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Best wholesale sticky balls for under eighteen girls

Best toys for girls

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All childhood toys are with us. With their help, we learn to speak and read, recognize colors, and play freely. This is not only entertainment, joy, but also material for development. Here is a list of best wholesale sticky balls toys for you.

How to choose a toy for a girl?

When buying a doll, play set or construction set, be guided by the age of the child. Sometimes we really want to give a beautiful interior doll to a girl, but if this is a two-year-old child, she still does not understand that some things need to be more careful.

Better not to risk it – otherwise you and the baby will be disappointed. Age restrictions are also related to safety.

Best wholesale sticky balls

Consider the best wholesale sticky balls for your child. All girls are different. Someone is more interested in climbing slides and stairs. Someone – to sit, acting out scenes with dolls. Some girls love to play in the beauty salon, and all their toys are combed and painted. And creative people will enjoy sculpting, drawing, carving or singing more.

Rating of toys for girls

We have prepared an overview of the best toys for girls for you. In the online store, you will find the toys you need at various prices. We deliver to your home or to a pick-up point convenient for you, not only in China, but throughout world.

wholesale sticky balls Toys under 2 years old

Babies are most interested in playing with something that knocks rings, rustles or wholesale sticky balls. Therefore, rattles, educational rugs, interactive toys, mobiles are very popular. It is especially interesting when the subject has several functions that can be gradually discovered as you grow up.

For example, at first you can just shake the rattle, and then find out that there are still rotating parts in it, or that it can be divided into parts. It should definitely be a thing to throw, nibble on, and that parents can rinse or wipe with an antiseptic.

What to learn from wholesale sticky balls?

Everything that is aimed at the development of fine motor skills is perfectly perceived at this age. Sorts, pyramids and multi- piece bricks will help introduce children to different colors and shapes. Soft business board develops sensory sensitivity and helps to have fun. And when a girl learns to walk, she may like wheelchairs.

Various wholesale sticky balls will entertain the child and introduce him to different sounds and instruments, teach him to imitate the sounds of animals. And some children will dance with pleasure to musical compositions.

Toys from 2 years old

By about two years of age, the baby will find it easier to concentrate on one subject or activity for more than 5 minutes. Therefore, the level of toys can be slightly complicated. Add colorful cubes with pictures of animals or your favorite characters.

A business board can be a slightly more difficult level than for babies. It can be either a board or a large toy in the form of a house, where you can fasten something, turn it on, roll it and stretch it.

Children at this age are already able to get carried away with simple constructors. The main thing is that the fastening is simple enough, and the details are not too small. A railroad or road is also suitable, along which the girl will ride the transport.

What we can learn from sticky toys?

With mom or dad, you can sculpt wholesale sticky balls, flowers or houses from the dough for modeling. The main thing is to make sure that the child does not taste it.

There are many sets of all colors of the rainbow and special shapes that will allow you to create very beautiful things. It’s nice to keep this as a keepsake or give it to grandparents.

Toys from 3 years old

At this age, there is already enough patience and perseverance to look at books and analyze plots from pictures. Children remember stories of fairy tales well and love to reproduce them already in free play with dolls. Also popular are role-playing games like “mother and daughter”.


To do this, you can purchase wholesale sticky balls for her: a crib, a high chair, a table and a stroller will allow the girl to play as a mother and try on the role of an adult.

Play pads help develop auditory, visual and tactile memory, learn poetry and songs, and keep your child entertained on the go.

Wholesale sticky balls Toys from 4-5 years old

Four-year-olds often have distinct interests and hobbies in wholesale sticky balls. Ask your daughter which cartoon or fairy tale she likes best. Usually, a child, without thinking for a long time, talks about two or three cartoons or stories.

Girls make costumes for their favorites, love to decorate houses, organize parties for them and come up with adventures.

Definitely need tools for creativity: paper, paints, pencils, plasticine, glue stick. As a rule, at this age, ideas are embodied very quickly, and you can quickly become the owner of a private collection of children’s art.
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What does a child learn from toys?

Play sets for hairdresser, mechanic, doctor, and researcher are still popular. At 5 years old, a girl may already have time to make friends, and the games from this only become more exciting. The child learns to communicate and make team decisions.

Toys from 6-7 years old

You need to add play sets and equipment for physical activity – balls, wholesale sticky balls, bicycles , sports corners, trampolines. The child is growing, and the energy is usually over the edge: if it is not common up in a day, then there is a risk of having difficulty falling asleep.

Doll furniture, dolls, baby dolls and games that mimic everyday life also matter – children can work through their fears and new experiences. Watching such a game, you can notice what worries, pleases or saddens your girl, help her cope with some difficulties.


Wholesale sticky balls will unite the family, develop erudition and help the child learn to express their thoughts.

And everything that will allow her daughter to express herself creatively is still relevant: watercolors, collages, sculpting kits.