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12 Best squeeze eye toy Games to Play in 2021

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How to guarantee fun on days of rain, cold, boredom and even laziness? Well, to try to help fathers and mothers on this mission, we have prepared a list of 12squeeze eye toy games to play indoors. Check out our tips for entertaining kids and having fun!

1. Sensory Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting, already quite traditional, can be much more fun in a very simple way: with sensory objects. First, choose a few different textures such as smooth, rough, velvety, soft, soft or hard. Then ask the little one to run around the house and find the objects with those characteristics.


In this way, you use the environment around you to play with squeeze eye toy and also teach about observation. For older children, a stopwatch can make the game even more exciting!

2. Storytelling

A tip to enjoy family moments is storytelling. For this you can choose your little one’s favorite book or little one, for example. Another suggestion is to invent your own story together!

In any case, the important thing is not to be afraid or ashamed to gesture, mime and even sing. Create voices for the different characters and also use puppets or objects to represent them. Thus, you enchant the children and make the game much more engaging!

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3. Stop squeeze eye toy!

Also known as adore, the squeeze eye toy stop is a classic that will make you remember your childhood days! For this you need blank sheets, pencils or pens. And for the game to be really cool, it takes at least three people. If the class is lively, several hours of fun and learning are guaranteed!

However, it is important to remember that, in order to play stop, children already need to know how to read and write.

4. Homemade dough

Play with play squeeze eye toy dough is always great for children, isn’t it? And making your own play dough at home makes the game even better! If you were interested, we tell you how to make your homemade dough. It’s a great suggestion to play on holidays or on weekends!

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5. Strike with squeeze eye toy!

How about creating your own bowling alley? If you like the idea, you will need six to ten plastic bottles, rolls of cardboard or even cardboard. To hit the pins, you can use a sock ball, tennis ball or your pet’s squeeze eye toy.

With all the materials in hand, just organize the improvised pegs in the shape of a pyramid and find a place to make the track. And ready! This is one of the most fun games to play indoors!

6. Tug of war on pillows with squeeze eye toy

To play tug of war at home, use some soft, rounded base such as pillows or pillows. Then just use a rope. The idea is simple: whoever leaves the base first loses!

But be careful not to get hurt! When properly used, the tug of war encourages agility and endurance as well, making it a very fun game for adults and children alike.

7. Cart lane squeeze eye toy

To create your own cart track, spread a piece of paper across the floor of the house and secure it with duct tape. Then, together with the child, draw the squeeze eye toy with chalk or crayons. And it doesn’t stop there: you can also draw the parks, houses and other details of the city, making the drawing even richer!

But what if you don’t have a big enough role? No problem! You can use masking tape to draw the track straight onto the floor. What about?

  1. Painting without dirt

Painting without getting dirty seems impossible… But it isn’t! To be able to accomplish this task, buy a plastic bag that can be sealed, such as those bags with airtight closures. Then fill it with paint. But don’t overdo it, so it doesn’t leak! Then, seal the bag and tape its sides to cardboard or even the floor.

That way, when you run your fingers around the outside of the bag filled with ink, your little one will make amazing drawings. And without an iota of mess! To make the game even cooler, you can make your own homemade paint.

9. Cordless phone eye toy

Another classic of games, the cordless phone is made with two aluminum cans. Once emptied and cleaned, you need to make a hole in the bottom of each can and discard its lids. Now, to finish, the cans will be connected by a string, passed through the hole in their bases. Ready!

This squeeze eye toy game is also a great opportunity to teach children how corded phones work! Take the time to show images, for example, and explain how people used to communicate in the past.

  1. Shape fitting

To create your own shape-fitting game, draw squares, triangles, circles, rectangles, and many other shapes on cardstock. For this, you can use colored pens, for example. Or, you can draw the shapes on the floor and tape them together.

Then cut out colored papers with the same drawn shapes. It is important that they are the same size. So, your little one can play at fitting in!

11. Cabin for squeeze eye toy

Playing the squeeze eye toy cabin in the living room or bedroom is a lot of fun! A tip, to get away from the chairs and that pile of blankets to make the cabin, is to use a cardboard box as support. That way, you can use the blankets to tuck them inside, making the cabin cozier.

That way, you can even let the little ones and little ones sleep in the cabin! And why not mend the fun at a sleepover?

12. Reading corner

Speaking of building a hut for the children, how about using this space to turn it into a reading corner? To ensure there is room for adults and children, you will need to mount it a little higher. Plus, you can put pillows for your little one to lean against while reading!

This is a great way to live the best stories with children and create unforgettable memories. And if you like it, you can even leave the reading corner permanently!