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5 Useful Glowing Sticky Wall Balls Games for Toddlers

Glowing Sticky Wall Balls
Educational games for children: Playing is fun – and it makes you smart

Playing with glowing sticky wall balls is a great pastime – and not just for children. Adults also enjoy high-quality, well-made games. Children have a natural instinct to play anyway, they can also deal with the simplest things and, thanks to their imagination, come up with scenarios and thus create their own little world.

However, if you would like to additionally support and encourage the development of your children, you will find numerous educational games that expand your children’s knowledge, cognitive and social skills.

There are plenty of useful e glowing sticky wall balls games even for toddlers

Even in toddler age, there are plenty of games to be found that serve motor and cognitive development. It starts at the age of 2 with various memory games. As parents, we often have to experience that the little ones are clearly superior to us when it comes to memory.

Nevertheless, playing together is a lot of fun for young and old. At this age in particular, you can make a positive contribution to the development of your kids with high-quality educational games.

Tip: It is precisely the small experiences of success in the various glowing sticky wall balls games that encourage your kids to have fun. This also supports the joy of playing together and the respective learning effect occurs as if by it.

Recommended for ages 4 and up: Numbers, arithmetic and letter games

This continues at the age of 4 with the first little number and arithmetic games. Also letters Games belong to the rich assortment of educational games for children. It depends on what your child enjoys more. Because with all learning, the focus should of course be on having fun.

Some children prefer glowing sticky wall balls games, while reading and letter games are more fun for others. The positive learning effect certainly also depends on whether your children enjoy the game in question.

Tip: The interests of your children should always be taken into account!

Glowing sticky wall balls games for on the go

Going on vacation and also doing something meaningful – this is possible with high-quality educational games. This includes, for example, the game HABA Magnetic Game – Box Letters 305049. Here you get a magnetic game in which different magnetic puzzle pieces have to be assigned to various motifs.

The metal storage box is also the playing field and the glowing sticky wall balls game pieces make the game ideal for traveling. It is suitable for children from the age of 5 and is a playful way of getting to know letters for the first time.

Tip: Your kids will be happy if you offer them something to do on the go. With meaningful development games, you can also expand your cognitive skills.

Fun and glowing sticky wall balls games with a learning effect

Another exciting and funny game is glowing sticky wall balls. This is about recognizing quantities of numbers and also being able to react quickly. This game is suitable for ages 6 and up. However, it is also available in a variant for smaller children. It is also suitable for the smaller kids. In any case, very special fun is guaranteed here.

As the children’s game of the year in 2012, we started the race. This great and exciting game invites you to work in a team. It is equipped with a speaking compass that leads through the ghost castle.

The aim is for the players to cooperate and find the Hubi ghost through tactical thinking. In this way, your kids learn to work together in a team and tactical thinking is supported and encouraged in a playful way in addition to cooperation. Snaps Hubi is suitable for children aged 4-6 years.

Different Types of glowing sticky wall balls


The logic pirates invite different age groups to play along. The different game variants are located “under one roof” and so can be varied in between for the younger and older kids. Your children will have fun with this colorful and fun game for a long time.

It’s about glowing sticky wall balls gems that are collected. Whoever thinks and guesses best logically here will emerge as the winner in the end. Due to the different game variants, which can be adapted to the age of your children, this game is suitable for the age group of 5-10 years . This fun family game promotes logical thinking and concentration.

Glowing sticky wall balls games for older kids

The older children can of course also enjoy learning games that focus on fun. The game glowing sticky wall balls from the House of Tierra del Fuego deserves special mention. It not only appeals to nature lovers, but also to everyone who has a wide range of interests in our environment.

Flapping its wings conveys a great deal of specialist knowledge in the field of ornithology. The habitats and the special abilities of the most diverse bird species play a major role here. This game promotes strategic thinking and the ability to combine. In addition, your kids will acquire an enormous knowledge of 170 different bird species.

Best glowing sticky wall balls games for Early children

This game is suitable for the age group from 10 years. The combination of board and card games is also very appealing.

Glowing Sticky Wall Balls 2021

Tip: Playing afternoons together will help your kids develop their social skills and promote various other skills such as fine motor skills, logical thinking and concentration.

Support and glowing sticky wall balls games are an ideal way to address and promote the various abilities of your children. They combine fun with great learning effects and contribute to enjoyable hours with the whole family by playing afternoons together.

Tips for buying games

Educational games can be found in a wide variety of designs. Pay attention to your special requirements when shopping.

In the following points you will find the main points to pay attention to:

The age should match

Which skills should be promoted and supported? This involves, for example, motor skills, logical thinking, strategy, and concentration, the ability to work in a team, but also the ability to react and language skills.

Be aware of your children’s interests and glowing sticky wall balls preferences. Do your kids enjoy arithmetic or letter games more? Are you interested in plants and animals or in other areas?


With the above options for selecting educational games, we are introducing you to a small but very interesting part of the educational games and hopefully contribute to happy and exciting game afternoons with the family.