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A Guide to Capsule Toys and Where to Buy Them

The worldwide trend of Qimengtoys and Gashapon capsule toys is expanding around the corner.

The fantastic technological innovation in the world of Qimengtoys and gashapon capsule toys is setting the benchmark. Therefore, to continue to trend and enhance and exasperate the enthralling experience, it specializes in making capsule toys with Gashapon machines’ help, otherwise known as Gashapon.

The capsule toys are available in every nook and corner of Japan. The dimension is not slowing down; instead of doing wonders in the field. The capsule toys that are trending on as a centuries-old tradition are minute miniatures. They range from keychains, souvenirs to small pouches.

gashapon capsule toys

Furthermore, capsule toys come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. It is the center of attraction for children. The toys are inexpensive and mark the center of entertainment.

Brief Introduction of Gachapon And Capsule Toys

The gashapon capsule toys are not a rare trend in Japan; instead, it is pulling off machines to continue to revive the centuries-old tradition. The tradition, therefore, is of the Gashapon machine that is making everyone’s favorite capsule toys. Initially, the toy variety remains restricted to children only, but it expanded and switched to goods. It makes it suitable for adults.

Gachapon first appears in the United States, but the circle grows in Japan around 1970. Hence, the machine specializes in producing different goods for fun-filled items. With progress, the gashapon machine is available in many places in Japan. The articles range from 200 to 400 yen. The varying factors are only the type of device used, its location, and the year time. Hence, what the device is falling for, is the result of items in the list below:

Animal Figurines

The toy ventures are the result of the gashapon capsule toys machine. One such variety that is available on the office tables is that of cat figurines and Shiba Inu. The name automatically defines the animal cartoon structure. Therefore, the super cute cartoon toy pieces are enough to grab one home place.

Food Keychains 

The food lovers will love that enough variety that gashapon capsule toys are giving. The miniature food toys are loved. It, therefore, includes designing keychains of Japanese omelet, ketchup, Japanese mustard(karashi), Etc. The mini variety looks super cute in appearance. Furthermore, it is available to make one want to eat it. similarly, the bread replicates a toy. It seems the same one found in a supermarket.

Miniature Furniture

The capsule toys machine is a variety in itself. The device is doing wonders by making lamps. Hence, the lights that come with three poles have an easily adjustable system. The height is adjusted easily. Moreover, it has an attached switch with which one can switch on and off the light.


The variety continues, and with it comes the production of pouches. The capsule toys are thus making a multipurpose pouch that can easily store soymilk. Not just this, the pouch itself resembles the size and shape of soymilk. The satchel is duly convertible to a roomy pencil case.

Way to use Machines

The easy-to-use and straightforward capsule toys machine require some surveillance beforehand. It is necessary to assure of the toy that one wants to get hands-on. The device lacks in supporting the user. It means although the machine portrays what’s inside, it still does not guarantee that it will pick the desired item. It counts on the thrill of the device.

When the selection of the machine, is made the user inserts the coin. It depends on the goods inside. Hence, the coin range varies from 200, 400 and goes up to 500 yen. The number of amounts is visible at the front. Some machines are not expensive and demand up to 100 yen. Whatever the machine demands, the user must insert it and turn the handle in the machine’s direction. After turning it a few times, the toy comes out. It’s time for the user to grab it quickly.

The capsule toy that becomes the center of joy comes in plastic case packaging. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the tape and look for the product inside quickly. The user looks for a basket for disposing of the cases. These are typically available at the top of the machine. In case the user cannot find it, they should take it away with them and dispose of it in a garbage can or recycle it.

Where to find Capsule Toys in Japan

Capsule toys machine is commonly visible in the far-off location of Japan. One such place is Tokyo which is the hub of transportation. Tokyo derives the capsule machine toys well as it is available abundantly in places. It is mainly available at Akihabara and Tokyo Station. Nonetheless, Akihabara sounds like a happy place where one can spot the machine variety running from one place to another. The place is famous for its electronics, anime, and machines. To further explore, Akhihanara Gachapon Kaikan, the store, is the place to be. Therefore, it holds an enormous variety of capsule toys and thus, has a variety of machines. Tokyo Station embarks the place with a variety of 100 devices. The place is magnificent as small gift items and gifts available in the area.

gashapon capsule toys

The visitors can go on to explore endless possibilities. Therefore, the one visiting Osaka should head on to Nipponbashi. The shop is popular to have capsule toy machines. The place is ideally famous for games, anime, and manga.

So, wherever in Japan one is residing, it is natural that capsule toys are abundant everywhere. Bigger and better places like Yodobashi Camera electronics and goods chain have in front of it. Apart from that, sightseeing information centers and train stations have lesser machines. It makes the place fun-filled.

Where to buy Cute Gachapon Capsule Toys

The cute, teeny tiny crafts of joy are flooding the Japanese market. The  capsule toys machine is a floating gem in the market. Hence, the word gasha and pon literally has a separate meaning. Gasha is like turning the crank by hand, and Pon refers to the toy capsule that comes out on the tray. The little creation that turns a dull place into a brighter one is also accessible online.


The brand based in the China has currently taken the trend of Gachapon toys. Hence, the place dominates an entire section of the capsule toys. The user can make a choice. Either it goes for catch-a-gasha mix bags or just individual toys. The kawaii aquarium animal keychains are also in demand.

Kawaii panda

The super adorable makeup bunny miniatures, is another dominating capsule toy. The toy is found in Europe thus, available at a very affordable price.


Based in the United States of America, PebboStudio has a very flavorful variety of capsule toys. Nonetheless, the market has a bit over-priced items still, the quality of the products is worth enough. The eye-catching toy there is the Hamster with spoon gachapon. It is a branch of the Epoch hamster toy.


eBay is a suitable place to look for capsule toys. Locally, located in Japan, it, therefore, offers a reasonable price of the toys. The site provides a variety and especially the famous five pastel circus Cinnamoroll capsule toys.