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Can children play with sticky mini wall balls?

Mini wall balls- a special experience for your child

At the latest when your child’s first birthday is just around the corner, you as parents start thinking about which sticky mini wall balls might be the best for your child. The selection of toys is huge. Of course, the purchase price certainly also plays a role.

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Before you reach for a cheap plastic toy, however, there are a few things to consider. If you are now faced with the choice of buying a stacking tower made of plastic or one made of wood, then you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages against each other.

Why mini wall balls are to be favored?

Are you looking for long-lasting, high-quality sticky mini wall balls? Would you like to be able to use it for the next generation as well? Do you attach particular importance to sustainability? Would you like to promote fine motor skills as well as the imagination of your kids in particular? Then you should opt for a sticky toy.

Mini wall balls are made suitable for children and your child can play with them safely. It has no sharp edges and no loose particles or parts that could break off and injure your child.

Tip: sticky mini wall balls are also suitable for the youngest ones – pay attention to the age information.

Mini wall balls in natural colors but also colorful

When buying sticky toys, you have the option of buying them in natural colors, but there is also a large selection of mini wall balls in bright and cheerful colors. Your child will enjoy one as well as the other object. Wood is easy to touch and has a pleasant feel.

The colors are often used more discreetly than with plastic toys, but they still have a very nice effect. Make sure to check out the corresponding seal of approval when shopping.

High-quality mini wall balls are tested and manufactured with water-based paints that are free of harmful substances and that are also saliva-proof. Your child can then safely put the toy in their mouth and explore the shape and feel of this toy with their hands and mouth.

Sticky mini wall balls are not just for the little ones

You can get sticky mini wall balls for all ages. A marble run is built here which, when assembled correctly, makes a scale sound. Children love music and will have a lot of fun working with the sounding marble run.

The “ Brio Railway ” also makes children’s eyes shine. The “ Hape Tito pulling turtle ” is perfect for the slightly smaller kids . The small, bright green turtle encourages you to learn to walk, because it follows your offspring everywhere with a string. The joy of movement is encouraged and your child has fun looking at the rolling and spinning armor.

From the farm to the dollhouse to the puppet theater with dolls, there is an enormous range in the field of sticky mini wall balls toys. In this way, you can acquire particularly high-quality and durable toys for your child.

Tip: When shopping, look for the corresponding certificate for the colors.

Hygiene must always be a top priority!

The hygiene is currently playing in the children always a very important role. The sticky toy can also score here. According to current studies, the germ contamination of a toy made of plastic is said to be significantly higher than that of a toy made of wood.


In addition, certain types of wood even have antibacterial properties. Sticky mini wall balls can be cleaned quite easily with a damp cloth or with hot water and washing-up liquid. In this way, your child can play safely with the new toy – sufficient hygiene is ensured.

Tip: Mini wall balls must never be cleaned in the washing machine. A mild detergent is sufficient.

Do you value sustainability?

Climate change is an important issue and should also be taken into account when shopping for toys. High-quality mini wall balls usually come from sustainable production. Only wood from sustainable forestry is used for production.

To be on the safe side on this point, you should definitely pay attention to the corresponding FSC seal of approval. This guarantees you the environmentally friendly promotion of the raw material used, wood.

Sustainable sticky mini wall balls

Sustainability also includes the fact that, for example, the swing or the rocking horse, the rocking tower, the puzzle and the marble run made of wood are particularly durable.

Sticky mini wall balls are particularly robust and can therefore be passed on from generation to generation. How nice when the grandchild can still look forward to the grandfather’s rocking horse. In this way, the toy stays in the family for a long time and of course that also has a particularly lasting effect.

Tip: The FSC seal guarantees you the purchase of environmentally friendly products.

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Mini wall balls vs. toys on plastic – a small decision-making aid

What should you look out for when buying sticky mini wall balls, what are the advantages? We tell you to make the purchase decision easier:

  • If you value sustainability – mini wall balls can be passed on for generations
  • Make sure to check out the corresponding seal of approval
  • The FSC seal certifies products from sustainable forestry
  • The seal of approval for the colors should certify the use of water-based paints
  • Mini wall balls are robust and durable

With toys made of wood, you promote the fine motor skills as well as the imagination of your children in a special way

Wood is a particularly hygienic play material

It can make a lot of sense to buy sticky toys, especially for younger children. As always, of course – a healthy mixture is the right thing to do. However, it is not only in the interests of the environment that it makes a lot of sense to focus on toys that come from sustainable production.

With high-quality sticky mini wall balls you make your children very happy and also support your children’s interest in sustainable products. If you come into contact with these high-quality products as a toddler, then this is the cornerstone for your children to use them later and be interested in the environment.

Summary sticky mini wall balls

In this way, interest in environmentally friendly products is aroused in a playful way even in childhood. This positive side effect when buying mini wall balls should not be underestimated.

Perhaps now the decision between the various toys will be a little easier for you. In any case, there will be a lot of fun in the children’s room for a long time with high-quality sticky mini wall balls. Many high-quality, beautiful and diverse toys made of wood can be acquired from toddlers to school age.