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How to make sticky rice balls? 5 Best Sticky Ball Games

How to make sticky rice balls
How to make sticky rice balls?
 If at the age of 1, the baby’s brain begins to be able to absorb the objects they see. Then at the age of 2, the child’s brain is more active to learn and absorb new things. At this stage, in order to choose the right toy for the baby, parents need to understand how the baby changes.

Sticky Rice Balls Toys for 2 years old baby

Choose toys that are appropriate for your child’s age

Language development

Children at 2 years old begin to speak short words. At that time parents can practice more for their children to say simple sentences in daily life. Parents can develop their speaking ability with toys for 2-year-olds.

How to make sticky rice balls? This method is very effective, both helping children learn to speak and recognize everything around them more quickly.

Intellectual development with sticky rice ball

With 2-year-olds, when the brain is still working continuously to develop, different information. It will be constantly connected to be able to understand what is going on.

To stimulate the child’s brain development, parents should choose for their children ball puzzles, ball puzzles or other toys to avoid boredom for the baby. It will be very helpful if parents spend a little time to play with the baby.

Cognitive development

How to make sticky rice balls? At the age of 2, the baby no longer has random actions, but can now perceive and chain actions together. Children imitate very quickly, the ability to learn and follow the actions that they learn also very fast. These actions will be repeated by the baby to deal with everyday situations.

Sticky Rice Ball Motor system development

Children at this age are often curious, always love to explore and learn everything around. So many times you will see your baby climbing, naughty and sometimes sitting and focusing on something. Sometimes you will find it quite difficult to follow and watch your baby.

At that time, the things your baby does are very beneficial for the development of the motor system, parents. Toys for 2-year-olds to develop motor systems parents can choose such as strollers, walkers…

Visual development

Babies can also distinguish different colors and shapes at this age. Parents should work hard to teach and answer to children the objects and colors that they are curious about.

10+ types of smart toys for 2-year-old children to develop their brains

Knowing that the 2-year-old stage is quite an important milestone both physically and mentally, you should not regret not choosing smart toys for your child’s intellectual development.

How to make sticky rice balls? There are thousands of different toy models on the market, but the following 2-year-old children’s toys are worth choosing for your baby.

Ball toys for 2 year olds

Playing ball is a favorite toy of many boys. When the child is 2 years old, the game kicks ball with a simple version of football and basketball for children to enjoy. Playing ball not only helps children practice effective hand-foot-eye coordination, but also helps them eat more deliciously after each play.

Toys for 2 years old baby

Colorful ball toys for 2 years old baby

Parents should play directly with their children to guide them to throw the ball, kick the ball and guide them on how to put the ball into the golf course. This is one of the toys for a 2-year-old boy that helps him increase his motor skills very effectively.

Story books for 2 year olds

Comic books for 2-year-olds are also loved by children because they love hearing their parents tell stories every day. Besides being able to read stories many times to your baby, your baby can also see funny pictures from the book, thereby developing the synthesis of senses.

How to make sticky rice balls 2022

This is also one of the smart toys for 2-year-olds to help parents get closer to their children and create a habit of reading from a young age.

Rice Toy ball for 2 years old baby

Toy balls with different shapes and colors are very effective in helping children visualize objects; recognize colors as well as vehicles outside.

Toys for 2 years old baby

Toy ball is a toy for 2-year-old children to develop intellectually. The toy ball has a strong attraction to children, especially boys. Parents can choose to buy toy balls for their 2-year-old boy such as fire trucks, ambulances, police balls, ballgo trucks, etc.

Toy set of 4 clowns for 2-year-old children to develop intellectually

Set of 4 clowns toys for 2-year-olds is balanced design, made entirely of high-quality solid wood to create excitement for children. The clowns arrange by wooden circles from largest to smallest.

This game requires the children to arrange the wooden circles of the corresponding weight, evenly arranged on both sides to balance, otherwise they will deflect.

Toys for 2 years old baby

How to make sticky rice balls? Toy set of 4 clowns for brain development. That’s why this toy helps stimulate children’s judgment, ingenuity and high thinking to divide the following objects for balance.

5-column toy set for 2-year-olds

The 5-column toy set is made of beautiful natural wood and is covered with high-grade paint that is safe for children with simple ball rules, but children need to flexibly handle their brains to create pillars. true and beautiful.

This set of intellectual toys for 2-year-olds with different colors helps children distinguish geometric shapes, names and colors to arrange on wooden poles accordingly.

In the middle of the five pillars, there are 5 staggered piles, to match the geometric details into the column, the children have to explore to solve the problem by themselves. In addition, it also helps the baby to flexibly handle between hands, eyes and brain thanks to the obstacles on each pillar.

Besides, it also increases the ability to recognize colors, shapes and helps children learn patience and discrimination.

Rice Ball puzzle of 6 animals for 2-year-olds

One of the most popular smart toys for 2-year-olds today. The 6 animal’s ball board is made entirely of thick, durable and long-lasting plywood material, beautiful and delicate colors will be a very meaningful gift that parents can give to their beloved children. me.

Set of 6 colorful animals ball puzzle

Through the toy, the baby develops “fine” motor skills of the hand through rotating and trying the puzzle pieces in the right position, the ability to think critically and recognize the colors of animals.

How to make sticky rice balls?  Each set comes with a convenient tin box included. When the children finish playing, it is very good to leave the puzzle pieces around. So parents should guide them to put the puzzle pieces in the box after playing, both neat and practice their self-discipline to put away their things after use.