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Top 5 Unbelievable Benefits of China Stress Relievers

How important is it to choose the right stress toys for your baby’s age?

China Stress Relievers

China Stress relievers today appear with many designs of diverse designs as well as rich prices. When choosing stress toys for children, parents should pay attention to the quality and safety of the toys to avoid causing danger to children.

Stress toys after a while appearing on the market have been enthusiastically received by parents because of its many advantages. China Stress relievers have the ability to stimulate children’s creativity, help them develop their brains as well as their motor nervous system, making them fully develop. So what types of toys are suitable for each age of your child?

Choose stress toys according to your baby’s age

  • Ways to choose stress  toys according to your baby’s age
  • Stress  toys for children under 9 months old

This is the age when babies begin to perceive things around them by perceiving sounds.  At this stage parents should let their children play china Stress relievers with funny sounds or toys with soothing sounds.

Regarding the sound intensity, the safe stress toys at this time are just enough, not too big because they will affect the baby’s hearing later.

China Stress relievers for children from 9 to 15 months old

Children are taking their first steps. Stress toys should be toys such as walkers, slow-moving toys such as stress cars, animals that can be moved by pulling strings or stress rolling toy products…

For children from 15 months to 2 years old

This is the age when babies have been learning to speak, have the ability to listen and feel music, and can even sway to the music if they like it. In addition, age has the ability to recognize large and small objects, their shapes and the things around them.

So, the best children’s china Stress relievers at this stage are the ones that help your baby use their brains more, which are puzzle toys, block toys and toys with a variety of large and small sizes.

China Stress relievers for children from 2 to 3 years old

At this stage, babies can learn most of the new things around by themselves, including the ability to distinguish colors, compare the differences between objects, and be aware of what they are doing. They can do anything, even imitating others in both actions and words. At this time, jigsaw, jigsaw, assembly or colorful toys are a great choice.


For children from 3 to 4 years old

The types of children’s china Stress relievers that help children maximize their imagination are the best at this stage. Toys such as stress puzzles, car models, blocks, stress alphabets or drawings on wood will be the preferred choice.

These types of toys will help children learn these things very quickly, and the process of playing will help them remember for a long time and have fun exploring around.

China Stress relievers for children 4 years and older

From the age of 4, children know more, understand more stories and learn more. At the age of 5 onwards is the time to really teach your baby the best things that is to teach math, how to read letters learn letters… And at this point, the baby has gone to school, so the toy is optional according to his preferences.

Young children learn and play at the same time, so that children can have fun and still learn useful lessons, parents should choose china Stress relievers that are highly educational, safe, and environmentally friendly. Stress  toys bring unimaginable benefits to young children that many mothers do not know. That’s why today Gutykids.com will help mom learn the meaning and benefits of stress toys.

What are stress toys?

China Stress Relievers 2021

China Stress relievers are toy products made from wood as the main material, appearing very early. During many years of development, there are many times when they are inexcusably degraded, but then they are revived when people gradually realize their superior benefits.

This type of furniture is absolutely safe for children, now with the increasingly perfect development technology, they are no longer simple stress blocks, but they add aesthetic, educational appeal to stimulate children’s creativity. , discover.

Top 5 Unbelievable benefits of china Stress relievers

  1. Stress toys are extremely safe to play with

Currently, the toy market is flooded with poor quality products, they are made from cheap plastic materials that contain many toxic and fragile chemicals, if unfortunately for children to play, and there will be countless dangers.

Today’s china Stress relievers are made from 100% natural wood, so they are extremely good quality, durable and less damaged. Environmentally friendly wood materials, do not contain harmful chemicals to ensure absolute safety for children

  1. Highly educational

Today, stress toys are richly designed, diverse, educational and extremely creative. Such as:

  • Puzzles
  • Blocks
  • Building
  • learning numbers
  • learning letters

Help children learn a lot of important skills and qualities during play such as:

  • Good creativity and imagination skills.
  • Observation, recognition and problem-solving skills.
  • Recognizing colors and shapes
  • Logical thinking, arithmetic thinking
  • Mobility ability.
  • Flexible coordination between hands, eyes and brain.

All are important skills and dignity for a child’s later development, helping them have a good foundation when they grow up.

3. Environmentally friendly china Stress relievers

In addition to having fun and learning through china Stress relievers, mothers can educate children to love the environment and nature more.

Stress  objects can be biodegradable or recyclable, so if they break you have to throw them away, they don’t pollute the environment, it’s a small thing, but mom is also contributing do something good for the environment.

The second benefit if the mother educates her children to love the environment early, to love nature when they grow up, they will live very affectionately and kindly.

4. Connecting children and people around

China Stress relievers are very suitable for children to play with family or friends. Stress toys often do not have instructions if they want to play at first, they often have to ask parents or friends for suggestions. This encourages children to interact, talk, exchange and connect with people around.

5. Inexpensive due to long service life

It has high durability but the cost is not expensive, if the mother buys a set at an extremely high price, the values ​​​​the baby and mother receive are completely worth it.


Toys have an important influence on the development of children; parents should be wise when choosing toys for their children. With outstanding advantages, china Stress relievers are definitely the perfect choice for a good start. It is to help children learn and develop comprehensively.