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How should parents buy gashapon toys for 2-3 year olds?

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What toys should I buy for my baby? Because each age will have its own needs to play and explore, so parents should learn carefully to choose an appropriate gashapon toys for our children. Toys for children are precious things, because they absolutely love them and all day revolves around that toy.

Confused about what toys to buy for your baby?

Wondering where to buy something for the baby toys to suit

Therefore, parents should buy their children suitable toys that not only help children have fun but also stimulate their brains as well as their development. But in the midst of today’s diverse children’s toy market, the question of what toys to buy for your baby really makes people wonder.

They still don’t understand what children of that age need and want. So they don’t know which gashapon toys to buy are appropriate and useful. Such as:

Benefits of gashapon toys

Babies from 4-8 months old will love toys that make sounds, or have bright colors because at that time they need to be trained in their senses. For example, a toy music box, or a colorful ball, etc.

Toddlers from 11 months to 18 months will love toys that can move. For example: trolleys, trailers, etc.

Babies from 18 months old up to 3 years old are the age to explore and develop intellectually. So you can choose for your baby gashapon toys of all shapes, or alphabets and numbers to help children practice and develop.

In short, you should know what your child at that age needs, likes to play with toys. If so, when buying toys for your child, you will no longer think about what toys to buy for your baby?

Where to buy gashapon toys?

In addition, choosing where to buy toys is equally important. After you have found the answer to the question of what toys to buy for your baby, next you find the stores that sell quality and reputable children’s toys.

Toy games for children’s development are very important. The gashapon toys are made from plastic materials to ensure safety for children’s health. So what has it done for the health of the children, let’s find out.

Toy games for children’s development

Toy games for your child’s development that you don’t know. As for plastic toys, they are derived from rubber or polymer. These are toxic materials if washed into the human digestive system.

We often see that children have a habit of sucking on gashapon toys or sucking their thumbs. These actions will greatly affect the health of young children.

The reason is when children use plastic toys. Plastic toys are easy to get dirty, so when children have touched the toy and then put it in their mouth. A series of symptoms of an allergy can cause a bad condition in the baby’s digestive system.

Which material we use in gashapon toys?

As for the gashapon toys, they are made from natural plastic. The process of making toys also does not use chemicals. Therefore, for the habit of sucking, sucking on children’s hands will minimize bacteria and harmful substances from entering the body.


Therefore, choosing toy games for children’s development has become the choice trend of many parents.

Where to provide gashapon toys for children?

5sookids provides toy games for children’s development that many customers choose and trust. We have built our brand and reputation over the years.

Up to now, this unit has accompanied with entertainment centers and schools in providing safe toys for children’s health. These products have been tested for safety, so customers are assured when using the

Smart toys for 2-3 years old baby not only entertain and play, but also stimulate brain, creativity as well as learn about the world around, extremely useful and interesting. However, we should pay attention to the quality of toys regardless of whether they are smart toys or casual toys.
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How should parents buy gashapon toys for 2-3 year olds?

Because toys are objects that come into contact with children a lot, the choice of toys should be given the same priority and attention as other issues.

Choosing gashapon toys for 2-3 year olds will help a lot for brain development as well as understanding everything around. We will introduce you to smart toys suitable for children from 2 to 3 years old.

This is the age when your baby loves to learn and explore, so you can choose for your baby:

Plasticen A-shaped shelves, on which there are many funny animal shapes, not only stimulate the baby’s brain but also the baby’s reflexes.

Smart toys for 2-3 year olds are extremely beautiful.

Or plasticen airplane toys for babies are also a pretty unique and appropriate idea; the planes produced by us are very unique and beautiful.

Plasticen alphabet toy is also one of the smart toys for 2-3 years old baby. Children can learn more numbers while having fun or parents’ guide and teach their children to learn through it.

And there are many more gashapon toys for 2-3 year olds that we would like to send to you. In addition, we also have smart toys for children of all ages, including over 5 years old. Just contact we, the staff will advise you on toys suitable for your baby’s age.

Balloons contaminated with toxic substances

Young balloons love to play, but the balloons are made of latex, with many other toxic additives such as colorants, sulfur, etc. In order for the balloons to be pumped with hydrogen gas, there are many potential risks to children’s health. Therefore, children should not come into contact with hydrogen gas cylinders, or hold and blow.

Devil masks make children see the wrong way

Do not buy horror toys for children, because demon masks, mushy, bald heads, listless hair… it’s easy to be insensitive to pain. Mostly using batteries, rechargeable electricity makes children lazy, inactive, and lacking in thinking and reflexes

. Girls playing horror toys will have a negative effect on aesthetics, such as girls who like to wear witch clothes, strange hats…