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Are china stress ball effective to relief stress? Facts & Opinions 2021

Why get personalized toys and china stress ball?

china stress ball

Because we care about you and your well-being. We all experience stress, which is why we have collected a wide range of china stress ball and toys for you to customize. Personalize your stress balls so they can be effective in your company and give them away to your customers or employees!

Another reason is that we are manufacturers. This means that we care and place great importance on the whole process, from obtaining the product, to designing, printing and shipping, all to make sure you can get your stress reliever products in 48 hours.

What variety of games and stress balls do you have?

We offer a wide range of personalized china stress ball, from anti-stress balls, to anti-stress sticky balls:

Personalized Stress Relief Heart:

Heart shaped stress reliever ball, perfect for printing your logo, photo or quote.

Personalized anti-stress pens:

An anti-stress pen with swivel mechanism in different colors.

Personalized Stress Nut:

Nut shaped stress balls perfect for your workplace.

3-in-1 china stress ball: Custom stress reliever spinner with micro USB, Type-C charger and Lightning Connection.

What are the best-selling stress balls?

Our classic and best-selling customizable stress balls are

Personalized Stress Ball: Customizable stress ball with your logo in many different colors to choose from.

Personalized anti-stress sticky ball: Personalized anti-stress ball with the shape of the Earth. A fresh and different stress ball, perfect for everyone!

Personalized Stress shiny balls: A compact and customizable cloud, perfect for relieving stress!

Are stress balls and games effective?

Toys and stress balls have been recommended by many doctors and researchers as a great tool for managing stress and anxiety, increasing concentration and aiding relaxation.

How fast can I get my personalized stress balls?

Professional company offers you personalized anti-stress balls and games, but you can also order them in bulk.

Exam anxiety or work stress? 

Nowadays they give them as gadgets, they are an excellent gift idea for those who have some anxiety “problems” and for those who want to release tension with their hands: we are talking about the famous anti-stress balls.

The china stress ball as well as being a valid remedy for “kicking out” tension, can be personalized through nice shapes: orange, heart, cube, drop, soccer ball, globe, little man, star, hashtag, lamp and book.

China stress ball are good promotional tools as well

The stress balls are also excellent promotional tools that convey communication and strengthen the image and the company logo. Here are the best anti-stress balls to customize: all the best proposals from Publygraph.com.

Stress balls: from natural remedy “chases away” anxiety to toy

China stress ball have been used for millennia in the East, particularly in China, to relieve anxiety and muscle tension, or to exercise hand muscles and to improve hand coordination.

These are valid anti-stress remedies that are used by those suffering from autoimmune rheumatic diseases, carpal tunnel syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury or upper limb work disorder, a syndrome characterized by work overload that weakens muscles, nerves in the arms and tendons .

The balls are a malleable toy, the size of which does not exceed 7 cm in diameter.

Also used in physiotherapy, they can contain gels of different densities inside or be filled with sodium bicarbonate.

china stress ball 2021

This simple invention seeks to relieve tension and let stress “release” through the hands. While it may sound silly, it has more effects than you might think: when we go through a stressful situation, our body usually generates adrenaline to keep us alert and ready to act at any moment. For this reason, it is necessary to discharge some of the accumulated adrenaline.

Where we can use stress balls?

When we are in the office or sitting in any place of study or work, we can perform the exercises with our hands, allowing us to contract the muscles of the hand and forearm, eliminating part of the accumulated adrenaline and improving our mood and our holistic, physical and mental wellbeing.

In addition, the china stress ball help to combat fatigue, improve concentration and attention and “banish” all thoughts, the primary cause of stress.

Holding a personalized anti-stress ball in your hands will help us lose some of the tension and recover a good mood: here are the valid reasons to start practicing the exercises with the effective anti-stress balls.

Stress Balls: Pros and Cons

Stress balls, as fun as they may seem, also have pros and cons.

To benefit from excellent results in the medium to long term, using a stress ball will not be a simple undertaking: they help to alleviate physical and mental worries, thanks to the muscle strengthening of the hands.

Stress ball: what features to consider?

For each stress ball to be effective:

  • it must be of strong fabric such as lycra,
  • it must be suitable for multiple uses (physical therapy, improvement of dexterity and grip, etc.),
  • Moreover, must be comfortable (the right level of resistance will depend on your comfort level),
  • must be accessible,
  • Similarly, it must have a size that allows an optimal grip,
  • the manufacturer must provide information on the materials used,
  • In addition, must be latex-free,
  • it must have a gel core.

Personalized stress balls: how to use them?

Here are some good instructions for using china stress ball:

  • Similarly, select the ball that best suits your preferences, according to the different shapes, materials and sizes available,
  • Furthermore, list what situations and events cause anxiety and stress,
  • squeeze the ball in the palm of your hand, sinking your fingers into it, release the tension on it and immediately notice the relief and the disappearance of emotional stress,
  • In addition, repeat the exercise several times throughout the day, release muscle tension and improve your mood.

Why is playing so important?

With these simple games, in fact, he will be able to ensure continuous physical activity while remaining at home. Many times, children that stay indoors alone for many hours tend to get bored.


The risks involved are a latent depression, loss of appetite or, on the contrary, hyperactivity that leads them to bite and eat everything that happens around them.

In addition to this, however, it would be advisable for the owner to exercise china stress ball games of intellectual skill. These do not necessarily have to be done outdoors, but also indoors, which stimulate the child’s cognitive abilities.

In this way he will learn how to find solutions to the various problems he may encounter in daily life.