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What are the safe stress toys for children? Practical Guide

How to choose the right toys for children?

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Package inspection

Before buying a children’s stress toy, you need to check if it has packaging. Thus, you can count on the fact that the product was protected from contamination during transportation and sale. If the toy does not have packaging, consider:

  • How long it is on the shelf of the store;
  • How many hands has she been in;
  • Moreover, how much dust has accumulated on it during this time?

If in the store you got a doll or a car without packaging and you cannot change it for a packaged copy, then upon arrival home, immediately wash it with soap and hot water.

Stress toy Labeling Rules

Safe stress toy for children are always labeled. Responsible manufacturers place clear, indelible and easily readable information on the packaging.

If the marking is partially erased, illegible and written in a foreign language, then the product has not passed certification. This indicates its poor quality. You don’t have to talk about products that have no marking at all.

Dimensions of the toy

The size of the toy is a parameter that also requires attention from the parents. Medical statistics can explain this. Practically every day, doctors have to remove small parts of constructors, accessories for dolls, and parts of cars from the stomach, nose and ears of children.

Therefore, the younger the child, the larger the toy should be. It should not contain parts that the baby can swallow or that can get into his respiratory tract.

Always Read the Age Limit when Buying Stress Toys

As a rule, manufacturers indicate an age limit on the stress toy packaging. However, parents often ignore the information, believing that their baby has certainly grown up to this colorful mosaic. No matter how much they want to drive the child into frames and templates, they need to buy constructors and collapsible toys in accordance with the age group.

Paint quality stress toy

A quality children’s toy should have factory paint. As a rule, in this case, the manufacturer relies on international quality standards. Factory paint better withstands the effects of sharp children’s teeth and tenacious marigolds. If the product is painted in the wrong way, then the child will easily peel off the surface layer or he will begin to wear off over time. If the manufacturer used low quality materials, then if they get on the mucous membrane or in the stomach, they can provoke a burn or poisoning.

Toys for young children should not be covered with painting, even if it is made in the national style. This is especially true for toys and rattles for newborns.

Helpful hints before buying stress toy

When you come to a children’s store, you should not take the first stress toy that comes across. First of all, parents need to:

  1. Evaluate each product for cracks, scuffs, irregularities, chips, small details. Even the smallest defect can indicate poor product quality and should be questionable.
  2. If possible, check the firmness of the wheels on the car, eyes and small parts on the soft toy, hair and clothes on the doll. So you can understand if the child can unscrew them on their own.
  3. Assess the weight and strength of newborn rattles and bath toys. They must be cast, factory painted, and not contain removable parts.

 Smell the product

If it emits an unpleasant chemical odor, then it is made of low-quality material.

Check seams and locks

Teddy bears and soft dolls should not have threads sticking out; filler should not show through the seams. Otherwise, all this may end up in the baby’s stomach.

Evaluate the quality and sound power of musical toys

Multi-colored pianos, guitars and drums should be nicely colored. The sound level they make should be appropriate for the age of the child.

Water-based materials are good as they are recognized as the most environmentally friendly and harmless. Even if, in a creative impulse, a child decorates furniture and other surfaces with them, we can wash them off with plain water.

Safe stress toy for children is easy to find in in almost any store. All that is required of parents is to use common sense and not ignore generally accepted standards.


The level of physical and psycho-emotional development of a child at 5 years old directly depends on what he plays with. Correctly selected toys help kids not only have fun, but also learn the necessary skills faster. What subjects and manuals are optimal for children who are on the threshold of senior preschool age, we will tell you below.

Features of the development of children at 5 years old

Thinking about what to give a stress toy to a five-year-old kid, adults often give preference to expensive, fashionable, electronics stuffed items. They will certainly delight the child, but often, after taking his attention for a couple of hours, they move to the shelf, replenishing the collection of unnecessary things.

So that your efforts are not in vain, when choosing toys, it is important to take into account the characteristics of a given age. At 5 years old children:

All the skills acquired by the age of 5 have not yet been worked out to perfection, so boys and girls still need toys not only for entertainment, but also for further development.

Toys for children 5 years old

Each five-year-old should have a variety of toys: developing physical fitness, mental abilities, teaching the norms of behavior in society, the necessary skills.

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For outdoor games

Physical activity is essential for any baby. This is the right way to improve health, train dexterity, coordination of movements, and speed of reaction. To make outdoor activities more fun, you can:

  • bicycle;
  • scooter;
  • roller Skates;
  • soccer, volleyball;
  • boomerang or flying saucer;
  • kite;
  • Sledges, cheesecake, snow scooter.

These items are suitable for organizing games in the yard, dacha, and playground. However, kids need to actively move not only on the street, but also at home. After all, the best rest for a child is a change of occupation, and the weather is not always conducive to walking. For active indoor games, you can choose:

  • sports mini-complex;
  • jumper ball;
  • darts;
  • bowling;
  • Hula Hup.


Having released the accumulated stress, having received a charge of vivacity, children will be happy to do more calm things with stress toy.