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Which is the best sticky balls toy for early year children?

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Betting on educational toys is a great way to contribute to both your children’s happiness and your little ones’ intellectual development. Through sticky balls toy, it is possible to stimulate concentration, memory, language and many other cognitive processes.

With educational toys, it is possible to teach children, from an early age, to accept losses without frustration, celebrate victories, create plans, draw strategies, pay more attention to things, stimulate the senses and several other benefits.

That’s why we decided to gather some important information to show you the main benefits of having the help of educational toys to entertain and teach children. Follow the post and learn more!

How important are sticky balls toy for children?

It is during childhood that we go through the greatest learning phase. Children are constantly learning new things, understanding what life in society is like and developing their own personality and skills.

Below, check out some of the main benefits that sticky balls toy games bring to children!

Awaken the imagination

Imagination is the ability to create scenarios and situations in one’s mind, and is one of a child’s strongest traits. In childhood, this ability is sharper than when we grow up.

However, those who work on creativity in the first years of life end up becoming a much more creative person. Creativity, in turn, helps to get great opportunities in adult life, whether in career or college.

Sharpen the memory

Having a good memory is a sign of a healthy mind. By carrying out activities that work on this competence in childhood, it is possible to guarantee a much healthier cognitive development.

Sticky balls toy stimulates attention

Children have more difficulty staying focused on the same task for a long time. But that doesn’t mean they can’t do it. Betting on sticky balls toy that require more attention helps the little one to direct all their energy to focus on the task at hand.

Help in socializing with other children

Knowing how to work in a team is one of the most important things in adult life, and stimulating this instinct in children is essential for them to develop empathy and learn to collaborate with others.


Improve the language

Even speech and understanding are benefited through playful and educational activities. Games that work with reasoning and the use of letters or numbers, for example, help to develop mental patterns that allow the decoding of codes — the basis of language development.

What educational sticky balls toy to use with my children?

The time has come to find out how to put all this into practice. Here are some examples of educational sticky balls toy that you can use to spend more time with your children and help them develop great skills.


A domino is both a game of strategy and patience. To win, you need to know how to plan your next moves and learn that luck also has a big influence on the game, so you have to patiently wait for the chance to play a good piece.


This sticky balls toy game can be used with children from 3 years old. For the younger ones, however, it is recommended to use larger pieces, with safe material and with more playful illustrations, such as animals and plants.

Memory game

As the name implies the memory game works on the short-term memorization of colors, spaces, drawings and details. This toy also helps to stimulate perception to identify differences in the images.

Golden material sticky balls toy

The gold material sticky balls toy is one of the most interesting ways to learn basic math operations like addition and subtraction and to develop your sense of numbers. This is a good option to use with children who are in the literacy process, helping them to improve their logical thinking and creation.


The tic-tac-toe is another example that helps children learn to create plans to solve problems and work patience. Here you can also use creativity to stimulate play.

Trays can be made from materials you find at home , such as a part of the cardboard box enhanced with painting and drawings to catch the attention of the little ones. Just as parts can be made with bottle caps, for example.

Queen and chess

For children a little older, from about 7 years old on, checkers and chess are great stimuli for concentration and logic. These are also games that require planning to predict the opponent’s movement and thus strategize to win. In addition, they are alternatives to provide great moments with the family.

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Where to buy educational sticky balls toy?

Educational sticky balls toy is easy to purchase at stores that sell games and items geared toward children. However, it is always important to analyze the quality of the object.

As seen, there are several activities that are easy to perform with educational toys, promoting both fun and cognitive development for children. So it’s worth spending time with your children and encouraging them with fun and constructive activities.

sticky balls toy Encourage Experience

Children develop in different ways, so it’s good to have toys that encourage their experiences, depending on where they’re at. So, in addition to finding toys that are safe for your child, it’s important that they are suitable for your child’s developmental level.

Most of the time, you will find that there are many safe and appropriate materials that we find around the home and used in different ways for children of different ages. You just need to be creative! Below you will find a list of age-appropriate sticky balls toy.

0 to 6 months:

Small babies like to look at faces and bright colors and follow them with their eyes. They can reach objects and explore them with their hands, feet and mouth. When they hear a peculiar sound, they turn and look towards it. Good toys for this age include:

  • Rattles;
  • Large hoops;
  • Biters;
  • sticky balls toy;
  • bath books with rhymes;
  • Unbreakable mirrors.

7 to 12 months sticky balls toy

These months are usually the most active. Babies are on the move, so they interact with their environment in new and exciting ways – rolling, sitting, crawling, getting up and standing. Good toys for babies at this stage include sticky balls toy.