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How to make sticky balls less sticky? Ultimate Guide 2022

How to make sticky balls less sticky? Buying too many sticky balls toys for your baby can become a financial burden for parents. However, we can still make cute sticky balls toys for babies at home without spending any money. Discover ideas and how to make sticky balls toys for babies at home with Qimeng sticky balls toys right here!

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Sticky balls toys with music or eye-catching colors will help children be more creative. Besides, parents can buy a walker with music for their baby in the toddler stage to develop the baby’s brain from the first year of life.

1. Why Parents Should Make Sticky balls toys For Children At Home?

1.1. Handmade sticky balls toys are safer for babies

How to make sticky balls less sticky? Currently, there are many types of smuggled sticky balls toys containing harmful substances such as: organic TVOC, preservatives, aromatic amines, phthalates… These substances affect the nervous and respiratory systems of children when exposed to them touch.

Most children like sticky balls toys such as: blowing bubbles, groups of cotton sticky balls toys, dolls, plastic beads that expand in water, sticky balls toys made of rubber, etc. These sticky balls toys have catchy colors eye, the price is cheap.

However, they contain a lot of colorants, latex and especially often sulfur, Phthalate that causes cancer and affects children’s hormones. Sulfur affects people’s health very badly, especially children.

How to make sticky balls less sticky?

DIY sticky balls toys are made from materials available in the house such as: waste paper, rags, wood, cardboard such as dolls, teddy bears, flowerpots, old clothes… Mom can be completely assured. when letting your baby have fun because they are all safe materials for babies. Dad can use empty milk cans to make a baby walker with milk cartons.

1.2. Perfecting the child’s personality and attaching family affection

How to make sticky balls less sticky? Busy life makes parents hardly have much time to play with their children. Making handmade items is the work of parents and children working together to make an item.

It requires you and the child to be very careful and meticulous in how to do it. Making handmade items helps parents bond with their children more, fully enjoying their own moments with their children. This makes the child feel close to his parents, making the family bond stronger.

1.3. Environmental Protection

Plastic sticky balls toys are often difficult to decompose and release many harmful substances to the environment. While handmade sticky balls toys can be decomposed easily. Handmade sticky balls toys are usually wood, paper, etc., which are easy to decompose.

Therefore, in many families, parents often spend time making math sticky balls toys for preschool children to have moments of relaxation with them as well as teach them how to protect the environment.

1.4. How to make sticky balls less sticky: Cost savings

How to make sticky balls less sticky? Usually, genuine baby sticky balls toys are quite expensive because they are imported from abroad. Every year, it can cost nearly tens of millions of dollars to buy your baby fancy and unique sticky balls toys.

Not to mention the fact that parents buy the wrong sticky balls toys of unknown origin, poor quality, containing a lot of toxic substances, which are widely sold on the sidewalks every day. Therefore, parents should spend their free time on weekends to make sticky balls toys with their children, train children’s thinking ability, and increase creativity.

2. Suggested 5 Ways to DIY Baby Sticky balls toys at Home

Making sticky balls toys with used materials helps children increase their creativity from familiar materials. At the same time help the whole family keeps the beautiful memories together!

2.1. DIY shaking drums

Required tools:

  • Glue Guns
  • Colored tape
  • Multi-colored wood grain
  • Empty round box
  • Wood stick
  • Wool ropes

How to make sticky balls less sticky: DIy Method

1: Drill a hole into the empty box and then thread the stick in place with a glue gun.

2: Drill both sides of the box and then thread the wood beads into the fixed wire on both sides.

Step 3: Use sticky tape to decorate the drum surface and drum stick.

DIY musical sticky balls toys for babies

2.2. Sticky balls toys that help children recognize colors

Required tools:

– Colorful fabric or colored paper

– Ice cream

– Glue


1: Cut fabric or paper into different shapes: square, rectangle, triangle, ..

2: Stick them on the ice cream sticks

3: Write the names of the colors on the ice cream stick

How to make sticky balls less sticky? Every time the baby plays, the mother just needs to teach the baby to recognize the color, and then ask the baby again, gradually the baby will remember quickly.

Make fabric sticky balls toys for babies at home

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2.3. DIY jigsaw puzzle

Required tools:

– 10-15 wooden ice cream sticks

– Glue

– Paper with pictures of animals or favorite pictures of children


Step 1: Arrange the ice cream sticks and fix them with glue.

Step 2: You can draw or paste images of existing geometric blocks on it.

3: Take the scissors to cut the ice cream sticks separately and reverse their positions.

Step 4: Play by asking the child to put them in the original shape.

Making math sticky balls toys for preschoolers

2.4. Leaping Dog Sticky balls toys

Required tools:

Multi-colored sticky balls

Coloring paint: Use a spray bottle to paint a layer of color according to your child’s preferences. Using spray paint will help the paint surface smooth.

Newborns at the stage of 0-1 months old, at this time their eyesight has not fully developed, they can only perceive nearby objects and contrasting colors such as white, black, and red. So you just need to give them sticky ball toys according to their age. Moreover you must learn how to make sticky balls less sticky first.