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How to choose the best glowing sticky balls toys for your baby?

What toys does a newborn need?

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Toys for the newborn: Does he need them or not?

Young children are believed to be better at absorbing information. This is so; the brain of a newborn is much more plastic. But, nevertheless, this is not a reason to deprive a child of childhood, cramming languages, mathematics, reading into him – everything that parents think can be useful in the adult world. Unfortunately, many people believe that the sooner the baby begins to comprehend all the wisdom, the better. Alas, not better. He needs good glowing sticky balls to glow his childhood.

How do children learn from glowing sticky balls?

Everything has to happen on time. If you look at wildlife, not a single cat has taught blind kittens to hunt. But in the human world this happens all the time. Often, the kid still does not really know how to run, but he is already taught to read, add, and everything else.

The first toys for children must develop strictly those qualities that are necessary for the child at the moment. At two or three weeks after birth, the baby still does not need toys too much – he adapts to the world around him. But this does not mean that there is no need to interact with the baby.

On the contrary, it is simply necessary to play glowing sticky balls with the child, smile, talk to him, hum songs, tell fairy tales. Then, around the third week, the baby will start smiling in response, walking, waving arms and legs. Already at this stage, the child can be given toys. What kind of toys should they be?

The first toys for newborns: types and functionality

Websites are full of tips on what games and toys are best for young children. But, reading all this, you need to keep in mind that the first task of almost any store is to sell as many toys as possible. A small child may not be interested in some of them. And some are suitable for an older age, because they are too difficult for small children.

The best place to start is with these things:

If you have a mobile with replacement glowing sticky balls toys, change them from time to time. Sooner or later, the usual little animals bother the child.

The second option is a toy pendant. On such pendants, toys can make ringing or beeping sounds. They are usually attached to the stroller. Another option is the most common bells or bells. You can make them yourself and hang them over the bed.

When talking to a baby, you can periodically shake each of them. The most interesting option among such pendants is small mirrors or glowing toys. The newborn focuses on them and learns to focus.

Best glowing sticky balls toys for child

This is a good and fairly traditional toy that helps the kid to establish a connection between the control of the toy and the appearance of sound. When choosing a rattle, focus on the following things. These are the dimensions.

The smaller the rattle, the easier it will be for the child to hold the handle as he grows up. Each glowing sticky balls toy that a baby has should first of all meet his needs. That is, the handle should be so small that it is comfortable for the child to grasp the toy. Second nuance. It should be borne in mind that small children scratch their gums and drag everything into their mouths.

And at first, regardless of whether they are teething, or just curious. The rattle will almost certainly be gnawed. Accordingly, it is easier to either immediately take such a rattle that you can chew on, or take a rattle that is combined with the teether.

The second version of the rattle, which is extremely popular among young mothers, is the hand rattle. Or on a leg. Such a rattle can be given to a child when he is about three to four weeks old. This type of rattle is used to develop the child’s coordination of movements.

Developing glowing sticky balls

As a rule, they are of several types. Arcs with glowing sticky balls toys can be attached to the top of the ball, or on the rug itself there are inserts of various materials, musical buttons or soft animals. Balls are quite useful things in the household for introducing a child to the world around him. After the baby has matured, the ball can simply be placed under the child’s bottom when he plays.

Educational books. For the most part, these are soft books and they look like big pads. They are mainly bilateral. They can be attached to the stroller, or to the inside of the crib with Velcro, straps, or special plastic clips.

These books are designed for ages from birth to 3 months. Usually the first side of the book contains large geometric shapes, animals, and, in some cases, a safe (shatterproof) mirror. All this is drawn in a very contrasting manner.

Most often, the background is white, the pattern is black. The second side contains various funny illustrations. Also, some models of books are made with built-in small inserts of various fabrics. They rustle, play music, and, of course, you can chew them. In the process of playing with such objects, the baby improves fine motor skills and develops imagination.

Ordinary children’s books with glowing sticky balls toys

So far, you won’t be able to read them with a baby, but reading to a baby is quite. The more you communicate with the child, read to the child, and tell fairy tales, the faster and more fully his vocabulary develops.

When reading books, be sure to highlight the different characters in intonation. Let the mouse squeak, the bear speaks in bass, the tiger growls – turn on your imagination to the fullest! In principle, while the child is small, you can read aloud at least a synopsis of psychology – you never know, suddenly you have an exam tomorrow. You can use musical glowing sticky balls too.

Musical toys are quite specific. It is better to pick them up for older children. For the first time, it will be enough for the baby to purchase one musical toy, preferably soft. Many mothers think about when to give such toys.

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Half a year, not earlier. When choosing a singing animal, check what exactly it sings or says. Perhaps in a few days this song will get stuck in your ears, and you will be ready for anything to keep your plush friend silent.

How to choose the right glowing sticky balls toys for your baby?

Babies need more care and support than other children. Therefore, when choosing toys for very young children, you need to consider several important rules.

Variety and sound. The more glowing sticky balls toys a baby has, the better. They can be very different. You can choose among everything that the manufacturers’ imagination gives us: animals, rings, figures of cartoon characters and even geometric shapes. The sound should be different too. Choose rattles that produce different sounds. This helps the child develop their hearing.