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Sticky Stretchy Toy: Chemsitry in Toy Store

What You Should Know About the Sticky Stretchy Toys? 

 Toys play a significant role in the development of a child. They are not just fun. These toys do provide some opportunities for the kids to learn. They engage their senses, spark imaginations among them, and encourage them to learn interaction and sharing with others. Toys come in different shapes and materials. There are sticky stretchy toy, plastic toys, metal toys, etc.

Their glowing colors always fascinate kids and stimulate their developing vision. Many toys are designed to enhance physical dexterity, creativity, language development, problem-solving skills, and socialization skills. Some toys are just for fun and sharing joy with others. A sticky stretchy toy is one of them. These toys are common among young kids and even teenagers.  

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 The Shape of Sticky Stretchy Toy 

 These toys come in a variety of shapes. They are available in shapes of land and marine animals, figurines of various TV characters, skeletons, and even stress-relieving balls, etc. The quality of these toys is excellent and they are much affordable to buy. They come in an assortment of different colours and textures. These sticky and stretchy toys are made from certain chemicals to increase their durability and flexibility. The quality of the glue is viscous and the stickiness remains in the toy for a longer period. This article serves the purpose to let the reader know about the chemistry of stretchy, sticky toys.  


 Safe and Non-Toxic  

These toys contain environment-friendly material. Kids are prone to chemical allergies. Therefore, stretchy toys are generally made safe. For example, the stretchy and sticky lizards are made from a rubber called SEBS. It is a type of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and Styrene. The environment watchdog organization Green Peace highly recommends SEBS as an alternative to PVC material used in rubber toys. Its resistance resembles natural rubber qualities.  

Some manufacturers use BPA-free materials in stretchy and sticky toys. Some use high-quality vinyl material in their toys. They check and re-check the non-toxic nature of their products before launching them into the market. That is how the kids and elder users remain safe with BPA and phthalate-free toys and enjoy their maximum performance.  

 Protective Packaging 

 The toys come in separate sets packed in highly resistant zipper bags. It is easier to carry the toys from one place to another place due to their individual packing. 

 An assortment of Varying Shapes and Attractive Colours 

A significant feature of stretchy and sticky toys is that they are available in an assortment of adorable designs and eye-catching colours. Kids love the shapes and designs of their favourite figurines in glowing colours. Some gel-like toys with a sweet and funny face can brighten up the day of the young kids.  

 Usually, these stretchy toys come in glowing yellow, bright white, and green, sparkling pink, orange, dark black, cool purple, and eye-catching turquoise colours. These smiley toys mimic extremely dangerous real-life animals like dinosaurs, lizards, and snakes, etc. Usually, the assortment of shapes comprises figurines of reptiles like snakes, lizards, snails, and alligators. The shapes of sticky and stretchy toys do mimick frogs, fish, and dinosaurs. Even shapes of skeletons, hands, and faces from various assortments.  

 The assortment comes in random colours and shapes. Usually, the assortment comprises sets of toys in specific numbers ranging from 10 to 100 in a single packaging. Lizards are usually in a variety of colors. Teachers can use them in classroom prizes etc.  

 Highly Flexible, Sticky, and Super Playable 

 These toys are highly flexible and sticky. They can bend, bounce and cling to any surface. Children like to twist stretchy toys in any direction. The younger ones squeeze them to enjoy their softness. Some would like to toss them and enjoy their bounce. Some kids are happy cling their toys to surfaces and pull them apart. The toys flex, bend, and get back to their normal position. The toys can flex, bend, and flexible and sticky toys are priceless. Some toys have super resistance against tearing, no matter how much the child punches it or throws it on a wall, floor, or ceiling.  

 Source of Joy and Entertainment 

 These fun flinging toys bring entertainment and joy for people of all ages who like to play with them. Watching them stuck to the ceiling, walls, or other surfaces, or landing on plain tables and stick immediately is a fun activity for them. Some toys glow in dark places. Some toys like the sticky balls can absorb the sunlight and glow irrespective of the nature of the surrounding light. It will continue to emit light. Teachers can give them as classroom prizes to keep motivating young learners.  

 Extremely Sensory Fidgets 

 The sticky stretchy toy has a great sensory feature. It can stimulate the five senses of the child: sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound. A number of sticky toys available in the market carry designs based on children’s interests and preferences. These toys are impeccably an alternative to candy treats for kids.  

 Perfect for Parties 

 The sticky toys are attractive party packs for kids and young ones. They are a delight on occasions like Easters and Valentine’s Day, party favours, and Halloween treats, etc. Kids love playing with them at school and camping parties, birthday parties, and even on April fool’s day. These cute and plump toys are sure to delight and motivate young kids to enjoy the best moments in their life. Pranking on others is common among youth. A general observance shows that stretchy and sticky toys serve good for pranking.  

 Ideal Gifts 

 The glowing balls in the dark ceiling are the perfect choice as gifts. Friends can share such gifts on certain occasions like Christmas and birthday events. These presents live long and even adults keep them to recall sweet memories of the past. These wacky tacky toys are perfect bliss for those who want to give pleasant surprises to their near and dear ones. The receivers on the other side will adore them too.   

 Relief from Stress 

 A sticky stretchy toy is suitable for kids facing anxiety or autism issues. These toys have a very good physiotherapy impact on people who feel stress. They can let go of their stressful feelings by squeezing the toys in their hands and feeling the ooze between their fingers. These toys are perfect for students who want to get relief from boredom, stress, and anxiety occurring in the classroom.   


 The sticky stretchy toys are washable and waterproof. They can easily catch dust. Wash them to rinse off the dirt to make them look fresh and glowing again. The high-quality material used in such toys guarantees the long life of the product.   

 Highly Affordable 

 The sticky and stretchy toys do not burden the budget as they do not carry a high price for them. People can buy these toys available in different packing according to their budget and choice.  

 Quality is Guarantee 

 The quality of any product assures the users that they get the value for their price. The sticky toys are guaranteed products. Some manufacturers provide a money-back guarantee for their products.  

Winding up Discussion 

 A sticky stretchy toy is an excellent value of the price paid for them. Their flexible features, safe material, effective use at parties, and their delight at prominent events are unmatchable. These low-cost toys have no harmful impact on nature and they are safe to play with.  

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