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How to develop a baby habit with bouncy balls at 2 months?

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In general, everyone knows about the usefulness of bouncy balls rattles. Therefore, I will mention only a few important points that are useful to know.

How to develop a baby at 4 months with bouncy balls?

In order for a newborn baby to learn to focus its gaze on the rattle, it is important to show it at a distance of about 25-30 centimeters from the baby’s eyes.

At the 1st and 2nd months of life, it is this distance that is optimal both for communicating with the baby and for showing him toys. This is due to the fact that due to the immaturity of the eye muscles at a farther distance, the baby sees vaguely, it is still difficult for him to focus on a distant object.

How to develop a baby at 5 months?

Starting at about 3 months old, you can begin to work on the grasping movement of the hand. And here rattles on a stick will come in handy, which will be convenient for the baby to hold with one handle.

First, you will need to help the baby and put the bouncy balls toy in his pen, and closer to 4 months, he will learn to independently take the rattle from your hands and hold it.

Developing vision with black and white bouncy balls

There is an opinion that newborns see the world in black and white. In fact, scientists have already refuted this delusion. Indeed, the vision of a baby under 3 months is still very imperfect, and he distinguishes between black and white images much better. However, he sees other colors, although worse.

If you have ever shown a kid in black and white pictures, then you probably noticed that they literally rivet his attention. This is because it is easier for the baby to focus on the contrasting image.

How to develop a baby at 1 month?

All of the above does not mean that the surrounding space of the baby needs to be limited in color, but it is extremely useful to show him contrasting black and white pictures in the first 3 months of life. This contributes to the development of attention, visual acuity, the ability to focus on objects.

How to include black and white pictures in your baby’s life?

Pictures can be hung in the crib (it is advisable to change the images from time to time).

You can make black and white cubes and fix them on a mobile or a developing rug.

Black and white pictures can be placed in front of the baby in any place where he is awake.

How to develop a baby habit with bouncy balls at 2 months?

On the Internet, you can find a huge number of black and white bouncy balls pictures for download, at least here. But you can also see ready-made versions of cards, as a rule, they are made of thick cardboard, which is undoubtedly a plus, because, growing up, the child begins to grab cards with pleasure.

Color pictures for babies

After 3 months, experts recommend showing already bright color pictures. They should also be in contrast and with a minimum of detail.

A developmental mat is a gadget that is considered almost a must for kids. It seems to me that almost all parents think about buying it. And it cannot be denied that this is a really useful thing!

Developing mat for babies

What is a rug for? Starting from 2 months, the child slowly begins to look closely at the toys that are fixed on him.

Towards 4 months, the baby will try to touch and grab bouncy balls toys. In a well-designed rug, toys are positioned at a suitable height. Be sure to pay attention to this when buying.

As a rule, a developmental mat is used until the child begins to actively roll over, “move back” and crawl. With both children, we actively used the rug for up to 5 months, and then we had to use larger-scale options – to lay a large blanket on the rug or use a foam puzzle mat.

In general, when a child begins to actively move, he very quickly begins to go beyond the boundaries of any rug.:)

Tactile bouncy balls toys for toddlers

From the moment the baby begins to take toys and various objects into the pen (from about 4 months), he can already be offered various tactile toys. By touching different textures – soft, hard, prickly, rough, and smooth – the baby will improve sensory perception.

Sometimes you can hear that sensory lotto is best suited for these purposes almost from birth. I have to disagree with this statement, as I can hardly imagine how a 4-month-old child will correctly grab a bouncy balls and feel it in a strictly specified place.

Juniper tactile toys for toddlers

For the development of sensory sensations at this age, massage bouncy balls, juniper hedgehogs, balls and sticks, Velcro curlers, etc. are best suited. They can simply be laid out on the diaper next to the baby, roll them in front of him. And he, lying on his tummy, will try to grab them with a pen.

Rough and convex toys will stimulate the receptors on the baby’s fingers, for him it will be new interesting sensations.

Tactile juniper stick, hedgehog, bead

Also, with the help of a massage ball, you can do a light massage by rolling the “prickly hedgehog” over the baby’s little body. This massage can be accompanied by a rhyme:

Baby’s first sensory box

The box will be most interesting if you add a few texture elements to it. The kid will be happy to take objects with a pen. And it is advisable to hold the box itself so that he does not turn it over at a time.

Watching rolling bouncy balls toys

Since we started talking about balls, I immediately want to say that at this age any rolling and moving toys are extremely useful. After all, motivating the baby to crawl is one of the important tasks of this period. When the toy moves smoothly in front of your eyes, you really want to grab onto it!:)

Starting from 4 months old, it is very useful in a child’s arsenal to have small balls, simple wind-up bouncy balls toys, rattles in the form of cylinders, etc. Show your child how the toys roll a short distance from him. First, the child will practice visual orientation.

Secondly, the baby is likely to want to get hold of a moving toy. In this case, he needs a little help by creating a support for his feet with his palms.

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Playing with rubber toys

What other toys will a baby less than 6 months like? Of course, those that you can chew on. I don’t know why, but my children weren’t interested in classic tethers. But I really liked ordinary rubber toys. The main requirement for such toys at this age is that the rubber is not only safe, but also soft.

In this case, the baby will be able to independently squeeze bouncy balls in the handle and extract sound from it. It is good to play with such toys in the bathroom, add them to sensory boxes for a variety of sensations.