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What are the best outdoor stress ball games for children in 2021?

Which toys are best for children aged 6 and over?

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At any age, it is important for your children to have enough time and space to play. These can be stress ball games, but also constructive toys or playthings that have a valuable educational success will delight your offspring.

Especially when your children start school, they need to be balanced with everyday school life. You can achieve a lot with the right toys.

Toys that delight children from 6 years of age

With toys, your child can switch off completely if they can create new worlds through their own imagination. With toys such as stress ball, your child can discover their own creativity.

Similarly, with the “Lego Friends” series, there are countless ways that your child can get enough distance from learning at school. Nevertheless, this promotes creativity and fine motor skills.

The same applies, of course, to the many other products of the Lego brand. Lego Creator or Lego Trolls and of course Lego Super Mario are also recommended for elementary school age.

How to develop children creativity with stress ball?

These are just some of the possibilities to not only bring joy to children of primary school age, but also to stimulate imagination and creativity and to abduct them into their own little world. In this way the kids can develop and live out their personal ideas and dreams.

At the age of 6, children are particularly willing and eager to learn

At primary school age, however, your offspring are also particularly eager to learn and inquisitive. Stress ball games that also promote knowledge and concentration are very popular at this age.

Stress ball Games that increase memory and concentration

As a game for 2 people, for example, the ” BrainBox – find the difference between animals ” is suitable. This could be played by two siblings together or with a friend. The children enjoy playing and are meaningfully occupied.

The differences between two images must be discovered. In addition, memory is also promoted here if you use stress ball, because this challenge is also part of the game.

But puzzles with 100-150 pieces are also very popular with children aged 6 and up.  These are only two possibilities, but you will find many other puzzles that are not only fun for your children, but also encourage concentration at the same time.

What new things children learn in stress games?

Your children can expect a lot of new things, especially in pre-school or primary school. The fun with letters and numbers can be supported in a playful way. Almost all children love to paint. With the series “Painting by Numbers “your kids is offered coloring motifs suitable for children.

Your child is occupied with bright colors and has to color in the numbered fields with the appropriate color. It discovers the numbers and is allowed to be creative at the same time.

When the end result is a great, colorful picture, the joy is great. Many beautiful and child-friendly motifs can be discovered from this series.

The letter games with stress ball

To encourage fun with letters, the game “Can you do the ABC” is particularly suitable. With the playing time of 15 minutes, your child will not be overwhelmed and it still serves to promote language and reading.

Because it is also very important to know the clock at the age of 6, you will also find suitable stress ball games for this topic. Also, the game “Do you know the clock “can be used to discover and solve the mystery of the times in a playful way. In addition to the joy of playing, there is also an important learning effect here.

Board games and craft boxes

In addition to being fun, board games are also ideally suited for your children from the age of 6 to learn to deal with defeat. The focus is not on victory or defeat, but on the joy of playing together. This learning effect should be particularly emphasized for the future development of your children.

Painting, gluing, cutting, these activities are also very popular with children of primary school age. You are always on the right track with appropriate sets for making a wide variety of things. In this way, promote fine motor skills and children’s creativity.

Tip: Of course, it is always a pleasure to do handicrafts in large groups. So take advantage of a rainy Sunday to do handicrafts to your heart’s content with your children. These days will be remembered.

Outdoor stress ball toys for children from 6 years

But children of this age don’t just want to sit and play in the house. Right now your kids feel an enormous urge to move and this also needs to be satisfied. With the appropriate outdoor stress ball toys, you can help the children move around in the fresh air and discover the environment in this way.

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The good old skipping rope or the rubber twist is still very popular here. The “Outdoor active rubber twist glitter 5m” is a big hit with girls of this age.

But experiment kits for outdoors or magnifying glasses to discover nature are also at the top of the ranking.

What are other stress ball games you can try?

Furthermore, slides, swings, bouncy balls and frisbees are toys for outside, real classics that never lose their charm. In the summer, of course, various water toys are added. A paddling pool in the garden still has its charm even in old age.

Remote- controlled cars are also very attractive.  This also has a water spray function and is suitable for perfect outdoor fun.

The range of outdoor stress ball toys is therefore very large and there is definitely something for your offspring.

Great gifts for school enrollment and for the school cone

Perhaps your child’s school enrollment is just around the corner. The school cone needs to be filled. Especially with the games for the kids of primary school age, many possibilities can be discovered that are perfectly suited to wandering into the school cone.

Of course, a few sweet treats should not be missing here, but one or the other useful stress ball game is a great gift for school enrollment in the long term.

What should you pay particular attention to when it comes to toys for elementary school children?

In order to make it easier for you to buy high-quality toys that are age-appropriate, educationally valuable and also bring joy to your offspring, you will find a short guide below:

  • The toy should be of high quality and free of harmful substances
  • Board games should not last longer than 20 minutes
  • Games for outside should support the children’s urge to move
  • Creativity as well as fine motor skills should be encouraged with the toy
  • Toys that support understanding of numbers and letters are recommended
  • The fun factor shouldn’t be neglected
  • It makes sense if the joy of playing together and social skills are promoted
  • Age-appropriate books are perfect for promoting reading pleasure


Here, too, it is important that you pay attention to high-quality stress ball toys. Wooden toys are very trendy again. Make sure that it is free from harmful substances and that it has been manufactured in accordance with the required safety guidelines. In addition to the positive learning effect, the joy of playing must not be neglected.