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How to choose ideal gashapon capsule toys for kids?

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Raising children is a gift to parents and family, despite all the challenges that exist. This task becomes an even greater opportunity when the number of little ones increases or even doubles. Therefore, choosing gashapon capsule toys for twins is a task that must be done carefully, precisely so that this moment of education is even better.

There are many options that the market offers! In this sense, those responsible must pay attention to the need for fun, but also for education and interaction for the little ones. Considering that each child has a personality, their objects need to be respected in the same way.

How to choose gashapon capsule toys for twins?

If you’re on this quest for twins — and even triplets or more — and want to know what the best toys are, check out some tips!

How to choose the best toy options for twins

Understand that they are different people

It is common for families with twins to buy the same clothes, the same objects and even gashapon capsule toys. Which is clearly understandable, after all they share the same story from conception to the time of delivery.

However, it is necessary to understand that we are dealing with different people and that they need to differentiate themselves and build their own personality and life. In the case of fraternal animals, that is, those that are not identical, differentiation is even more present and necessary.

Assess the age of children when buying gashapon capsule toys

The first thing we must understand is that there are different toys for each stage of life. Not only for safety reasons, but also because they are developed according to each age group, which has characteristic learning moments.

For example: up to 6 (six) months of age, toys that can stimulate visual attention are recommended, in addition to teething teeth, which are special for the appearance of teeth.

For what age gashapon capsule toys are good to use?

From 6 (six) to 12 (twelve) months, there are gashapon capsule toys options with more specific shapes that encourage learning about them. Colors and sounds also gain more dynamism and so, we choose options that present and differentiate each one of them.


Toys can increase children intellect, the maturation of speech and socialization with other children. Remembering that, for twins, it is essential that each one understands their individuality.

Invest in options that give autonomy

As we mentioned, parents of twins believe that many things can be shared. However, they themselves may also believe that there is a co-dependency between the little ones.

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Toys for twins help in this sense, mainly because they show that each child has his or her own will. They can even share the same toy, using it at different times. In this way, we not only encourage a single vision in society, but teach them to share and deal with disagreements.

Investing in different gashapon capsule toys for twins is a great way to reinforce aspects of parenting (such as developing senses and intellect). Always remember that having fun is part of growing up!

Find out 4 tips for teaching children to share gashapon capsule toys

Sharing toys is often a problem for children in early childhood. This is because little ones do not have the maturity developed for empathy and sharing until they are 3 years old.

However, parents need not worry about these seemingly selfish attitudes at first.

This phase requires patience on the part of parents. He must encourage the sharing of gashapon capsule toys while they need to understand the characteristics of the child in this age group.

To contribute to this challenge, follow in this article 4 tips on how to teach children to share toys. Good reading!

  1. Donate toys

Donation is a good strategy for teaching children to share toys. When your child gets a new toy, talk to him about the fact that not all children are so lucky to have toys to play with. The little one can help and donate some of their toys in good condition to make others happy.


Explain that he can donate to children he knows and give them in person or donate to institutions. In the latter case, set aside a box so that he can place the gashapon capsule toys himself.

2. Encourage division with gashapon capsule toys

Parents can encourage the child to share at home with siblings, cousins ​​or even adults. When the child has several toys, enter the game and subtly ask for an object that the child is not using.

You can even invite other people to play with you and participate in this sharing action. Over time, the child will feel secure in seeing your attitude and, little by little, will understand that it is normal to share moments and toys.

3. Talk to the child to buy gashapon capsule toys

Dialogue is always the best way to build trust and security between parents and children. So, talk to the little ones and try to understand the reasons why they don’t want to share. They can be very affectionate with a certain toy and, consequently, fear that another child will spoil it, among other reasons.

During the conversation, understand and guide the child on how to act, choosing together which gashapon capsule toys he can share with other children. So, when you go for a walk, let him know in advance about the people who will be there and will play together, so he can select the toys he doesn’t mind sharing.

4. Avoid forcing sharing

To avoid inconveniences and hinder the child’s development, avoid forcing the act of sharing toys. It may be that other parents do not like or even judge the way you will handle the situation, but if you already talk at home and teach to share, be patient and don’t panic.

After all, it is important to respect the child’s natural maturation process. So teach him to say no gently and to deal with the moment. Remember that play builds a child’s social life and emotional development and, therefore, should provide a positive experience for the little ones.

Summary gashapon capsule toys

Finally, example is the best way to teach children. If parents are not in the habit of sharing something with people they know or strangers, it’s no use expecting their child to also know how to share gashapon capsule toys with another child.