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Everything to Know About Sticky Balls Glow In Dark

The Science behind Sticky Balls Glow in Dark

Are you planning to buy sticky balls glow in dark for your children but are concerned about their safety? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. These balls are perfectly safe to play with and are great for children of all ages. No matter whether your child is a toddler or a teen, they will have a great time playing with the sticky balls glow in dark. Additionally, the glowing sticky balls can serve many other purposes as well. Want to know more about it? Keep reading then.

sticky balls glow in dark

What are Sticky Balls Glow in Dark Made Of?

You must be wondering what the glow-in-dark sticky balls are made of so that you can decide whether they are safe to buy for your children or not. Well, we have answers to all your queries. Thus, you don’t need to go anywhere else to search for the answers.

All glow-in-dark toys are manufactured using phosphorus and the same goes for sticky balls that glow in dark as well. The glow that you see in the ball is from a phenomenon called photoluminescence.

Why is Phosphorus a Good Choice for Sticky Balls Glow in Dark?

Phosphorus is the top choice of people when it comes to manufacturing any glow-in-dark toys. Want to know why? That’s because the characteristics of phosphorus make it a perfect material to be used in glow-in-dark toys. Phosphorus has the right kind of energy that needs to be energized, it has a visible light color, and lastly, it is persistent. This is what allows the balls to glow in the dark. To create a glowing ball, you need a type of phosphorus that can be easily energized with normal light and has an extremely strong application as well.

What are the Common Types of Phosphorus Used to Manufacture Sticky Balls Glow in Dark?

The most common types of phosphorus pigments that are used to manufacture glow-in-dark balls are zinc sulfide and strontium aluminate. But, the strontium aluminate balls have a clear edge over the zinc sulfide balls. That’s because the glow-in-dark balls made of strontium have a longer glowing power and a stronger brightness. Not only this, but these balls do not have any odor as well. On the other hand, glow-in-dark balls made of zinc sulfide have an extremely bad odor.

Are Sticky Balls Glow in Dark Safe?

Safety is undoubtedly an essential factor when it comes to buying something for your children. This is why you should definitely check whether your glow-in-dark balls are safe for the children or not. Well, the good news is that these balls are completely safe to play for children of all ages under normal circumstances. They are made from non-hazardous, non-toxic, latex-free, non-radioactive BPA and PVC materials.

Additionally, these balls are made by mixing phosphorus with other substances. As a result, your kid does not come in direct contact with phosphorus.

Why are Sticky Balls Glow in Dark Everyone’s Favorite?

Want to know why sticky balls glow in dark everyone’s favorite? Keep reading then.

1.      Great for Creating Distraction

The glow-up balls are the perfect way to create distraction among children. The glow that emits from these toys not only attracts the attention of the children but helps them overcome their sadness as well. Not only this, but these glow-up sticky balls help the kids with self-control as well. So, if you want to distract your children, these toys are the perfect option for you. Moreover, you must also take the assistance of the other glow-up toys if you want to teach self-control to your children.

2.      Safe

You might not believe but the glow-up spiky balls can be used for safety purposes as well. They come in really handy when kids go camping. The kids can illuminate these toys at night. When these toys will glow in the darkness, they will provide all the additional safety to them. Not only this, but they can come in really handy to prevent accidents as well. The glow from the toys will alert the motorcyclists and car drivers that someone else is on the road as well. As a result, they will be extra careful while driving.

3.      Life of the Party

The attractive glow that emits from the spiky balls will most certainly add life to the party. Not only this, but the kids will love the bright lights that will sparkle from these light-up toys. The aura that these toys will create at the party will certainly lift the mood of everyone and diffuse tension in the room as well. This is why these spiky balls are the popular choice of both kids and adults to be used at parties.

4.      Improve Reflex Action

There are many glow-up spiky balls out there that require the kids to press a button for a specific time. Otherwise, the glow will go out. This indicates that the children will have to respond extremely quickly or else the glow of the toy will go out. As a result, it improves the reflex action of the children. Not only this, but they will learn to react quickly in case of emergencies as well.

5.      Great for Therapeutic Distraction

Glowing spiky balls not only create distraction among children but also divert the mind of the children in a therapeutic setting. As a result, you can take the assistance of these toys to divert the mind of the children from a frightening experience. For this reason, a lot of child specialists use these balls when dealing with children that are going through medical procedures. Some of these procedures include drawing blood and inserting a drip line. Your children will barely notice that they are going through a medical procedure. Thus, their potential traumatic experience can turn into a positive experience.

sticky balls glow in dark

Final Words

Sticky balls that glow in dark are extremely popular among children these days. That’s because of the many advantages they offer. Not only this, but these balls are incredibly safe to use as well. This is why they are everyone’s favorite. For more information, reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.