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How to play with vent ball: (7 Proven Benefits of toy balls)

Toy Market Forecast 2019-2020

How many vent balls does your child have? How many of them does he really play with? These are questions that every parent – who wants their child not only to have a childhood, but also a healthy adult life – should ask themselves. It is common to see children giving more value to having a toy than to being able to play with it. Do you observe this behavior?

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What is the toy market forecast?

n 2019, for example, the toy market closed at R $ 7.290 billion, more than 6% above the revenue of 2018, which was R $ 6.871 billion – a year that had already exceeded the previous one by almost 8%, according to the association.

According to ABRINQ’s annual statistics, the seasonality of sales in 2019 remained similar to previous years, concentrated at 57% in the months of July to November. Sales on Children’s Day and Christmas account for 65% of the annual movement.

Purchasing intention of vent ball

As for the intention of shopping this year, according to a survey conducted by Social Miner – a company that combines consumption data, technology and humanization for website optimization – in partnership with Opinion Box, 62% of the people who answered the survey will celebrate the date , and of those, 40% will give as gifts.

Also according to the survey, some categories stand out for shopping preference: toys, 58%, clothes, 35% and video games representing 23%.

Follow the article to find out what is really important for the child: the toy or the game. Also learn about some actions that parents should encourage ensuring happier and emotionally healthy children!

But, after all, is the vent ball toy more important than play or not?

The vent ball toy is no more important than play. There are products developed especially for children that help make the act of playing more educational.

A memory game, for example, is important to stimulate the cognitive development of the little ones. Dolls, houses and slides are also interesting gifts to give to children. But it is necessary to teach them to value each new toy won.

Playing is essential for your child’s development. It helps to stimulate creativity, coexistence with other children and physical skills. Even the idea that losing is part of life is an important teaching that can come from playing. The toy is an accessory that helps to make these games more interesting and even more educational, but it is not his main focus.


Vent ball an alternative against other entertainment mediums

Seeing so many toys in television advertisements, in shop windows and even at friends’ homes can stimulate a consumerist feeling in children. How can this be observed? When the child asks for a vent ball toy a lot, giving the impression that his happiness depends on winning the product.

The parents, wanting to see their son happy, give the toy as a gift to the little one – who is extremely happy for a short period of time. Soon, she leaves the gift aside and wants a new toy that she doesn’t have.

This is quite common behavior in today’s little ones. It is up to the parents not to encourage this consumerism.

Teach your child to play and value each toy

Often, the child does not give due importance to the game itself because it does not know how to play. One of the reasons for this is that, in the agenda full of commitments stipulated by parents, there is no time for games – so important for healthy development.

Thus, toys lose an important part of their meaning. They stay in their boxes and have no opportunity to contribute to the child’s development as they could. Reverse this chart: show your child the value of each gift earned.

Remember to leave free hours on the agenda so that he learns to play and discover the games that can be played with each slide, game or cart won. Play together when necessary and let him discover that play is more important than play.

Does your child know that vent ball toy is more important than play? Share your opinion on the subject in the comments!

7 ideas for using vent ball in early childhood education

Ball can be great allies in early childhood education. With them, it is easier to hold the children’s attention, making the class participatory, fun and dynamic. On the other hand, students also benefit from playful classes. Everything becomes easier to assimilate and the imagination flows.

The interesting thing is that they can adapt and transfer different messages. Just choose the right puppet for the focus of the lesson and the message to be given.

For example, those of animals help to know the fauna and those of people to know the degree of kinship. There are also professions, which make the child better understand the work of the mother, father and other professionals.

How to use vent ball in the classroom?

1 – Telling stories

One of the advantages of the dolls is to bring the stories you read to the little ones to life. It is possible to use a children’s book and adapt, so that the characters are represented by the ball.

2 – Case counters

In addition to participating in theaters, the vent ball can be a storyteller. It is much easier to catch the attention of the little ones if the doll speaks to them. If the story is of nature, for example, you can put an alligator, a monkey or another animal to tell. Certainly students will love it.

3 – Singing songs

When introducing music into children’s lives, you can use the puppet to sing with them. Everything becomes more fun if a puppet sings along instead of just the teacher. It is good to attract attention and help the imagination of the little ones to flow.

4 – Teaching concepts via vent ball

It is also possible to use ball when teaching a new concept, such as kinship or even throwing paper in the trash. If the puppet “Chico” does not throw anything on the floor, it is easier for students to follow this rule.

5 – Telling the story itself

In addition to presenting books, it is necessary to encourage children to create stories. In some classes, allow them to use the ball for this. You can divide the room into small groups and offer ball for the children, so they can set up a playhouse or use the dolls to communicate.

vent ball

6 – Healthy eating

Vent ball can even be used to teach healthy eating. A carrot that talks and talks about how important it is to health can be convincing in explaining that you need to eat vegetables. The same goes for vegetable or fruit ball, which can be used in the classroom.

7 – Food production

This same ball can serve to teach children how food is produced. Explaining that the carrot is planted and is underground, for example, can be much easier if the carrot itself counts.