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How to Pick the Best Dog Squeeze Toy for your Pet

Picking the Best Dog Squeeze Toy For Your Pet

For pets like dogs, toys are a necessity in many ways. Several kinds of pet toys are available on the market, intended for the well-being of the pets. A dog squeeze toy is one of such toys that you can buy for your lovely pet dog. But apart from being important in terms of well-being, these toys also serve other purposes. For instance, a squeeze toy help dogs deal with boredom when you are outside the home. These toys also offer comfort to the dogs when they are feeling nervous. Additionally, toys also assist in preventing dogs from developing specific problematic behaviors.

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Why Invest in a Dog Squeeze Toy?

Playing with toys or even with any object is always fun for almost all dogs. They want to roll these toys in their paws, which seems like a fun activity. Therefore, whatever object that they can grab in their paws would act like their toy. For that reason, you need to make sure that your dog is playing with a safe toy, like a dog squeeze toy.

Monitoring the playtime of your dog helps you prevent unscheduled activities that may produce harm to your pet. Squeeze toys are safe, and your dog will love playing with these toys. However, there are also a few other toys available that you can consider for your pet dog.

Safety Should Be the Priority

As said before, your dogs would play with almost anything that they find interesting. Several factors affect the danger or safety of toys. Many of these factors depend on the size of your dog, preferences, and activity level. Another consideration before buying a dog squeeze toy or something else is the dog’s environment where they spend time. However, we cannot guarantee any specific pet toy’s safety, but here are the guidelines that can help you reduce the chances.

1. Dog-Proof Your House

Naturally, dogs find anything dangerous as an attraction and start playing with them. Therefore, you must dog-proof your house by removing any dangerous items. Those items include strings, rubber bands, ribbons, pantyhose, children’s toys, and other indigestible items that can swallow.

2. Size of Toy

You must buy an appropriate size dog squeeze toy for your dog. A toy can easily swallow or lodge in the throat of your dog if it is too small. Usually, dog toys are made considering this critical point, but you still need to make sure that the toy you are buying has an appropriate size.

3. Supervise the Play

Naturally, a dog wants to destroy the squeaking source of any squeaky toy. It means that your dog may ingest the squeaky source of the toy if you do not supervise the play.

4. Buy Dog-Proof Toys Only

Remember that low-quality dog toys are also available in the market at cheap rates. Therefore, you must make sure that the dog squeeze toy you are buying is a dog-proof toy. If there are any strings, eyes, ribbons, or other chewable parts, remove them. If a toy is torn or shatters into pieces you must discard it. Look at the pet toy label and make sure it is safe for children less than three years old.

Also, make sure that the toy does not contain dangerous fillings. Therefore, you must ensure that the fillings should not include polystyrene beads and nutshells. Keep in mind that a soft toy should never be indestructible, but you can find high-quality toys durable than others. You can machine wash your soft toys.

Recommended Toys for Your Pet Dog

There is a wide variety of toys you can buy for your pet dog. They fall under different categories so you can choose one as per your needs. Here are the different types of dog toys you can buy:

1. Active Toys

A hard rubber toy, like Kong and Nylabone-type products, is available in several sizes and shapes. These toys are fun for carrying around and chewing. Dogs find these toys very interesting by chewing on the toy texture, woven toys, and rope which comes in the shape of a bone with tied ends. Another type of active toy is a tennis ball that is perfect for fetching. However, these tennis balls are not great when it comes to chewing. Discard the chewed tennis balls because they have choking hazards for the pets.

2. Comforting Toys

A soft-stuffed toy can be great for multiple reasons. However, these toys are not suitable for all pet dogs. A dog squeeze toy is a type of comforting toy. Some dogs find it great to carry around these soft toys. If you find out that your dog is taking the toy like a companion, choose the toy that has an appropriate size to carry. Some dogs like to kill or shake their toys. You should choose large toys for such dogs to avoid accidental swallowing. The toy must be highly durable to resist attacks of the dog.

3. Distraction Toys

You can keep your dog or puppy busy for many hours with a Kong-type toy, especially the one that is filled with broken treats. If your dog likes peanut butter, ensure that it isn’t xylitol-sweetened. Xylitol is poisonous for dogs. Treats-filled toys like a feeder or busy-box are the big rubber-shaped distraction toys for dogs. Dogs use their paws, mouth, and nose to move cubes around as a fun activity. These toys are great to keep your dog busy playing when you are not around your dog.

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There are different types of dog toys in the market, including a dog squeeze toy. However, not all toys are suitable for all dogs. Before you buy any dog toy, you should assess the interests of your dog. Try to analyze whether your dog is interested in chewing, catching, moving around things. It would help you know the best type of dog toy for your pet. Once you know the appropriate kind of toy, make sure that the toy doesn’t contain any harmful fillings. It is equally important to buy high-quality toys only because these sturdy toys come with an extended lifespan.

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