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How to make decompression toy house for children with wood?

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How to setup a toy playground for children?

A playground for the dolls! Swinging, sliding, crawling and bobbing – the flexible dolls are guaranteed not to get bored here. Get creative and design a playground according to your wishes!

Step 1: First, four elongated strips of paper are cut out and shaped into two small trapezoids. The two ends are now glued together with glue. Both pieces of paper are attached to one of the wooden sticks with the help of a hot glue gun.

How to make decompression toy house?

Step 2: Now two elongated strips of paper are cut out again and glued together at one end. Next, the decompression toy is placed between the two strips. The other side of the paper strips is now also glued together.

A popsicle stick can be attached to the underside of the rocker for a secure stand. Finally, small strips are cut from the pipe cleaner. Similarly, these are then bent into a circle and attached to both sides of the rocker. Now the seesaw is ready!


You can go high with this swing! Six toys are first glued together to form two triangles with a hot glue gun. For the seat of the swing, a popsicle stick is cut in the middle and glued to a piece of paper. In addition, next, the triangles are attached to another wooden stick.

Finally, two strips of the ribbon are cut off and tied to the wooden stick. The seat can now be placed in the loops. Tada! The miniature swing is ready.

Installing Tube for decompression toy

It doesn’t take much for a small tube. Decompression toy is glued around a toilet roll. So that the tube does not roll away, two ice cream sticks on the lower sides ensure a secure hold.


Step 1: For the slide, four toys are glued together on the long side with the help of the hot glue gun.


Step 2: A ladder is helpful to get into the house. To do this, the toys are cut into small pieces and glued to two long popsicle sticks.

Step 3: Now it comes to the basic structure:

First a popsicle stick is cut in the middle. Half a decompression toy is attached to each end. Similarly, two whole ice cream sticks are now glued to these from the inside and outside.

Step 4: Additional toy are required for the roof and floor. For the roof, the ice cream sticks are broken through in the middle, from which a roof can now be formed and fixed. Moreover, for the bottom, three toys are cut in the middle.

Four halves of the handle is now glued together along the long side. The two remaining toys are now attached to the sides as railings.

Today I am going to introduce you to the DIY decompression toy!


Straight, zigzag, curvy or angular stretches – a simple idea to encourage the little ones to understand patterns and shapes. And the nice thing about it is that the fact that the children drive along the different streets in the cars means that fine motor skills are also trained in a playful way.

Which route does the decompression toy take the longest or the shortest to reach its destination? Findings like this train sensory thinking in terms of perception and concentration. Even the understanding of color is included through the colorful streets.

Extra tip: With the small foot stacking cube vehicles you have four small, colorful wooden cars with the color-matching garages as your destination!

The great play set including decompression toy and stacking garages from small foot

This is how it works:

  1. Cut a large piece of cardboard into several pieces and glue them together in a shape as desired or cut out the shape of the large piece of cardboard.

The cardboard parts / finished streets are now painted in the desired color.

  1. Now we mark the street in a color matching the cars that are to drive this route. You can use colored wool or pipe cleaners, cut them into small pieces and glue the strips to the course of the road with the hot glue gun. Both fit perfectly. ☺️

Decompression toy – a special experience for your child

At the latest when your child’s first birthday is just around the corner, you as parents start thinking about which toy might be the best for your child. The selection of toys is huge. Of course, the purchase price certainly also plays a role. Before you reach for a cheap plastic toy, however, there are a few things to consider. If you are now faced with the choice of buying a decompression toy, then you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages against each other.
decompression toy 2021

Why decompression toy are to be favored?

Are you looking for a long-lasting, high-quality toy? Would you like to be able to use it for the next generation as well?

Decompression toy are made suitable for children and your child can play with them safely. It has no sharp corners and edges, it has no loose particles or parts that could break off and injure your child.

Tip: decompression toy toys are also suitable for the youngest ones – pay attention to the age information.

Decompression toy in natural colors but also colorful

When buying toys, you have the option of buying them in natural colors, but there is also a large selection of wooden toys in bright and cheerful colors. Your child will enjoy one as well as the other object. Wood is easy to touch and has a pleasant feel .


The colors of decompression toy are often used more discreetly than with plastic toys, but they still have a very nice effect. Make sure to check out the corresponding seal of approval when shopping. High-quality toys are tested and manufactured with water-based paints that are free of harmful substances and that are also saliva-proof.

Your child can then safely put the toy in their mouth and explore the shape and feel of this toy with their hands and mouth.