sensory stimuli are essential in this age group. Therefore, soft and sound toys that stimulate the senses are a great choice. Some suggestions are mobiles, fabric dolls and strollers, teethers, textured toys and activity mats, for example.

From 2 years

At this stage, the little ones start with make-believe games, imitating adults and always attentive to the sounds around. Therefore, in this age group, squishy toys that sound and stimulate the most imaginative games are very interesting. Choose musical instruments, cliques, building blocks, fitting games, dolls and strollers, for example.

From 4 years squishy toys

In this phase, toys begin to, in fact, become the companions of the little ones and a learning tool. Right now, those who stimulate memory, reasoning, creativity and motor coordination are great options. Bet on puzzles and building blocks.

From 6 years

In this age group, in addition to enjoying make-believe, children are more attentive and like to play with other people. At this time, it is worth betting on games of rules and squishy toys that help to expend energy and move the body, encouraging outdoor play, such as bicycles, skates, skates and kites, for example.

From 8 years

From this age on, children are able to play games that require reasoning and strategy, and also begin to develop their tastes and preferences. Here it is worth investing in board games, building objects and magic kits. Musical instruments are also a great choice!

Best squishy toys games to boost child energy

Routine changes inevitably have an effect on all of us, especially our little ones. Staying at home every day, without being able to go for a walk, go to the playground, play with friends, these are situations that can leave children agitated and with a lot of energy saved.

At such times it is important to find squishy toys activities to entertain and allow them to expend energy even while staying indoors.

Look at this list that we have separated with options of games and activities to amuse and spend energy of the children! But the first tip, remember, is to leave your cell phone, tablet or computer a little aside.

1- Make a circuit
Organize furniture in your home to make a circuit of activities for the little ones. You can place mattresses on the floor, align chairs, turn armchairs into obstacles, and make a trail with shoes, a tunnel with a carpet. The important thing is to use your imagination!

2- Bladder squishy toys games
This is classic and very simple to do. You just need to fill a few bladders and that’s it! It can suggest that children play with not letting the bladder fall on the floor. Moreover, you can keep it in the air without being able to touch any part of the body or even make a racket with disposable plates and start a “bladder tennis” game.

3- Trap between the walls with squishy toys

In a pretend game, who never pretended to be a spy going through a trap? This tip is super cool and can be done with twine, ribbons or even crepe paper. Just stick between the walls of a corridor, forming a trap, a kind of wall. The little ones need to cross to reach the other side without touching or destroying the structure.

4- Help with homework
Yes! One way to entertain children is to include them in homework. In addition to expending energy, this squishy toys activity helps to develop an early awareness that everyone needs to help keep the house in order.

You can turn this moment into a joke, listening to music while getting your hands dirty! And, when completing the tasks, it is legal to create a celebration ritual, such as a dance, making the routine even lighter and more fun.

5- Transforming recyclables into toys
Separating cardboard, plastic and clean PET bottles and teaching the little ones the importance of reusing these materials is also a great activity! Besides being a lot of fun, transforming recyclables into toys brings out creativity and teaches how to take care of the environment.

And when everything is ready, the child will be super proud and entertained with the toy he just created!

Did you like the suggestions? So use what you have at home, unleash your creativity and get to work. Enjoy and also participate in the squishy toys games. It is a nice chance to live great moments in family.

6 ways to stimulate children’s creativity using squishy toys

Science has already verified, but it is always good to remember: creativity is not a gift restricted to some people and we can, yes, use some mechanisms that stimulate our creative potential.

If we find ways to stimulate a person’s creativity from an early age, he will have an easier time when he needs to have different ideas or find alternatives in the face of difficulties.

So today we are going to bring you 6 ways to stimulate children’s creativity with squishy toys from early childhood. It is important that parents and teachers remember to maintain an environment prone to insert stimulating activities in the routine of the little ones.

  1. Creative play

Games and toys that stimulate the ability to think and have ideas contribute to the development of creative skills. Remember when you used the toothpaste box and bottle caps to build a cart? That’s the idea!

Transform objects that already exist in others, tell a story from objects, listen to music and invent a thematic choreography … The important thing is to give space for children to use their imagination!

2. Let it think outside the box

Never condemn or ignore children’s ideas, even if they seem meaningless. When the little ones ask questions without a head or a head, talk, try to answer, get into the vibe and encourage this thinking outside the box.

  1. Drawing Time

Drawing is one of the main ways to express creativity, not to mention that it is one of the simplest: just a paper and a pencil or pen to start. So it is important to encourage the act of drawing and this can be done with small competitions at home. You can define a theme or order original creations as well. Then, make a small exposure indoors.

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  1. Be part of creativity

Last but not least: understand that your home and family can be the stimulants of squishy toys creativity. The little ones can give their opinion when decorating the house, choosing the color of the wall, in the toys they choose. Everything goes through the conversation.

When the child makes a choice, encourage him to explain why, to defend his idea. This argument also depends on creativity and can be stimulated.