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Effective Ways of Using a Spiky Ball

How to Make the Most of Your Spiky Ball

All of us must have seen and played with a spiky ball at one point or another. But, did you know that many people use it at clinical recommendations as well? Yes, that’s right. These spiky balls are becoming a popular tool to perform self-therapy on a variety of muscle-related conditions. This is why they are becoming popular among athletes as well. So, what is it about these balls that they are becoming the top choice of everyone? Stay tuned to find out more.

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Spiky balls are small and colorful balls that have spikes in them. The spikes present in the spiky ball are a great way to stimulate the muscles. Although you may face pain during the first few uses, the use of these balls is extremely easy and useful. But, here is a piece of good news for the readers! You can even control the level of pain and pressure that you want with the use of a spiky ball. That’s why they are everyone’s favorite when it comes to stimulating the muscles in your body.


Spiky balls are hard balls that are covered with cone-shaped nodules. These nodules are also known as spikes. These balls have proven to be great if you are looking for self-massage at home. For these balls to work effectively, all you need to do is find the trigger point in your body.

Trigger points are discrete and focal spots that are located within your skeletal muscle. These trigger points may cause pain in particular patterns or spontaneously. The most common areas in your body that are affected by trigger points the lower back, neck, head, and pelvis.

So, all you need to do is to find the trigger points in your body that cause you pain and discomfort. When you will target these trigger points, not only your pain level will be reduced but there will be a huge improvement in your joint motion as well.

Some Amazing Benefits of A Spiky Ball

The spiky balls stimulate the myofascial tissue in our bodies. It is a connective tissue that runs throughout our body and surrounds our internal muscles and organs. As a result, everything is kept in place in the body. This is why you should massage your sore spots at least 5 to 10 minutes a day with a spiky ball. You will get the following amazing benefits out of it.

1.     Increase in Blood Flow

The main function of spiky balls is to remove knots that restrict the blood flow in your body. When the knots and muscle tension are removed, it will maintain the hydration level in your muscles and connective tissues. As a result, your blood flow will increase as well. The increase in blood flow means that you will not only heal from the injuries faster but will recover from the workout faster as well.

2.     Reduction in Muscle Soreness

Another huge advantage of a spiky ball is to make you less sore. That’s because these balls increase your blood circulation. When the blood circulation increases, your muscles can optimize the maximum benefits from the nutrients found in your body. As a result, you can recover extremely fast from muscle soreness.

3.     Improvement in Range of Motion

According to a lot of studies, when you roll your muscles frequently, it helps in increasing your range of motion. That’s because rolling the muscles remove adhesions in the fascia. As a result, the tissues surrounding your muscles can move more freely than before. This can help you a lot when you are doing strengthening exercises.

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4.     Portable

Another great thing about these spiky balls is that they are portable and you can use them anywhere. It is because, unlike huge massage chairs, these balls are extremely small and easier to carry and use. What’s more, you can use these balls in any position you want. Whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down, you can use a spiky ball quite easily because of its simple nature. This is why they are becoming so popular these days.

5.     Cost-Effective

A lot of people cannot afford a massage chair or go to a masseuse on regular basis. This is where a spiky ball can come to their aid. As compared to a massage chair and a masseuse, these balls are quite pocket-friendly. Not only this, but they are extremely easy to use as well. You can even carry them anywhere you want. So, no doubt, they are the top choice of a lot of people when it comes to treating a lot of their problems.

Effective Ways of Using a Spiky Ball

A spiky ball is an extremely easy thing to use. Whether you are standing, sitting, or lying, you can use this ball in any position you want. The most common way of using the ball is to put it on the ground and sit or lay on the top of it. It helps in applying pressure to the body area that you are having issues with.

For your convenience, we have mentioned how to use a spiky ball for different body parts for a more effective result. Let’s check them out below.

1.     Upper Back

The pain in the upper back is one of the common pains faced by a desk worker. To get relief from your upper back pain, all you need to do is stand up and place the ball between your spine and shoulder blade. Then you need to press the ball to the wall and roll the ball with your body weight. This will help you in finding the trigger points.

2.     Glute

To get relief from the constant pain in your buttocks, you need to lie down on your back. Make sure that your knees are in the bent position and your feet are flat on the ground. Once you have formed the position, you need to place the ball beneath your buttocks. After this, keep rolling the ball gently until you find the trigger point. If you want to increase the pressure, you can even drop the knee of the affected part to the side.

3.     Foot

You can use a spiky ball to get relief from the constant pain in your feet. For this, all you need to do is place the ball under your foot and apply all your body weight on your entire foot. Keep rolling the ball from the heel of your foot to the toes. If you want to increase the pressure, all you need to do is transfer the weight of your body forward.

When Should You Not Use a Spiky Ball?

You must never use a spiky ball if you recently faced an injury that has damaged your skin and resulting in swelling or inflammation of a joint. You should also not use it if you are seriously bruised. What’s more, if you start feeling more pain instead of relief with the use of this ball, then we recommend that you stop the use of it and contact an expert as soon as possible.

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Final Words

A spiky ball can offer you benefits in ways that you never imagined. It is not only cost-effective but a great way to stimulate your body muscles and get relief from the pain that you are facing. This is why everyone must get it. So, order your spiky ball now and avail all the benefits that it has to offer!