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How to choose sticky balls manufacturer according to your baby’s age?

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Sticky balls not only bring joy to young children but also show the care and love of parents. However, for the best development of children, parents need to know how to choose the right age-appropriate sticky balls for the baby. The following article from Qimeng will help you understand more about sticky balls manufacturer.

How to choose sticky balls for babies by age?

Children’s brains change at different stages of development. To have a good impact on a baby’s development, the right toy is one of the effective tools. Parents should pay attention to choosing toys for their children according to their age, especially today’s diverse imported sticky balls as follows:

Children under 9 months old

At this stage, children are easily attracted to sounds, so parents should buy sticky balls with funny sounds.

Children from 9 to 15 months old

This is the toddler stage; children’s toys such as walkers, moving toys are the most suitable.

Children from 15 months to 2 years old

At this stage, the baby has recognized many things around, can speak, sing, and dance. The most suitable toys for this age are sticky balls manufacturer.

Sticky balls manufacturer: Children from 2 to 3 years old

Children can distinguish colors, compare objects, perceive behavior, etc. Parents should choose sticky balls for children that are jigsaw toys, distinguish colors, ..

Children 3 – 4 years old

Sticky balls such as: puzzles, beads, numbers, letters, .. create a lot of fun for children.

Children 4-5 years old: Numbers, letters, pictures of animals, objects, stories with pictures, .. will help children develop better intelligence.

The experience of choosing sticky balls manufacturer is one of the important factors, helping parents educate their children to develop comprehensively both mentally and mentally. Therefore, you should be interested in learning how to choose the most suitable sticky balls for your baby before deciding to buy them.

Important notes when choosing sticky balls manufacturer

Besides the notes on how to choose the above sticky balls, we will share with you the secret to choosing the safest and best sticky balls for your baby because if unfortunately your baby plays with poor quality toys; will adversely affect the baby’s health such as paint poisoning, allergies, etc.

Therefore, when buying sticky balls from sticky balls manufacturer, mothers need to be very careful to choose safe toys for their children. Here are a few helpful tips for moms:

Best sticky balls for babies

Only choose sticky balls with light colors or natural colors of wood, less dyes. When choosing sticky balls for your baby, you should use a wet towel to check it, if the color causes a lot of towels, it means that the product has poor quality color coating technology; you should not buy it for your child.

Avoid buying sticky balls with thick varnish and strong odors. Such products easily cause children to suffer from respiratory diseases, asthma.

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Note about the brand: mothers should only choose toys for babies with reputable sticky balls manufacturer and clear origins.

The market of sticky balls for babies today is developing extremely diverse with all designs, sizes and materials. However, part of the current parents still tend to choose plastic baby toys than choosing sticky balls because consumer habits. So why are sticky balls always the perfect choice for your child? The following article will help answer these questions.

The reasons you should choose sticky balls for your baby

Many customers still have the habit of choosing plastic toys for their children because this is a long-standing product line with diverse designs and reasonable prices, but forget that today’s sticky balls not only satisfy Get all the advantages from plastic but also have additional outstanding features:

Sticky balls manufacturer is more durable than plastic toys. No matter how long it takes, the wood will still keep its shape.

Are sticky balls expensive?

Sticky balls for babies are expensive, but with branded products, they will be safe for children to use for a long time instead of having to buy many plastic toys over and over again, saving you money.

In terms of health, recycled plastic toys have more potential dangers, if not strictly controlled; they will be dangerous for babies.

Sticky balls originate from nature, so they are always safe for children to use. Sticky balls decompose quite quickly, so they are not harmful to the environment.

Depending on each child, parents should choose sticky balls according to the appropriate age , specifically:


For children from 3-9 months old, it means that at this time, the baby is in the stage of wanting to learn about things around. Therefore, you should choose sticky balls manufacturer that move and make funny sounds to attract the baby’s attention.

With babies from 9-15 months old is when babies start to walk

Therefore, for the best development of children, parents should choose smart sticky balls such as walkers, slow-moving wooden cars.

Children from 15 months to 2 years old are the time when they are learning to speak, they have learned to listen and understand people’s ideas. In addition, children can also recognize objects around.

Therefore, you should pay attention to sticky balls manufacturer to stimulate the child’s brain to develop better, such as wooden intellectual toys for jigsaw puzzles, blocks, and assembly.

You can learn many new things

Children from 2-3 years old can already learn and know new things around, distinguish colors, know what they are doing. Therefore, you should choose sticky balls for your baby such as assembling, jigsaw puzzles, stringing beads, etc.

For children from 3-4 years old, sticky balls for children such as models of vehicles and blocks are very suitable. This type of toy helps children learn quickly but also remember for a long time, increasing their ability to explore.


Children from 4-5 years old have begun to learn more from the things around them, and at the same time, they already know how to think and grasp things well, so you should choose intellectual sticky balls like children’s pictures.