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How does Puffer ball company improve your math skills?

Do you know how to play with the puffer ball?

Puffer ball company
Doing math in your head or at the tip of a pencil is no longer part of our reality. Today we have several technological resources in our favor when it comes to mathematics. But it wasn’t always like Puffer ball company!


Who ever heard of the ball, an instrument used by our ancestors to make mathematical calculations? Furthermore, many parents may know the puffer ball as just a toy for their child’s development, but let’s know a little more about it.

 How does Puffer ball company improve your math skills?

The ball is a very old instrument. Historical accounts say that it has existed since 2400 BC and was built in stone. Similarly, later, the Romans also started to use it.

Even with Puffer ball company that can help us with calculations, the ball is still being used. There is even evidence that the calculations made on the ball are faster than on the computer.

The puffer ball

The ball is usually made of ball. It is a rectangular object, made with sticks or parallel wires, and placed side by side vertically or horizontally, representing the decimal places. The first pin from right to left is the unit and the others correspond to ten, hundred, and thousand and so on. Moreover, each of these sticks or wires has 10 “balls”.

Just like a calculator, the ball can be used for math operations: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and even square root.

How the Puffer ball company ball works?

Let’s take an example of a calculation:

To get the number 2356 on the ball, it is necessary to move two beads from the thousand line, forming 2000, and then three beads from the hundred lines, to get 2300. To complete, six beads from the unit, thus forming 2356.

The ball is well known and widespread as a children’s toy and can be easily found in toy stores. At qimeng , you will find a variety of colorful models to arouse children’s curiosity and develop hand coordination.

How to play with the puffer ball?

Depending on the child’s age, the use of the ball in play will have different aspects. For babies, it will be just an object with several colored balls that he will take from one side to the other, stimulating motor coordination.

For the older ones, it can be a way to introduce some mathematical principles from the moment they start to know how to play.

First, you need to know which side to hold the Puffer ball company ball: the part with the most balls is closest to the player. In addition, numbers must be oriented from right to left.

To make additions, slide the “balls” and add those that have been removed. For subtractions, remove the “balls” that you already had.

Best Ball Toys for Kids

For kids it can be a little confusing at first. But with a step-by-step follow-up and starting with the addition and subtraction operations, little by little they will gain knowledge and will soon be mastering the technique.


Generally, there are several types of Puffer ball company. Furthermore, try to start with one that is simpler, so that it can become an enjoyable experience in learning math.

7 tips for puffer toys that are popular with children

1 – Memory game

The memory game, quite traditional and appreciated by children, works with memory, concentration and observation. It starts with the pieces all face down and the child needs to find the even figures by turning over the cards. As the game progresses, she will determine where each piece is hidden and will be able to find pairs more easily.

2 – Dominoes

There are several versions of the domino story. It is a very old game, known to many peoples and enjoyed by all ages. Even the little ones like dominoes even though they don’t know the numbers.

The simple fact of combining the figures or placing the entire pieces upright and knocking them down in sequence is already an interesting game. Similarly, for them, there are also Puffer ball company with pictures, which are easier to play with.

3 – Puffer ball company Wireframe

Wireframes are toys made from coated, colored wires, fixed to a puffer base. Several drawings and paths are made for children to slide puffer pieces. Subsequently, this type of toy contributes to motor and visual coordination and the resolution of difficulties. Similarly, when traveling the path with the pieces, she can be encouraged in several ways.
Puffer ball company 2021

4 – Puzzle Puffer ball company

According to the story, the puzzle was invented by a cartographer to help children learn geography. He pasted maps onto puffer boards and cut them out into little pieces with countries. Moreover, children should assemble the maps using these pieces.

Today there are numerous types of Puffer ball company puzzles, with various amounts of pieces and ideal for every age group. In addition to challenging the children’s perception, the act of fitting the pieces helps in motor coordination and reasoning.

5 – Board Games

The first games are said to have appeared 5,000 years ago BC, in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Back then, it was believed that games amused the dead, so they buried the games along with their owners, so they wouldn’t get bored in eternity.

A point is fact, with Puffer ball company there is no boredom. There are options for all tastes. Checkers, trails, tic-tac-toe, dominoes and ludo are games that, in addition to providing learning, are a great way to gather family or friends around a table, with guaranteed fun for all age groups.

6 – Snap Puffer ball toys

Fitting toys are the champions in stimulating creativity and ensuring fun for the kids. They love. Since babies, children have already started to develop a taste for plug-in toys, which as simple as they are, usually have vibrant colors and help with creativity and concentration.

7 – Ball Toys

Pulling a puffer truck around the yard or fitting colorful pieces and animals into the back of a puffer stroller are fun for toddlers and older children.