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20 Squishy Squeeze Toy Games to Play in 2021

We’ve talked several times here on squishy squeeze toy about the importance of interaction for the development of babies. Whether through music, stories, affection or games, interacting with the little one helps them to develop more fully and healthily, in addition to strengthening the bond of affection between you.
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Babies are seeds. It’s up to us to prepare the soil to flourish its potential

However, when playing with the little ones, parents may be in doubt about what and how to do it. That’s why we’ve put together 20 ideas for squishy squeeze toy games to do with your baby! Check out:

1. Grimaces squishy squeeze toy

Babies love to watch faces and expressions. Your little one is sure to love seeing your mouth, eyes and hands in different movements. Even if he doesn’t show great reactions, such as laughing, he’ll be entertained watching.

Did you know that babies’ view is different from ours?

  1. Plays with the voice

At times, play with your voice, making voices thicker and thinner, speaking faster or slower, and imitating animal sounds.

3. Spin, jump and dance

Holding the squishy squeeze toy, you can rotate, dance, jump and sway your body. Do this by listening to different songs, alternating slower and faster movements. Your little one will love the sensations these movements provide. Just be careful to always let the baby’s spine and neck rest in your arms.

  1. Hide and seek

You know the traditional joke of “Where? He thought!”? Yeah, she’s always a hit! Hide your face with your hands or with a cloth and amuse the little one. If the baby doesn’t get angry, you can also play hide his little face. In addition to having fun, your child will learn that when something disappears, it doesn’t mean it ceases to exist.

5. Finger play with squishy squeeze toy

Another traditional and very simple squishy squeeze toy game: pretend that your fingers are little ants and go “walking” around the baby’s body. The giggles are guaranteed!

  1. Flasher

Blink your eyes, closing and opening at different speeds. Babies love to watch the movements and over time will try to imitate.

  1. Scroll

Lie down beside the baby on the bed or on a comforter and encourage movement by rolling over or placing him on his stomach. Squeeze the mattress so your body hops, as if on a trampoline. He will love it!

8. Puppet Theater Squeeze Toy

Use puppets or even the little one’s toys to talk, sing and interact with him. Babies have fun watching toys come to life.

Puppet squeeze toy theater: a great way to have fun with your little one

  1. Mimicry

Miming is another fun form of interaction. The baby will find it funny to see the parents move differently.

  1. Stories


Make faces and different voices as you tell the stories to your little one. Leafing through children’s books with large, beautiful illustrations will also amuse you, in addition to stimulating the reading habit and strengthening the bond between you.

11. Cabins and tunnels squishy squeeze toy

When baby learns to crawl, he will start exploring the house and furniture will become toys. Join the squishy squeeze toy game by building cabins and tunnels for you to enter and go under. Sheets, blankets, chairs and sofas will help!

  1. Toy Hunt

This is a game that, in addition to being fun, helps to strengthen the little one’s leg muscles. Have the baby sit on one end of the sofa and have the toy on the other so that he can try to pick it up. If the baby is on the floor, he will try to reach you and the toy by climbing onto the couch.

  1. Obstacles

Place pillows and pillows on top of a comforter and let your baby roll back and forth, exploring the heights and obstacles the objects provide. Prefer to do this on the floor—not on the bed—so you can play more relaxed, without worrying about the baby falling over.

  1. Saw, saw, saw…

Invest in all the games your parents played with you as a child! Remember the “saw, saw, saw…”? This one in particular, due to the movements and the song, is one of the favorites of the little ones!

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15. Soap bubbles with squishy squeeze toy

Children are fascinated by squishy squeeze toy soap bubbles, so it’s a great way to play with them. Keep making the balls next to your child so that he can move to pick them up.

  1. Songs and songs

Take advantage of the little one’s first words to stimulate musicalization, singing circle songs with melodies and lyrics that are easy to memorize.

  1. Shadow Theater

At bedtime, play shadows on the wall, forming images of a dog, bunny and other animals. In the end, your baby will be trying to do too!

  1. Inked stamps

Put paper on the floor, paint the little one’s feet and hands and let him stamp the papers. In addition to being fun, this activity makes for beautiful memories! Psychologist also gives a non-toxic tip: use grated beets and carrots and let your baby explore them at will! If you put it in your mouth, even better!

19. Seesaw with squishy squeeze toy

Lie down on the floor or sofa, bend your legs and place the little one on top, making seesaw movements. The butterflies in his stomach will be the best for him.

  1. Scratches and scribbles

Release paints and brushes and let your child paint you! Yes, back, arms and legs can be great places for children’s doodles. Just make sure the used material comes off easily with soap and water.


Squishy squeeze toys are very attractive to little ones and small ones. Something that seems so simple, After all, this sensory play encourages motor and cognitive development, reasoning and imagination. Thinking about it, how about making your own modeling clay at home?