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TPE / TPR, a new environmental protection material, is a new favorite of plastic industry. The excellent plasticity of TPE provides designers with ample space to let your new products lead the trend, enhance the added value of products, and enhance market advantages. Due to the popularity of consumers, the application of dual materials has become a major trend in product design in recent years. International famous brands have never tried to use shell molds in their products, and used in high-end hand tool grips, toys, automobiles and motorcycles. Accessories and electronic products are covered with a layer of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that feels comfortable, making its products more contemporary and developing towards a high-priced route. Safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free (in line with REACH, ROHS, FDA, ASTM and EN71 specifications).
In recent years, the development of industrial materials has not only achieved high performance, refinement and specialization of products, but also conformed to the trend of high efficiency, energy saving and green environmental protection. qimeng TPE material can meet your requirements in this regard. TPE has gradually replaced the polyvinyl chloride PVC material that has been imported in European countries in recent years with its non-toxic, low pollution, and recyclable performance. International famous brands have also risen due to environmental awareness. , Gradually changing its products from the original PVC or traditional rubber products to TPE materials, making TPE enter a stage of rapid development in various industrial fields.

Processing advantages of TPE:

1) It can be processed by general plastic processing methods-injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, compression molding, etc.

2) Short forming cycle, no need for vulcanization and vulcanization operations.

3) The surface texture and physical properties of the material can be changed by blending with different formulas, and suitable materials can be formulated for different applications.

4) The waste material overflow of the products during the processing can be recycled to reduce the production cost, which is more environmentally friendly.

Technological process:

Senior technical expert team: With a group of senior thermoplastic elastomer experts, the company has a strong technical background. You can rest assured to leave it to us to help your business to a higher level!

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