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How to Entice Kids with Vending Machine Toys

Enticing Kids with Vending Machine Toys

Have you ever heard of vending machine toys, or is the concept new to you? The idea may be new to many people, but it is not entirely unheard of. Putting toys in a vending machine is a great way to consolidate the business. It is because it intensifies the clamor regarding what you should and should not offer for sale. This is why a lot of manufacturers are trying to make vending machine toys.

You can sell a variety of toys in a vending machine, and the business is excellent too. All you need to do is develop different strategies to entice kids with toys in the vending machine. Want to know more about these toy vending machines and how to entice kids to them? Stay tuned then.

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A toy vending machine is a machine that dispenses toys to the users. These vending machines are also known as ‘Gashapon’ or ‘Gachapon.’ The words refer to both the machine and vending machine toys. But, what do the words exactly mean? Why are the vending machines and the toys referred to as these words?

Well, it is because when you crank the machine, it makes a sound that is somewhat similar to ‘gasha.’ A thud follows the sound, and then a toy emerges from the machine. When the toy appears from the machine, it makes a sound similar to ‘pon.’ This is why a toy vending machine and the toys in it are known as ‘Gashapon’ or ‘Gachapon.’

What Is The Cost of The Vending Machine Toys?

The main thing about these toys is that the collector does not know what they will get. This is what keeps them hooked and intrigued till the very end. Each vending machine has a different theme as well. The cost of vending machine toys varies. It all depends upon how much the collector is actually willing to pay. Most of the collectors of the toys are kids. So, they cannot pay much for a vending machine toy. This is why most of the toys that a vending machine offers do not cost more than $10. But, many toys cost more than $10 as well.

How to Use a Toy Vending Machine?

Using a toy vending machine is almost as similar and simple as using a gumball machine. You do not need large bills and credit cards to use the machine. The credit cards are not even accepted at a vending machine anyway. All you need to do is insert the coins into the machine. You need to keep inserting the coins until it reaches the value listed on the toy vending machine. Once you have inserted the listed number of coins, you need to twist the machine’s crank. You will get one of the vending machine toys from the vending machine. So, this makes using a toy vending machine quite simple.

What Makes a Toy Vending Machine So Popular?

Many things make a toy vending machine so popular among both the kids and the adults. Want to know more about them? Keep reading then.

1.     Simple to Use

One of the main reasons that a toy vending machine is so popular among kids is that it is pretty simple to use it. You do not need to pay large bills or use a credit card to pay at a vending machine. We doubt that a vending even machine accepts a credit card! All you need to do is insert the coins into the machine, and it will dispense the toy to you. Great, isn’t it?

2.     Affordable

Different vending machines charge differently for the toys they dispense. It all depends upon how much the user is actually willing to pay. While some vending machines can dispense toys that cost up to $100, most of them charge a very affordable price. This is why they are so familiar among the kids.

3.     The Element of Surprise

There is always an element of surprise while you are using a toy vending machine. You will never know which toy out of all the vending machine toys you are going to get. This is what keeps the children hooked to these machines, and they keep returning for more.

4.     Plenty of Collectibles

Some toy vending machines dispense the toys in parts. The children keep coming for more until they have collected all the parts of the toys. Not only this, but the children can even make their own customized toy with the help of the different parts that come out of a toy wending machine.

How to Entice Kids with Vending Machine Toys?

There is no denying the fact that a toy vending machine is trendy among kids. This makes it a highly competitive product too. If you want the kids to use your vending machine, you need to entice them with vending machine toys. So, how can you attract kids to toy vending machines? We have listed some ideas for you below. Please keep reading to find out more about them.

1.     Make Your Toy Vending Machine Attractive

One of the most essential techniques you need to use is making your toy vending machine as attractive as possible. You can add some bright colors to the machine or even paint some characters on it. It is because kids are drawn to brighter colors.  So, when you use bright colors, it will surely catch a lot of kids’ attention.

2.     Take the Assistance of Technology

Technology has evolved a lot these days. To stay in the competition, you need to keep up with the latest technology as well. So, if you want to entice kids to your toy vending machine, you need to take the assistance of the technology as well. For example, you can incorporate a touchscreen in your vending machine to play music videos and animations that will draw kids to the machine.

3.     Introduce New Toys and Characters

Kids love surprises, and a toy vending machine is full of them! This is one of the reasons that they keep returning to a vending machine. They never really know what they are going to get. You can take advantage of this factor and introduce some new toys and characters for the kids. To keep them more intrigued, you can even name the toys and characters.

4.     Offer Customized Toys

Another thing that you can do is offer customized toys to the kids. This will bring out their creative side. What’s more, they will use your vending machine more to get more customized toys.

5.     Keep the Cost Low

Kids mostly use a toy vending machine. The kids do not have a large amount of money with them. So, if you want to draw in more kids to your vending machine, you need to keep the cost of your vending machine toys minimal. When the toys are of low cost, more and more kids will be attracted to your toy vending machine.


Final Wordsvending machine toys

If you want to entice kids with your vending machine toys, you need to offer them something that others do not. So, you can follow some of the strategies that we mentioned above. When you follow these strategies, your toy vending machine will surely stand out among others.

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