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DIY Vending Toy Capsules Machine

DIY Vending Toy Capsules Machine: What You Need To Know 

Don’t you love the vending toy capsules machine? I am sure even adults love these machines for the entertainment they provide. If you have kids, then you would know that how much they love playing with those machines at shopping malls or stores. Of course, parents love to see their kids playing games with coins, but sometimes they want to be a little different. I mean what if you can have great gaming entertainment for your kid right at your home? It will be fantastic, especially during this pandemic in which it is imperative to stay at home. So, do you want to make this toy machine at your home?

Today, we are going to show you how you can make a toy vending machine at home without putting in a lot of effort. You need nothing special as just a few ordinary items that are easily accessible at cheap rates are enough to make this toy machine.

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Steps to Make Your Own Vending Toy Capsules Machine

Yes, you can make your vending toy capsules machine to play with at home. Making this toy machine takes a little time. Once you make it, you can play as many times as you want for free. You or your children don’t need to go out of your home as you will have this fantastic toy machine right in the solaces of your home.

Do you have a question in mind like do I need to buy anything to build this toy? You can find many parts within your home that you are about to trash. Else, you need a few ordinary items that are very inexpensive. So, let’s start with the things you need to make your very own toy vending machine.

Required Materials

First of all, you need to gather the required materials that you are going to use to make a toy vending machine. The required materials include paper cartons, packing tape, cardboard boxes, a plastic container, a plastic bottle, paper, capsules, plastic file holder, paper wrapping tape, colored pens, scissors, a ruler, and origami paper.

Many of these items can easily be found within your home. Once you have gathered the required materials, you can start building your toy vending machine.

So, here are the 9 steps you need to follow to make your vending toy capsules machine:

1. Cut the Cardboard Box

The first step is to cut the cardboard box in the required measurements using a ruler. You should cut the cardboard into the following dimensions:

  • The width should be 21cm
  • The length should be 30cm
  • The height should be 15cm

After cutting the cardboard box in the above-mentioned measurements, join all pieces to form a box using the packing tape. Now, cut two 21cm pieces of paper cartons using the scissor so they can firmly attach to a cardboard box.

2. Cut down Paper Cartons

In the next step, take a paper carton and cut both sides from the center to make a hole. This will allow the capsules to move through the paper cartons through the holes. After that, attach one cut side of the paper with the carton that was cut in a slope.

3. Cut the Plastic Bottle

Now, take the plastic bottle and make one hole on it. Make sure that you are making the hole at the exact position according to the paper carton hole. Otherwise, the capsules would not be able to go into the plastic bottle. Make a square hole of 6cm in the bottle. After creating the hole, stuff the bottle using paper to make sure only one or two capsules can come into the bottle at a time.

4. Make a Container Hole

Cut down your cardboard box in a square shape for 7cm from its one side. Make sure that it adjusts well with the paper carton. You also need to have a paper cardboard box hole that adjusts appropriately with the cap’s size of the plastic bottle. Create another hole on the plastic container’s bottom side using a cutter. The vending toy capsules will be moving through this hole. Therefore, this hole should be cut appropriately.

5. Create a Lid

In this step, cut the cardboard according to the exact measurements of the selected plastic container. Now, create a lid using that plastic container with the help of the paper wrapping tape. Here, you need to make sure that you cut cardboard exactly according to the dimensions of the container.

6. Join Parts Together

Place paper carton that’s one side hole was cut through the scissor into that cardboard box. Place the plastic bottle into a paper carton from where capsules would be going through. After that, place the carton in that cardboard box. Now, use the packing tape to attach the container to the cardboard box’s top side. Then, cover it using the lid that you made using a cardboard box.

7. Make Sure that Capsules Move Well

Attach the ice cream sticks to the plastic container’s hole on all four corners. Placing these sticks make sure that only one or two capsules should go through the bottle at a time. Then, use a plastic file holder and make 4 curled plastics of it. Place these curled plastics on the container’s both sides. After that, make slopes by placing other plastics over them.

8. Make Toy Prizes

Now, you can use paper to make approximately ten paper cranes by folding the paper. After that, place these cranes into every single capsule. Then, place these capsules filled with paper cranes in a capsule toy. Place the vending toy capsules in the toy machine. After that, you should cover them using the lid that you created.

9. Decorate your Toy

Finally, decorate the capsule vending machine cardboard box that you attached to the white paper. You can also use a paper that’s one side is printed because decorating the toy should be according to your choice. However, it is better to wrap the capsule toy’s front end with colored pens and wrapping paper. This will give a gorgeous look to your toy. You must not over-decorate your toy as it may look ugly in that case. You can find some decoration ideas online.

Once you have completed the decoration of your vending toy capsules machine, you can play with it as many times as you want. You can even involve your friends to play with it in your free time. These types of toys are very interesting, especially at get-together events and parties.

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Making a toy capsule vending machine at home is an easy task. You simply need a few basic items that you can easily find around to make this gorgeous toy machine. This toy machine doesn’t cost you much and lets you enjoy it as much as you want. It is a 100% functional cardboard capsule vending machine that you can enjoy playing with your friends.

The making of this machine itself is an amazing activity that you can enjoy with your kids. Therefore, take this activity as a challenge and make the process more interesting by engaging the little minds. You can easily build this toy machine at your home by following the simple steps we have discussed in this guide.

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