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Can china Decompression toy increase IQ Level of Child?

china Decompression toy
The older you get, the more difficult your life becomes. You will have to face many worries and pressures about family, work, money, etc. These invisible pressures have made you stressed. If this condition goes on for a long time, it will adversely affect your life. Therefore, it is very important to relieve stress and reduce stress via china Decompression toy.

On the market today are selling stress-reducing toys that help you relax your mind, your mood can become a lot better?

If you are a stressed person, buy yourself effective stress-reducing toys right at the office to help you have a better spirit at work.

Wire Begleri china Decompression toy

The Begleri china Decompression toy is designed to consist of a two-headed string with two metal blocks attached to it to create balance when playing. This type of game is operated on the principle of physics.

When you throw it on your finger, one end of the metal is fixed in one position; the other end will move by inertia thanks to the weight of the metal block and cling to another finger. Just like that, the loop of motion is performed according to the rotational force you are acting on it.

China Decompression toy is easy to carry

China Decompression toy is extremely compact and easy to carry with you wherever you go, with a flexible way of playing depending on the creativity and ability of each person.

The Begleri string deserves a toy for those who are looking to relax and train their hands to become suppler. Moreover, design and materials are also very diverse with wire lengths, metal block shapes, sizes, etc.

Spinner vs china Decompression toy

In 2017, Spinner has become a HOT phenomenon that almost everyone knows. This item is available everywhere, all ages love it.

With a structure of symmetrical wings mounted around a ball bearing. When spinning the Spinner, it will have a certain balance, evenness and less vibration. Spinner’s design is also extremely diverse with wings possessing eye-catching shapes and attractive colors.

What is the price of china Decompression toy

The price of china Decompression toy is also extremely diverse. In the low-cost segments, the Spinner can be made of plastic or group. In the higher segments, this toy can be made of copper, steel, even Titanium. The value of this item is material and time. Similarly, the longer the recording time, the more perfect the meticulousness and precision.

Fidget Cube

When it comes to Fidget Toy, it is impossible to forget to mention Fidget Cube. This is a cube made of plastic with 6 sides that are different functions. From pressing buttons continuously, rolling gears to rolling the dice. All of this will help you relax during your break.

China Decompression toy is designed to help players eliminate bad habits that form when we do it unconsciously. Each side of the Fidget Cube will be a different style such as: toggle switch, trackball, button, rotating gear.

Stress reliever Toy

Everyone knows how much pressure workers in Japan have to endure. Images of falling asleep on the subway are not uncommon in Japan. Therefore, the Japanese have designed the Mokuru stress reliever toy.

china Decompression toy 2021

Possessing a shape like a tortoise, a symmetrical 2-headed design. This toy can be played anywhere with a wide flat surface.

The interesting point of this toy is that it is extremely simple to play. For new players, they only take 5 to 10 minutes to get used to. China Decompression toy can be played in many different ways, with no limit to the number of players. Thanks to that, you not only relieve stress, but also can easily connect with friends and relatives.

Baoding balls vs china Decompression toy

Baoding balls are also known as health balls. It is also considered a sport. This game consists of 2 spheres made of metal. According to Chinese culture, these two spheres represent yin and yang, the principle of the five elements. How to play this game is very simple.

You just need to rotate the metal balls in the palm so that they are horizontal and always in contact with each other. China Decompression toy not only help players reduce stress, but also a method to help your wrists and fingers be more flexible after hours of using the computer.

Minus Gravity of china Decompression toy

This is a game designed extremely delicate and luxurious. In addition to using it to play, you can leave it on your desk as a beautiful decoration. Furthermore, minus Gravity is designed to create a very good visual effect for relaxing the eyes.

With the design of a cylinder shaped like a U cut in the middle. The two inner sides are attached with a thin layer of magnets and a specially designed tablet.

The principle of operation of china Decompression toy is very simple. Under the influence of a weak magnetic force, the metal pellet moves gradually from the top to the bottom. According to the manufacturers, it is likened to astronauts floating in space.

How to choose toys to develop the ability to act independently?

Advise mothers and children how to choose toys that are safe and of good quality. How to recognize which toys are appropriate for the child’s developmental age? These toys help children to be excited, stimulate the child’s best cognitive interaction ability.

1/ Learn to choose toys

In Europe, parents often choose toys for their babies based on 3 factors:

  • Non-toxic toy materials, non-angled shape so as not to hurt the baby. Toys must be clean, sturdy, safe, and easy to clean
  • Toys must have aesthetic, vivid shapes. This can create excitement to explore and develop imagination for children.
  • Toys must have educational value, helping children to play and develop intellectually, physically, or emotionally.

Therefore, at different ages, children here are often shown how to choose the right toys for them. For example, toys for 1-year-old children, toys between the ages of 3-5 years old, they are exposed to smart toys (playing powder, drop blocks, china Decompression toy.).


Through this article, I hope you will find a suitable item to help you relieve stress when working too hard. That will help you feel more relaxed and your life will become more positive.