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5 Games you can Play with Sticky Balls Fidget

Sticky Balls Fidget
They do exist – the absolute classics in the field of sticky balls fidget, which many still know from their childhood and which simply must not be forgotten. Even today everyone should know these balls fidgets. We introduce you to five of them. The history of balls fidgets goes back to the Middle Ages and beyond

6 sticky balls fidget themes:

The sticky balls fidget “Game of Life” is basically one of the oldest games ever, because its forerunner was played in America as early as 1861.

What is the “Game of Life” about?

The “game of life” is about playing through a whole life from graduation to retirement. In the end, only one person can win, and that is the one with the greatest fortune.

In the sticky balls fidget luck and skill are combined in a particularly entertaining way. During the exciting journey through half a lifetime, the players expect many unforeseen moments, which can be both positive and negative in nature. As in real life, every player has to make numerous decisions that can determine how things will go financially.

Is sticky balls fidget amusing?

Unfortunately, the material is a bit sensitive, so you have to be extremely careful when removing the individual parts. Compared to the older versions, the rules have been changed slightly in the newer editions.

However, the classic sticky balls fidget game from the 80s has lost none of its appeal, because it is still a lot of fun to have a real career and amass the money. Unfortunately, compared to older versions, the quality of the material was saved, which worsened the durability of the game. Nevertheless, our verdict is: belongs in every game collection!

Therapy sticky balls fidget

Therapy is a popular board game that can help people get to know each other better. The classic game, which was developed by the American Jay Title, is now available in stores as a completely revised version. We played and tested Therapy for you.

What is Therapy about?

Sticky balls fidget is about exploring the attitudes and traits of the other players. During this board game nothing remains hidden, because even the deepest abysses of the human soul are uncovered with Therapy. It’s about assessing the other players as precisely as possible in order to collect as many points as possible.

The characters of sticky balls fidget are shaped like a therapy couch, each with six slots for the small pens attached. Each pen stands for a certain phase of life; you win it if there are enough matches on the therapy fields on the game board. Either you are being treated yourself, or you have to prove your skills as a therapist.

How do we play sticky balls fidget?

In addition to the game board, the game contains two dice, six pawns, 132 therapy balls fidgets, 360 knowledge balls fidgets, 36 fantasy balls fidgets, a book with ink blots and 36 pens. A game round lasts about 90 minutes, the game is suitable for three to six players, ages 12 and up.

Enjoy with friends

Therapy is a fairly intimate game that involves answering numerous personal questions. You should therefore think carefully about who you want to play with, because you usually don’t want to open up to strangers in such a way.

Sticky Balls Fidget 2021

However, if you play with good acquaintances or friends, you can get to know each other much better and, under certain circumstances, deepen friendships. It may be possible to agree in advance that particularly spicy questions do not have to be answered.

sticky balls fidget Provides Stress Free game

You should be sure that the other players are not easily offended and understand enough fun. However, once you have played the game through more often, it could easily get a bit boring, as you can then almost memorize the knowledge questions.

Victory does not necessarily depend on your own ability, but also largely on the benevolence of the other players. Therapy is definitely not the ideal game for those who do not like being looked at in their sticky balls fidget. Otherwise it can loosen up a celebration and create a good mood.

Why do people like fidget games?

Most people are familiar with Trivial Pursuit, and it is not for nothing that it is one of the most popular balls fidgets in the world. If you take all German editions of the classic together, then more than 150,000 questions have already been published.

Since the game is played in groups, it is also ideal for a larger party company. Countless special editions have appeared that deal with certain topics. In this way, people who are only interested in one specialty are also addressed.

Long-Lasting Enjoyment with Kids

The multitude of questions ensures long-lasting fun, especially since you can’t remember all of the answers. So you can enjoy this entertaining board game for a long time, which also promotes general education. Certainly the rather high price discourages some game fans from purchasing the classic, but if you consider the high entertainment value, the price is quite justified.


Sticky balls fidget is a timeless knowledge quiz that will delight the masses for many years to come. The game fascinates young and old and there are sure to be a few more expansions and special editions on the market.

What is Cluedo about?

Cluedo is a classic detective game about solving a murder case. The setting is a house with nine rooms and a hallway, which is shown on a game board. The players now slip into the role of detectives who committed the murder of Dr. Black should clear up.

There are three questions to be clarified, because the investigators have to find out the weapon and the crime scene, and of course the perpetrator has to be arrested.

The game includes a game board, 24 suspicion balls fidgets, six guest balls fidgets, 24 plot balls fidgets, a notepad, six playing figures, two dice, nine weapons and a murder file. A game round lasts about 45 minutes, the game is designed for three to six players, ages nine and up.

Conclusion sticky balls fidget

Over the years, sticky balls fidget has lost none of its appeal; it is still a classic among balls fidgets and inspires game fans around the world from the age of nine. People have always been fascinated by solving various murder cases.

Many watch thrillers on television with great interest or prefer to read novels about them. It is now possible to slip into the role of a detective yourself and prove your skills in the field of criminology.