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Different Bead Stress Ball Toys for People Who Type a Lot

A Guide to Bead Stress Balls

In this current age and time, we are constantly using modern technology like computers, tablets, and Smartphones.  Their usage has become inevitable and requires an extreme level of physical and mental input. To use these devices, one has to type a lot.    In order to get some relief from this painstaking routine, using a bead stress ball can play a vital role.

A bead stress ball is a ball that consists of gel and has small squeezable particles inside it.  When the bead stress ball is squeezed, it helps in detangling tension from your wrist and fingers.  Moreover, a bead stress ball is a great way to relieve oneself from stress almost instantly.

bead stress ball

There are different types and kinds of bead stress balls available in the market. There are a lot of choices to choose from. And all the options are performing the same functionality of relieving stress.

Different types of Bead Stress Balls

There are many different types of bead stress balls use for relieving stress and giving a break to your fingers.  An average person can spend 6-8 hours on a computer. For professional workers, working hours on a computer can increase substantially if their job demands it. It can even lead to 8-10 hours a day in front of the computer which is a lot.

Cutting of the work is not possible neither is the option to reduce the working hours. In this case, the bead stress balls can ease the stress level and tension in the fingers. Moreover, they can help in exercising the tendons of the hands in possible ways that relieve the pain.

Some of the most common types of stress bead balls include gel beads, elongated shape, weighted, building blocks, tangled, super soft, keychain, bounce-able, and screen cleaner bead stress balls. Using them is a healthy way of maintaining ones’ mental health.

Gel Bead Stress Ball

The gel bead stress balls are the latest trend right now.  These toys are squeezable due to their gel-ish qualities. They have proven to improve the deftness of the hands. Moreover, by using these gel balls,   it is a possibility to develop quick hand movements. It even helps in promoting a calm and healing effect for your mental status.

Elongated Shape of the Bead Stress Ball

This kind of elongated shape of the stress bead ball is great for people who fidget a lot.  Even in times of restlessness, one can use this shape and squeeze it to relax.  The name along gated is due to its shape which resembles a banana or a cylindrical tube. Due to the elongation in the shape, it is easier for a good grip.  You can even use it simultaneously on the other hand, while working with the other one. It initiates a soothing effect on the brain.

Weighted Stress Bead Ball

The weighted stress bead balls specifically target the strengthening of the grip and hand muscles.  It can weigh around one pound and even more at times.  Hence, it is a feasible option for sportsmen and athletes because it helps in exercising all hand movements.  It even strengthens fingers, wrist, and supports healthy limb movement.

Building Block Stress Bead Balls

These kinds of building block Stress balls are a great way of treating physical activity in a therapeutic way. Since you can use these as building blocks, they give a refreshing activity to the brain to perform. It inculcates the movements like gripping, clutching, and piling. Hence, they keep you mobile and busy in a healthy way.

Tangled Bead Stress Ball

Many professional workers who sit in front of computers for very long hours can have soreness in their finger and hand muscles.  Using a tangled bead stress ball can help in relaxing and flexing their sore fingers. By squeezing the balls they can exercise their fingers individually.

Super Soft Bead Stress Ball

The availability of super soft bead stress balls is a great way of clenching your fingers and relieving them from stress. We often squeeze our fingers too hard when under stress. This is why the softest bead balls can work your fingers in a relaxing way without even putting a lot of pressure. They promote a very soothing and comforting effect.

Keychain Bead Stress Ball

This is the easiest way of incorporating stress bead balls in your life.  You won’t even have to pick up an extra item when under stress.  You can invest in a squishy keychain stress buster.  It comes in various shapes, sizes, and styles.  You can take the one that suits your personality.  All the while, you can benefit from its dual purpose of releasing stress and exercising your hand on it daily basis.

Bounce able Bead Stress Ball

This one is just like the building block stress balls.  But, instead of blocks, you have bounce-able balls that take instructions from your hand movement.   It gives you a great chance of getting off your seat and getting some physical exercise. It is an interesting way of getting exercise along with being a great stress-busting activity.

Screen Cleaner Bead Stress Ball

These kinds of stress bead balls serve a dual purpose.  They have a very gel-like and squishy quality to them which is feasible in two conditions.  Thus, you can use it to exercise your hand in order to release stress and secondly you can use it as a screen cleaner as well. It can pick up all the grime and dust off your screen.

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It is important for people who work on the keyboard and sit in front of the computers, to get some physical exercise in order to release their stress.  Too much screen time and activities like typing can cause different health issues. Therefore, it is important to choose a stress buster like stress weed balls to relieve oneself from exertion.  It is a great way of treating sore fingers and release tension. It promotes healthy blood circulation by strengthening your grip.  Plus, there are many benefits associated with using these squishy balls.

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