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How to play with China sticky balls glow in dark? Some advice

What china sticky balls glow in dark games for 5-year-olds? At 5 years of age, play is important, because it is through play that you can help the child develop the skills he needs to face elementary school in the best possible way. The right game must be proposed, however.

China sticky balls glow in dark

The one suited to the tastes and abilities of the child. Here are 25 games for 5-year-olds to play indoors or out, to play and learn.


  1. Play to prepare for elementary school
  2. How to play? Some advice
  3. Games for 5 year olds to play at home
  4. Learning to move your fingers: games for fine motor skills
  5. Right and left and orientation in space
  6. Games for recognition and visual memory
  7. Games to play in the machine for auditory memory

Do china sticky balls glow in dark help in basic skill development?

Through play, children can develop the skills they will need in school. For example: recognizing the letters will be more immediate for a child common to finding the diversity and similarity between the shapes. This distinguishes the letter b from the letter d comes spontaneously if the difference between right and left is clear.

And again, being able to write well is easier if a child must have already had the opportunity to handle pencils and markers and to draw signs on a sheet of paper. All of these basic skills or competencies needed to learn are easy to practice by playing.

China sticky balls glow in dark is better than laborious games

Playing with china sticky balls glow in dark? No special toys or particularly laborious games are needed. Playing skittles or braiding dolls are also very useful activities to facilitate the learning required in elementary school, as we will explain later. Here you will find many simple ideas and games – to do at home or in the car – that are common to help the child learn.

They are games for 5-year-old children, but not only. Children’s skills develop from the earliest years of life. It is up to you to modify the games to make them suitable for a 4 year old or even 3. First of all, however, here are some tips on how to play.

You can play with sticky balls at home

Many games are easy to play with what you already have at home, or easy to make with cardboard, glue and colors. If, on the other hand, you are looking for some nice educational toys to give as gifts, take a look at the Family Nation online shop that chooses producers and brands that are attentive to environmental sustainability and solidarity. And from 9 to 15 November, with Green Week, you can take advantage of special offers on many “green” products and brands.

How to play with sticky balls glow in dark? Some advice

Let’s talk about games, so fun first of all. You are his babysitter, not his teacher and your job is not to teach the child to read or write, but to play with him.

The china sticky balls glow in dark activities we suggest should be offered as fun games – and not imposed – and will only be useful if the child enjoys doing them. So, here are some important rules to remember when proposing a game:

Play together, alternating roles. If the child likes competition, you can present the game in the form of a competition and first prepare a paper medal for the winner together;

First think about how you can increase or decrease the difficulty according to the child’s abilities, so as not to make the game frustrating or boring because it is too easy;

Stop playing when the child loses interest;

Always choose the activities that best suit the child’s temperament: some children like to sit around doing puzzles, others need to keep moving. Not all the activities we suggest are suitable for all children.

China sticky balls glow in dark 2021

So here are some games for 5-year-olds (but they are also good at 3 -4 years old), divided by the type of skills they develop. Choose the china sticky balls glow in dark you like best.

Sticky balls glow in dark Games for 5 year olds to play at home

Here are some games for 5-year-olds that you can make at home with everyday materials like a chair, cardboard, toothpicks, or even just with words. Some require some preparation, but preparation is part of the game – because it means building, cutting, coloring.

In this way the child exercises his or her imagination, and understands that games and toys can also be invented and built, not just bought in a shop.

Learning to move your fingers: games for fine motor skills

Braiding dolls helps with writing. Because by making the braids, the small movements of the hands and fingers are practiced, the so-called “fine china sticky balls glow in dark skills”.

This is an important skill, because it is the one that allows the child to tie his shoes or button his jacket by himself.  And therefore feel good, capable and more confident. And it is always the ability to move the fingers of his hands well that allows him, in first grade, to hold a pencil in his hand and be able to write the first letters.

Therefore a fundamental ability that can be developed with some games like the ones you find below:

  • thread beads, buttons or tubes of pasta into a string to make a necklace
  • build as high a stack of coins as possible
  • try to tie your shoes, make the bows
  • learn the different sailor knots
  • play in Shanghai (for the little ones easier with straws or cotton sticks for the ears)
  • make a puzzle

Sticky balls glow in dark Games for recognition and visual memory

Knowing how to recognize the difference and similarity between shapes and remember a shape. These are the fundamental skills for distinguishing letters and being able to write them.

Many fun games for 5-year-olds lend themselves to developing this skill, from memory to card games. And to make the china sticky balls glow in dark more fun, you can create the materials to play.


Try some of these games with the baby. You will immediately understand which ones he likes and which he doesn’t, and which skills you can help him develop while having fun. Starting from our ideas, you can invent new games, together with him.