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Qimeng Toys vs Gashapon Toys

Qimeng toys is a Chinese company established in 2003. It professionally manufactures TPE water polo, TRE, and TPU bouncing ball toys. Moreover, the main products of Qimeng toys are bouncy balls, doll toys, window stickers, decompression balls, and venting balls. Gashapon toys, on the other hand, belong to Japan. They have toys for all ages.

The capsule toys by Qimeng are quite prevalent, and their popularity is expanding day by day. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Besides capsule toys, Qimeng also has growing capsule toys. Their stress toys also have a huge market.

With a monthly supply of over 900,000, Qimeng toys stand high in the toy manufacturing market.

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Capsule Toys & Grow Capsule toys by Qimeng:

Qimeng has been winning the hearts of buyers by providing quality stress toys. Grow capsule toys and other capsule toys have added cherry to the top and made it a significant retailer of these toys also.

The grow toys doubles in size when put in water and excites kids with vibrant colors and recognizable shapes.

These toys are made up of high-quality material.

What do Qimeng Capsule Toys have?

The Qimeng capsule toys have keychains, mini furniture, animal figurines, and pouches. They have become a Chinese souvenir. Besides doing wonders in the toy market, both Qimeng and Gashapon are setting the technological invention benchmark. The capsule toys by Gashapon are endearing the toy business globally. They come in various shapes, colors and designs. However, the cheap pricing stands above all.

Qimeng is also adopting the trend of Gashapon Toys. They have also included a section of capsule toys.

Gashapon is machine selling capsule toys profoundly known for their low price. They have trinkets and toys ranging from pouches, miniature furniture, food keychains to figurines. Moreover, Gashapon is considered as one of the addictive kinds of entertainment. They are popular for all ages and are widely found in Japan.

Qimeng Toys VS Gashapon Toys:

Qimeng belongs to China whereas, Gashapon is a Japanese brand. Though Gashapon toys brought the trend of capsule toys but Qimeng is taking the legacy to China. Both the companies have their own competency and are working great in their fields.

Different Origins:

Qimeng is a Chinese company whereas, Gashapon belongs to Japan. Both companies are equally famous in their area of the market.

Variety of Toys:

Qimeng toys mainly include window stickers, doll toys, decompression balls, venting balls, and bouncy balls. They have a variety of stress-relieving toys that can relax your nerves.

  • Stress Ball Toys:

Stress ball toys glow in the dark and are equally entertaining for kids and adults. They are also good for decorative purposes.

  • Bouncy Ball:

These soccer perception bouncy balls have water and glitter inside. They are made up of TPU.

  • Sticky Splat Ball Toys:

These are ceiling sticky wall balls and are adorable for decorative purposes also.

  • Stress Keychain Toys:

The stress keychains include:

  • Personalized TPR soft lizards.
  • Soft banana stress ball fashion mobile straps.
  • Customized shape promotional mountain pepper squeeze fish keychain.
  • Color cute squishy grapes.
  • Pumpkin anti-stress light-up keychain.
  • Sushi squeeze toys cartoon keychains.
  • Stretchy Toys:

The stretchy toys are also available at Qimeng toys; they are also stress-relieving toys. Further, they are available in various shapes.

  • Beads Ball Toys:

Beads balls are also stress-relieving toys with gel inside. They are squishy and made up of TRP non-toxic material.

  • Spiky Ball Toy:

A spiky ball is a customized toy with soft spikes. They are made up of high-quality material and are available in multiple colors.

  • Puffer Ball Toy:

Puffer ball toy is a hairy toy with a squishy texture. They are available in multiple colors.

  • YoYo Ball Toys:

YoYo balls are China’s best-selling plastic squeeze ball flashing with water inside.

Gashapon is profoundly known for its tiny capsule toys, including food keychains, pouches, miniature furniture, and figurines. They also have anime, animals, and other miniatures in capsule toys.


Qimeng has more stress toys which are equally interesting for kids and adults. On the other hand, Gashapon toys are mostly vending machine dispensed toys, and you have to look for Gashapon vending station to buy one. Both the manufacturers supply toys for whole selling in bulks.

Qimeng toys offer you customized toys and have a variety of them. You can order them through the website, on-call, or leaving a query on the page.

What makes Qimeng and Gashapon toys so famous?

Qimeng is famous for its stress toys whereas, Gashapon is known for its vending machine toys. The popularity of both companies is increasing day by day. Qimeng toys have adopted the culture of capsule toys.

Where to get Gashapon?

Gashapon machines are like a gumball machines. They are displayed almost in and outside every mall, station, grocery store, airports, video game arcades, and anywhere possible. These machines simple to use, but if you can’t read Japanese, you will need some guidance. Each machine has a picture of the series displayed, but you never know which character would you get.

How to Use Gashapon Machine?

After choosing your favorite series machine:

  1. Find the coin slot and insert the coin. The price range may vary from 200-400 yen depending on the merchandise; after inserting the coin, turn the handle in the given direction.
  2. Turn it until you get the toy.
  3. Grab your toy in the plastic case.
  4. Remove the tape and see what’s inside.

The process of vending toy out of vending machine excites the buyer and also provoke them to experience the same excitement again.

Japanese Gasha Business:

The featured toys of Gasha are equally famous in kids and adults. The Gasha industry of Japan is bigger than the stuff toy industry. According to Japan’s toys industry, 3% of the domestic sale of toys came from Gasha Gasha in 2016. They are considered as elaborated art more than toys and are much loved by people. Moreover, foreigners take them as souvenirs from Japan. Qimeng appreciates their journey and we know how long it takes to make an empire.

What is Common Among Qimeng and Gashapon Toys?

The similarity between Qimeng and Gashapon toys is capsule toys. Though the inside material is different, the concept of the capsule is analogous. The surprise element behind the capsule toys is what excites kids most. Gashapon toys are considered addiction as people keep trying unless they complete their favorite series.

gashapon capsule toys

Final Verdict:

Gashapon toys and Qimeng have a huge market. They both have good quality toys. Qimeng has also introduced capsule toys to take the legacy of capsule toys from Japan to China. Moreover, there is no comparison as they both have made their mark in the market by providing quality toys. Qimeng loves Gasha gasha by Gashapon. We are also fond of their collectibles and their journey is quite inspiring to us. Qimeng toys have all the stress-relieving toys that can be your best companion in your free time. We would love to congratulate Gashapon toys on making the capsule toys reach every bit and corner of Japan.