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Best Children Toys Wholesale Manufacturer: Top Learning Rubber Toys

The very first skill a child learns is building artificial role playing toys. Captivate your child; show him a world of new sensory experiences through playing toys. To buy a lot of children toys, you need a reliable wholesale manufacturer.

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What are the best toys for children?

The soft squeezing square ball set contains 12 bricks made of quality safe food grade silicone. Everyone remembers how children love to try all their toys by the gut? Now there is no need to fear that the child will hurt himself or bite off a piece – the material is soft, but strong enough.

Calm pastel colors do not hurt the eyes and are suitable for quiet games without disturbing the baby with a catchy color. Thanks to this, it allows the child to focus on the shape and texture of the cubes. The size of the cubes is 5x6cm – comfortable for a child’s palm.

Tactile cubes toys for kids: wholesale manufacturer

The faces of the cubes have a convex volumetric pattern depicting animals, fruits, numbers and signs. A face with geometric shapes will help to correctly connect the cubes and assemble a pyramid from them. Tweeters are hidden in the cubes – another fun for the little ones.

A good wholesale manufacturer can give you a lot of options. They attempts to press the cube with effort in order to hear the cherished squeak have a beneficial effect on the development of the baby’s fine motor skills.

Montessori educational games wholesale manufacturer

What are these games and what is their principle of operation? The main principle is simple – “I will do it myself, you just help me.” The role of a parent or educator in these games is to interest the baby and let him go free swimming.

Developing jelly balls fish wholesale manufacturer

Professional wholesale manufacturer offers board game that includes several areas of development:

Magnetic fishing is a favorite pastime for kids. How much joy the child experiences from his actions and the result? Meanwhile, in a playful way, he trains coordination of movements, imagination, and logic.

This toy will be a great gift for kids from 2 to 5 years old. Please note that if the game includes small elements, give it to the child only under supervision, or put it off until a later time.

Sorters learning games

The more sorters in the house, the better for mom. Having taught the child to play such games, the mother will always have a moment for herself. Now on sale you can find a great variety of games of this orientation. Let’s dwell on the following ones:

Sorter set of eggs:

Reliable wholesale manufacturer provides an educational game that looks like a cassette with real eggs. But no, don’t worry – these eggs won’t break! Each testicle, through simple manipulations, turns into a fascinating sorter. The halves of which must be selected according to the color and shape of the volumetric figure inside.


You can completely safely leave your baby 1.5-2 years old and have a cup of coffee – this safe game will captivate him for a long time.

Egg sorter montessori set wholesale manufacturer

And this requires some skill in coordination and precision in the movements of the little hands. Hints on keys and locks are very diverse:

  1. Numbers
  2. letters, uppercase
  3. and tactile dots.

This will help your toddler to solidify the score and primary colors.

Locks and stress ball wholesale manufacturer

In the store of children’s toys Stitch you will find a huge selection of toys of a similar type in different price categories. Give children the right gifts – start your baby’s development on time.

Explore the world with water toys

Kids strive to get to know the world around them, and a variety of techniques are used: visual and sound perception, smell and taste test “by the tooth”. But the most important thing is finding wholesale manufacturer. This is what you need to direct your baby to through games.

Kids, almost without exception, just love to swim and love water fun. Let’s make bathing your baby not only a pleasant and useful procedure, but also educational. Let’s take a closer look at some of them that can be found in the children’s toy store.


In appearance, the rug resembles an inflatable sandbox for kinetic sand, but the functionality is completely different. This is suitable for kids from 3 months old.

What is rugged squeeze ball?

The sides of the mat are inflated with air; the bottom of the mat is filled with water. And our rug, as if by magic, turns into a real aquarium, the seabed with its floating inhabitants. It is worth moving your finger or palm over the surface of the rug and the fish will float.  You can buy these toys from wholesale manufacturer online. 

Come up with a lot of fascinating stories, catch fish, play hide and seek with him. The kid will learn to hold his back longer, roll over, and sit, because learning the world playfully is so fun and useful.
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Swimming toys wholesale manufacturer

Have you heard how children squeak and squeal with delight? They take this world literally! And any movable toy perceives as a real living friend. Give them the joy of bathing with movable toys. It can be a penguin who cheerfully dives under the water, rolls on the back of his baby.

Or a funny toad, which, thanks to a wheel on its stomach, can move around the floor in a funny way, but when it plunges into the water, it starts to paddle with its paws and swim quickly. Such toys work, as a rule, on batteries, is made of safe plastic, odorless and sharp objects in the composition.

Such toys develop the baby’s observation and concentration, visual perception, the baby learns the world and bathes cheerfully without tears and tantrums.

Conclusion wholesale manufacturer

Early baby development is the foundation for successful personality development. The role of wholesale manufacturer is very important here. Does not delay, work with the child, and start as early as possible. Engage him in interesting activities through play.

The development of fine motor skills has a beneficial effect on the all-round development of the baby. Speech, coordination of movements, logic, thinking, concentration on action and perseverance activate. Thus, your child will prepare quietly for kindergarten and school.