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Sticky ball toy manufacturer: Best Smart Toy Games for 1 Year Child

Sticky ball toy manufacturer
Sticky ball toy manufacturer
 is a must-have toy for babies. Children lie down and observe toys hanging from the crib to help stimulate vision and increase concentration. Very beneficial for the intellectual development of the child later.

Smart sticky ball game for 1 year old baby

Baby crib hanging toys are very diverse with many different designs. The following tips will help you easily choose the best toy for your child:

The first priority is to choose black and white images, checkers, wavy shapes, etc. Because these are the pictures and colors that stimulate the 0-3 month old baby the most.

Crib sticky ball toy manufacturer

Then comes the colorful crib hanging toys, with many cute shapes. Mothers should carefully choose suitable hanging products such as birds, clouds, moon and stars… Do not choose walking animals such as elephants, tigers, buffaloes… to hang in the air because it will not be true to reality.

It comes from fabric, soft cotton, safe for baby’s sensitive skin.  Hanging at baby’s eye level 20-40cm for 0-3 months, 3-6 months from 40-60cm.

What parents should install for sticky ball toys in home?

Mothers should buy hangers from the moment the baby is born Because around 6 months or so, the baby turns over, rolls, learns to crawl, … will no longer lie still and watch much.

Please refer to the beautiful visual stimulation crib hanging models, for sure, with music included in sticky ball toy manufacturer Shop! In addition to hanging cribs, the shop also has wall decals, zigzag cards, cloth paintings to stimulate children’s vision, etc. Suitable for different space conditions of each family. Parents contact Mother Viet shop for a free consultation. Click here to contact.

Reference samples mother cradle hanging pretty sure, accompanied to music at this . These dishes usually range normal.

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Sensation sticky ball toy manufacturer

Referring to sticky ball toy manufacturer for babies under 1 year old, it is impossible not to mention sensory balls. Sensitive touch is the condition that helps the baby’s brain develops outstanding intelligence.

The balls are designed to have:

  • The surface is rough, smooth, concave, sharp, …
  • Plastic material is safe for babies.
  • Bright colors, attract baby’s attention.

Specifically, visual development: recognizing and distinguishing colors, different glossy surfaces. Enhanced tactile: children feel the ball big, small, rough, convex, vertical, horizontal, etc. In terms of hearing, some balls can also make a little chirping sound.

Buy from famous sticky ball toy manufacturer

These balls are in direct contact with the skin, namely the baby’s hands, mouth, chin, forehead. Therefore, mothers need to carefully choose safe toy materials for babies. There are mothers who buy cheap balls, have an unpleasant plastic smell, and do not dare to let their children play.

It is best to choose a set of balls from famous sticky ball toy manufacturer. The ball is both safe and has no strange smell, so you can rest assured for your child to play.

The smaller the baby toys, the more quality and safety must be put first.

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Musical Carpet with sticky ball toy

The day I was born, the plastic A-shaped shelf was very popular. And now there are more options. Mothers can choose a music carpet as a gift for their newborn baby.

Smart game for 1 year old baby

This toy usually includes a mat for the child to lie on. An arc hangs toys that play music, have flashing lights or rings for holding hands.

Sticky ball toy manufacturer 2021

After breastfeeding and burping thoroughly, your baby is ready to lie on the music mat. You can observe animals, listen to pleasant sounds. And especially, please encourage your child to reach for the bracelets in front of him.

Best sticky ball toy game for children

Children 2-3 months old have begun to develop the ability to grasp. Holding the dice and rattles is the simplest way to learn how to adjust the force of your hand. At the same time, when the pendulum swings, it will make funny sounds that attract children’s attention. For a variety of sound stimulation, you can let your child play with different types of dice.

To enhance the charm, you can contact sticky ball toy manufacturer.

Smart game for 1 year old baby


About vibrating drums, my experience is that children 6 months or more can shake strong enough to create sound. Buy dice, vibrating drums, pay attention to choose the one that fits your child’s hand.

Recently, many mothers are actively hunting for sticky ball toy with chewing gums. The set is quite complete for babies 0-18 months with 9 items: 2 stuffed animals – 6 dice – 1 chewing gum. This product comes from the world famous sticky ball toy manufacturer brand. Both affordable for moms and safe for children. Buy quickly without thinking mom!

Some games with dice for mom’s reference:

Mom shakes left and right so that I can turn to see and then switch sides.

Hold 2 dice with different sounds; shake 1 of the 2 to make a sound. Mom put it in front of me for me to choose which one just called. Stimulating children to focus on thinking and judgment is key.

Mother sang while shaking the dice like a “real” musical instrument. These simple games will train your baby to have a very good ear and sense of sound!

Children’s Sticky ball toys

Smart sticky ball toy manufacturer for babies under 1 year old also have very special toys. The sticky ball contains interesting knowledge and is a toy to play without getting bored.

Fabric book : sewn from fabric for children to freely hold, grasp, gnaw, toss and still play well Some toys also have flaps that open or rustle to the touch, which is very funny. The sticky ball is suitable for babies up to 3 years old.