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Why do you need to buy china Stress toy to be happier?

china Stress toy
Stress is a constant mental state of modern people. Dusty streets, long-term traffic jams? At the end of the month, the salary has not been returned? Stress again. Because of this worrisome situation, a series of anti-stress solutions have been invented; in which, china Stress toy are the most favorite.

What is china Stress toy?

Stress toy is a stress reliever toy from China. These are soft, highly elastic sponges and are often lovingly shaped. This toy has the same foaminess as the dumpling shell, but is more flexible and elastic. Squishy toys are very diverse in design and color. It could be a cute animal, a peach, a corgi butt, or a candy.

There is no fixed gameplay for this item. You can use the product to line the wrist, hold, torment, squeeze, and throw against the wall…. Thanks to the special material, the product quickly returns to its original shape in a short time.

Is china Stress toy safe for young children?

It looks delicious, but you can’t eat it!

Although it has a “cute” shape, which is loved by children, the product is not very suitable for children. The reason is because china Stress toy is made from a synthetic polyurethane material, which can cause allergies or toxicity, when eaten or put in the mouth.

And you know, children are always hyperactive and like to put foreign objects in their mouths. If you’re considering buying foam toys for your baby, you should stay away from designs that “fit your baby’s mouth”.

Why do you need to buy china Stress toy to be happier?

There are many reasons why you should bring home one (or more) fluffy, fluffy Squishy ass. However, we only list a few of the most agreed reasons as follows.

That is also the reason that videos about babies, cats or puppies often have very “huge” views.

Carrying cute things with you, you will feel that life is so pure and worth living. Every time you fiddle with china Stress toy in your hand, you can feel like you are dozens of years younger, when you are still holding on to your parents’ morning snacks. Besides the ability to relieve stress, the product can also be used to decorate homes, desks, etc.

Because they really help relieve stress

The best way to combat feelings of stress is to distract yourself from your depression. And china Stress toy is doing a great job of that. Try closing your eyes, curling up the toy and receiving the soft feeling and pleasant aroma, you are sure to be completely relaxed.

Remember that this is not about avoiding the problem, but about helping you stop feeling negative and make more informed decisions. Keeping the mind relaxed is also a way to improve work quality and productivity.

Because china Stress toy are usually cheap

The price of a china Stress toy like this is usually only from $15, so it is suitable for all types of customers. For many people, buying toys as an adult is seen as childish or wasteful. But all of us have a child in our hearts.

This child helps us to keep the fire of enthusiasm, optimism and hope for the future alive. So, if that child needs a Squishy toy to promote creativity, you should buy it for “him” right away!

7 essential safety standards of children’s toys

Children’s toys must always be guaranteed for quality and absolute safety for children. But many parents have the same question: “how to buy safe children’s toys?” Simply, consider the following standards to be able to buy safe toys for your baby!

7 essential safety standards of children’s china Stress toy: 1/ No toxic chemicals: Children’s toys and especially toys for babies must absolutely not contain harmful substances. Children in this age group often put toys in their mouths. They are not aware of the harmful effects of doing so, so we must choose toys that are safest for children’s health.

Some harmful chemicals are banned in the production of toys such as:

Phthalates – a chemical that softens but causes adverse effects on hormones of sexual development and reproductive system. Normally, the content of this substance should not be higher than 0.1% of the plastic part of the toy.

china Stress toy 2021

Metals: lead, tin dust… is prohibited things in children’s toys.

Coloring: Unsafe colors and odors can be harmful to your baby’s health.

When buying toys, mothers should pay attention to the ingredients in the product before letting them play!

Children’s toys must be safe – non-toxic

2/ Children’s toys must not have sharp or sharp edges:

If children’s china Stress toy have sharp edges, it will be very easy to hurt the baby during play. We should choose children’s toys accordingly, should have rounded corners, or made of soft or elastic materials as possible. Specifically, toys made from flexible plastic, foam, and cotton will be safe for children under 1 year old.

3/ Suitable for age:

Children’s toys are divided to suit each child’s developmental stage. The task of us adults is to find out and buy the most suitable toys for our baby. Eligible factors include:

Weight of the product: should not be too heavy or too heavy for the baby.

Toy size: for children who are too small, mothers should buy toys of the right size, not too big (can be pressed, put on the baby) but not too small (because the baby can swallow them). and dangerous).

4/ Not too complicated:

Children often like toys that are simple and easy to play with. Agree that smart china Stress toy will be very good for children’s intellectual development. But the difficulty and complexity should be moderate, if buying toys that are too complicated, beyond the baby’s ability; it will make the baby bored and uncomfortable when playing.

5/ Children’s toys must be healthy and non-addictive:

In the past, what was the concept of toy addiction? But now there is! Tech toys are now too eye-catching and interesting; they make the children engrossed, even skipping eating and sleeping to play.

The most typical are smartphones and tablets; parents should not let their children have too early exposure to these technology toys. There’s even a computer and smartphone addiction camp in China for kids!

Practice healthy toy play habits for your baby, such as playing with toys that move and develop physically.

6/ Children’s china Stress toy must have a clear origin:

Non-original china Stress toy are very dangerous because it can contain all of the above elements. Sellers often focus on profits but forget the factors that ensure quality and safety for children.

Go to reputable mom and baby supermarkets to buy the safest children’s toys.

Above are the shares to help parents have more knowledge about buying safe and quality children’s toys.