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7 safety rules to use Squishy Ball toy for Infants

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Squishy Ball

Playing with squishy ball is the most common way for children to engage in social activities. It is a conscious and voluntary activity, permeated by the imagination. It can teach countless types of skills and lessons.

When a child plays make-believe, he participates in a story, lives a new character and learns more from him. In addition, some games can help you to develop motor coordination as well.

That is, playing is essential for the child to develop fully. It’s not just for fun – although fun is an important component of anyone’s life. Children who have time and space to play are happier and healthier. So, nothing better than a toy library!

What is a squishy ball playroom?

Squishy ball Playrooms are places specially designed for children to play. They are playgrounds, rooms or even parts of rooms that contain toys of all shapes, wooden, plastic, electronic, board, in short, everything that can amuse and entertain children.

Many still add children’s books and artistic materials, such as papers, paints and colored pencils for childr4en to create their works of art.

These corners are simple to create, because they only need limited space, toys and furniture. The most important thing is that whoever prepares it, think about the children’s needs. Put a good rug – or a mat – colorful shelves to stimulate the imagination, chests to store toys, and keep everything within reach of children.

This is their place, after all! This will show them that the environment was thought out with care and children will feel more welcome and happy.

Why is it important to have squishy ball room?

When we grow up, we let the imagination lose its importance in our life. After all, being too creative is child’s play! But playfulness is something essential to human beings, because it is from it that we create our limits, skills and critical sense.

When a child plays with squishy ball, he creates responsibilities, learns to deal with situations and develops his personality with the other children who participate in the game. And break home with new friends!

Why there are varieties of toys for each child age?

It is important to remember that this does not only apply to young children. Children of all ages, from pre-school to elementary school, must play a lot. What changes is the type of play; 10 year olds will no longer want to fit blocks, but they will undoubtedly love storytelling, playing board games and playing sports.

Carnival is one of the most traditional parties in the country. It stops everything for 5 days of partying, joy, costumes and so much glitter. But for moms and dads, Carnival with children can be synonymous with a headache.

The traffic to travel, the streets closed because of the Carnival blocks, the excessive noise, the lack of routine … All this discourages many parents when making plans for the celebration.

But, we will help you in this mission so that the whole family enjoys the liveliest party in the country!

Get ready to write it down and start thinking about your fantasies.

1. Choose the look to spend the Carnival with children squishy ball

The fantasy is one of the party’s flagships, but before venturing out in the thematic, trinkets and heavy furnishings, think about comfort. This goes for both children and parents.

Synthetic fabrics that overheat, tulles that tend to tingle, and sandals that are not suitable for spending the whole day should stay out of the Carnival wardrobe.

Prioritize cotton clothes, more loose and comfortable pieces, and that little shoe that the child loves and, if left, would even sleep with it. Excessive accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and headdresses should also follow the same line of comfort and lightness.

For fathers and mothers, the same tips are valid. However, it is good to think twice about the squishy ball bag you are going to take to the party. Prefer a cross backpack or a pouch.  And don’t forget sunscreen and sunglasses for the whole family!

2. The menu of the day should always be at hand

Regardless of where the party is going to happen, on the street or somewhere closed, have some options of delicacies at hand. Choose, of course, the child’s favorites, but they also have a good caloric, nutritious value and are easy to eat anywhere. Some of our squishy ball tips are:

  • Salty crackers.
  • Firmer pieces of fruit, such as apples and tangerines.
  • Bars of natural fruits, like bananas and chestnuts.
  • Baby food.
  • Pieces of cheese and nuts.
  • Mini sandwiches.
  • Salty potato or sweet potato snacks.

Remember to store everything in a way that does not damage the quality of the food. Also ensure a good (and large) bottle of water to help with hydration and heat!

Squishy Ball 2021

3. Safety is the rule for squishy ball Carnival with children

When choosing the event, it is good that you feel safe with it, know the place or even have already gone once. Combining the tour with a group of friends or other parents also helps to calm your heart and mind.

But, as all care is little and we know that children can get out of our sight, bet on identification methods. Moreover, it can be a colored bracelet that has the name of the child, the guardians and the contact phone number. It can be a squishy ball badge with the same information. Similarly, it is important that it is very colorful and, preferably, waterproof.

  1. Respect the limit of small

Carnival can be a very fun event but also very stressful. Especially for very young children who do not yet have a complete understanding of what is happening.

So it is important to respect their time and routine. If you get sleepy, or tiredness comes with those classic irritated faces, you better go. For children to understand and have fun, it is crucial that they feel comfortable in the environment and know that they are not obliged to be there.

Also avoid being too close to the speakers and in crowded environments. Prefer a quieter spot where children can dance to music and play freely, without that leap in the heart of not being able to see them.

5. Program well to enjoy squishy ball Carnival with children

Usually the street blocks are announced some time in advance, as are the parties. Take advantage of this timing and make sure everything is prepared so you don’t miss out!

Already agree with everyone, make your support network, decide the time and place of meeting. If the party takes place in a wooded place, such as a garden or a square, don’t forget to take the sarong to sit and rest whenever necessary!

6. Take something to entertain the kids

More than the party itself, it is good to have something to keep the little ones busy. Like mother-in-law, streamer and confetti languages!

When choosing which product to take, give preference to biodegradables, because, as the children will be throwing it up, it is important to choose a product that does not affect the environment so much. They are usually a little more expensive than non-biodegradable ones, but it is worth the investment.

7. Things worth avoiding with squishy ball

It’s good to get away from some pranks that, at first, have everything to be good but can turn into a headache.

  • Avoid painting or makeup children: paints can be allergic, itch and start to melt in excess heat. So, for costumes, prefer props that are not so invasive and do not present so many risks to children.
  • Watch out for balloons and bladders: Squishy ball can burst, hurt the little one’s eye or worse, the child ingests a piece. Prefer other types of carnival accessories, such as our tip of biodegradable confetti.