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How to make stress ball stress? Best Games to Play within 2022

How to make stress ball stress
How to make stress ball stress?
  With the arrival of the end of the year, school holidays and the period of recess in companies, in general, we all also have a good opportunity to spend more time with family. For children, these moments are crucial to strengthen bonds, create good memories and have fun playing with parents, other relatives and friends.

To make the most of this time in a playful way, we have prepared some suggestions for stress ball stress ball games that can be carried out with little preparation, in different places and situations, which are common to happen at the end of the year. Check it out below:

Outdoor stress ball stress

Whether on the patio, on the beach, in the countryside, or wherever you have an open space – even better if it is in the midst of nature –, playing outdoors is synonymous with freedom and movement for children. Take advantage of the good weather to propose activities that move the body and that are fun and captivating. See our suggestions:

How to make stress ball stress?

This stress ball game was certainly part of the memories of many parents. The stress ball game consists of first choosing a “master”, who will give orders to the other participants, who will have to comply with them, or else they will be disqualified.

When the chosen person says “the master sent…”, after the order, the others will have to obey immediately. You can order things like crouch, stand on one foot for a minute, dance, run, stand like a statue, and whatever else the GM creates at the moment. In addition to being fun, this stress ball game helps in quick thinking and attention of the little ones.

Treasure hunt with stress ball game

In this stress ball game, it is necessary to hide somewhere a “treasure” that is of interest to children, and give clues for them to find it. The fun is more in the search and twists along the way before discovering the prize.

To make the stress ball game more interesting, invent a mysterious narrative that can involve pirates, kings, princesses, aliens, among others, and give interconnected clues that will lead to the goal. Watch the little ones get in the mood; they’ll probably feel engaged and head straight into the search!

Water bladder with stress ball

How to make stress ball stress?  In summer, any activity that involves water is more than welcome. For a refreshing activity, how about filling rubber balloons with water and proposing a “balloon war”?

How to make stress ball stress 2022

You can also fill a thinner bladder with plenty of water and pass it from hand to hand like a real “bomb” that can burst at any time. Make teams, create rules and join in the fun!

Hide and seek

This stress ball game is one of the best known for all generations. One person is responsible for counting to 10 while the others hide. While the catcher is looking, the others can head to the place where the count was made to save themselves.

Whoever gets caught first or last will be the next to look. The advantage of performing this stress ball game in an outdoor space is to provide the exploration of space and the discovery of the best hiding places.

Soap bubbles

How to make stress ball stress?  Playing with soap bubbles is fun for any age. You can mix soap and water at home to blow bubbles with a circle wire, although ready-to-bubble products are also good. See if children have any allergies to soap or to the components of the formulas on the packaging.

Enjoy sunny days outdoors to make big bubbles with various colors reflected by the light! Children will be delighted!

How to make stress ball stress toys at home?

Even those who choose not to leave the house can have a lot of fun. Indoors, it is also possible to play stress ball stress ball games and enjoy the days off with the children. Look what you can do:

Wireless phone

This stress ball game is a classic, and it is successful with several generations that know it, being very easy to do. Place the participants in a circle, and one person will start the stress ball game by whispering a word in the ear of the next person, clockwise or counterclockwise.

How to make stress ball stress?  This participant will pass the word on, always speaking quietly in the ear of the next colleague. Whoever stays last will see the word they heard say, which will probably have nothing to do with the original word. It’s possible for everyone to laugh a lot!

Pose contest

How about using cell phone technology for an active and fun stress ball game? All you need is a device with a working camera. You can download a card of drawings with body positions as a suggestion that children will have to imitate when posing for photos.

How to make stress ball stress?  It is worth discovering very funny and unusual poses. Whoever manages to be more faithful to the original reference wins. Most likely it will be a super fun day with lots of laughs!

Balance challenge of stress balls


This is a stress ball game to give good moments of relaxation, and that can involve adults and children of different ages. Sticky ball balance challenge consists of a set of pieces of different sizes and colors that can be stacked freely. Whoever drops all the pieces loses.

Balance Challenge is a great stress ball game for kids and adults

Assembling complex circuits that make a path in space is something children see a lot in drawings and videos on the internet. But how about doing it at home?

Qimeng has a collection of stress ball and sticky balls toys. It’s limitless fun!

Where to buy stress balls in China?

How about encouraging the little ones to exercise the creation and assembly of new objects? In addition to being fun, this can be a good exercise to awaken basic knowledge of manual work, engineering, mechanics, etc. Qimeng stress ball collection offers a variety of sticky balls and stress balls!

Try putting together something and asking those who are together to guess what it is or suggest a theme for everyone to build something from it.