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What are the parameters for choosing anti stress toys?

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Play is the main way for children to learn about the world around them. Through it, they receive useful knowledge; develop creativity, communication skills and interaction with peers. The main attribute of children’s play is, of course, china Anti Stress Toys.

It should be interesting, motivate to action, solving various problems. This is precisely the function of anti-stress toys. We will tell you how they help to accelerate development and what to rely on when choosing “development projects”.

Why do we need china Anti Stress Toys?

The main activity of every kid is play. This is what children are willing to do for a long time and without coercion. Therefore, in order to teach a baby something, you need to turn it into a game. Any playful activity, even with natural materials or household items, contributes to development.

Playing with china Anti Stress Toys speeds up the process at times, helping the kid to quickly master the basic knowledge of the world around him. They are designed taking into account the natural curiosity of children – they spur the child’s interest, drawing him into active mental activity. What effect does this have?

Do china Anti Stress Toys develop baby mind?

The baby develops fine skills faster with china Anti Stress Toys, which means it is easier for him to perform precise coordinated actions with his hands and fingers – dressing, buttoning, lace up shoes, draw, write, sculpt.

Along with fine motor skills, speech also develops, since these brain centers are closely connected. Children who started talking earlier find it easier to communicate with their peers, to convey their needs, desires and protests to adults.

The baby develops spatial thinking, which helps to navigate the terrain; more accurately reproduce the objects seen in the drawings.

Improve Creative Skills with china Anti Stress Toys

All thought processes are accelerated – memory, analytics, and logic. This helps to formulate concepts more clearly, solve life problems, develop a strategy for achieving goals, and promotes independence.

Creative thinking and imagination develops, making it easier for the child to realize his talents.

So, china Anti Stress Toys has a direct effect on the cognitive function of the brain, forming a richer understanding of the world and a high potential of abilities. They contribute to the all-round development of the baby, which ensures good social adaptation, the ability to competently build sentences, express thoughts.

General selection criteria

To be 100% sure of the quality and safety of the toy, it is better to ask the seller for certificates of compliance with GOST china Anti Stress Toys standards.

Types of “developmental”

The choice of toys depends on what skill you want to develop in your baby. Each “development” affects the training of a certain quality. Next, we will tell you what kinds of toys there are.

Early development

The development of the baby can deal with from the cradle, even before he has learned to sit and crawl. One of the simplest and most effective ways to instill in a child’s mind the basic knowledge of the surrounding objects is the method of Glen Doman.

How to practice in groups to reduce stress?

You can practice it from three months. For classes, you will need special training cards with pictures, which are available in our online store. Images are divided into thematic groups:

anti stress toys 2021

The essence of the technique is to show the child 10-15 cards for a few seconds, loudly and clearly pronouncing the name of what is shown in the picture. The method is based on the ability of children to focus their gaze and record information. You can use it from 4-5 months.

For fine motor skills

Motor training is especially important for preschoolers. Fine motor toys should contain small elements that require concentration to move. Or they may have an unusual texture, which can improve tactile sensitivity. China Anti Stress Toys helps to develop fine motor skills?

We have listed only a part of the sensory toys that are in our catalog. In fact, there are many more of them – unusual games, figures, sets. All this is very attractive for kids, forcing them to actively work with their fingers!

For the development of logic and analytical thinking

Any china Anti Stress Toys is planned in a cunning way – only by picking it up, the child begins to actively explore the elements of the structure, trying to solve the problem posed by the creator. This involuntarily makes him think and analyze. Here’s what we offer to train your logical and analytical thinking:

Any of these games forces the child’s brain to work hard, which leads to the formation of new neural connections.

For spatial thinking

The perception of space helps children navigate the terrain, accurately arrange objects in the room, understand and solve geometric problems, design and visualize. This is facilitated by:

The listed games teach the kid to perceive the space correctly, based on the size and location of objects.

Use china Anti Stress Toys For imagination and creativity

Fantasy and creative thinking form a rich emotional world. These qualities require for the ability to express feelings, to know one, to communicate with adults and peers. For the development of imagination and creativity there are:

Rules for the care of children’s toys

Even if china Anti Stress Toys meet generally accepted quality and safety standards, we should inspect them periodically. Pediatricians recommend:

  1. Check how well the batteries fix on radio-controlled cars, talking dolls and musical instruments
  2. Check the integrity of the seams and the absence of holes on toys with filling in the form of balls.
  3. Regularly wash plastic and rubber products in warm soapy water.
  4. Place soft toys in the freezer from time to time. This will help remove dust mites and allergens from them.

5. Collect the details of constructors and mosaics in boxes.

Remember not to skimp on toys for children, especially for the little ones. There may be few dolls, cars and constructors, but their quality should not be in doubt.