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Exciting Bead Stress ball UK games for children from 3-7 years

Bead Stress ball UK
Children want to play and as a parent you are of course always looking for new challenges. Wonderful bead stress ball UK can be organized in summer. Either in your own garden or – if this is not available – these play variants can also be relocated to the forest.

A walk through nature together offers countless opportunities to play. With the simple things that can be discovered in the forest, wonderful games can be developed. Hopping boxes can be drawn on sandy ground with a branch.

Balancing and swinging in the forest with bead stress ball UK

Fitness training in the forest is also popular. Balancing over tree trunks, swinging on a branch, the forest is actually a perfect obstacle course by itself. Here your kids can not only let off steam, but also bring in creative ideas themselves.

Equipped with binoculars or a magnifying glass, little explorers will also find exciting things to investigate on such an activity walk through the forest. In this way, the whole thing also has a first-class learning effect.

Great ideas for the garden or the playground

Many exciting bead stress ball UK games can also be played in the garden or on the playground. A bouncy ball or a bouncy animal like the bouncy toy Dino Fred ensure lots of laughs and real fun. The classics among outdoor toys are, of course, skipping ropes and rubber twists.

The catching cup with 2 balls is also very popular again and again. This simple but effective toy covers several age groups at the same time. Generations have already played with it outside – the outdoor active croquet cart or the outdoor bead stress ball UK. These games are also suitable for different age groups.

Paint your dreams with bead stress ball UK

Of course, painting together with street crayons is always a lot of fun. The Outdoor Active Swedish Chess Kubb is also great. The kids can already play here at the age of 5.

Egg-running is also a great game for the garden – potatoes can also be used for it, this is the “cleaner and more food-friendly” variant.

But it can’t always be played outside. So what do you do when the weather gods make sure that you have to play in the house?

Exciting game ideas for indoors in bad weather

Even on a rainy summer’s day or in winter, it is important that you as parents have exciting activities ready for your offspring. Especially during the extreme time of the corona pandemic, these were sometimes real challenges.

These can be mastered, because there are numerous captivating board games with which children between 3 and 7 years of age are excited. Movement is also possible, for example with the classic Activity. The Activity Junior variant is suitable for kids from 6 years of age.

Do creative Activities with bead stress ball UK

Bead stress ball UK Creative activities are always in demand with your offspring. So you can paint and do handicrafts once. An old catalog to chop up is ideal for great collages – maybe you just give a topic and all the kids should come up with something. Most children enjoy working with glue and scissors.

Of course, there are also first-class painting and handicraft sets that your little ones will have a lot of fun with. Painting in large groups is a creative activity that stimulates the imagination. The spiral designers from Ravensburger are ideally suited for this. Imaginative motifs can be designed first and then colored in later. All the keen kids are sure to be there.

If after a while your kids’ stamina decreases or the sun reappears, you can simply roll up the mat and stow it in a high-quality plastic tube. Then the puzzle can be continued at another point in time.

Game without a lot of material and accessories

Children also love bead stress ball UK games that do not require a lot of material. Blowing cotton wool, for example, is a creative game idea that allows you to laugh a lot.

Bead Stress ball UK 2021

But there is also a need for movement if you are only allowed to play indoors. Why not set up an obstacle course in the children’s room together with your kids. All you need is a jump rope that is placed on the floor; your kids have to balance over it.

Chairs, tables or blankets that you can crawl through, like in a tunnel, are set up quickly. It is allowed to crawl, jump or crawl over obstacles. Your children quickly forget the bad weather and boredom and are wonderfully tired in the evening.

Read stories with bead stress ball UK

Then of course a nice story can be read out. A story read by mom or dad is particularly popular with all children. This is ideal for indoor activity in between.

Tip: Match the length of the story to the age of your kids.

Who does not know the “bead stress ball UK. All family members sit in a circle. One person thinks up a word and whispers it in the next person’s ear. In the end, the most amazing word creations often come out and there are many reasons to laugh.

The game “Packing suitcases” also falls into this category. One starts with a first part, which he puts in the suitcase. He says, for example, “I’ll pack my suitcase and I’ll take my teddy with me.”

The next person then has to repeat this sentence and add another part. The winner is the one who can memorize most of the terms and repeat them without errors.

Exciting bead stress ball UK games for children from 3-7 years

There are a variety of game ideas that you can keep your kids busy with in a meaningful way. It is helpful to note the following:

  • Think about whether you want to play inside or outside
  • Make sure you have enough drinks when you go for a walk in the forest
  • In the case of active games, you should be given the opportunity to relax in between
  • Accessories for handicrafts can be collected beforehand. All you need is paper, glue, old magazines or catalogs and paper scissors
  • Do not let the smaller children work with sharp scissors unsupervised
  • Small rewards for games like potato walking, silent mail or packing suitcases increase motivation


Children are very grateful players and are happy when you, as parents, get involved in the Exciting bead stress ball UK games for children from 3-7 years -game. This makes it easy to organize exciting afternoons without a lot of accessories. These strengthen the feeling of togetherness of the whole family and also ensure plenty of fun. It can rain sometimes – boredom becomes a foreign word.