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How to store bulk china sticky ball toys in shelf easily?

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Today children have not only many, but extremely many toys. How to store such variety so that the child can easily find what he needs, and order can be easily maintained? Making finding and storing china sticky ball toy is easy; you just need to know a few basic rules.

How to organize the storage of children’s toys

Storage of the first category of toys

The first category includes every day and favorite toys. There are usually few of them. It will be convenient for the whole family to know exactly where they are stored.

Plus, the child should have free access to this category. Place toys in plain sight, not at the bottom of the basket. Otherwise, you will regularly spend extra time looking for children’s favorites.

How to organize china sticky ball toy in shelf?

Ideal storage system for toys – “I hide it myself – I will find it myself.” Shallow open shelves and music stands are well suited for this. They are installed no higher than 70-80 cm from the floor, and then the baby himself will be able to reach them. You can also sew textile pockets or hang shallow open shelves.

By the age of one and a half, children can themselves take the china sticky ball toy to their place, and with parental guidance they will willingly do this. Organize shelves and teach your toddler to order!

Sticky Balls

Provide a secret place to store toys that are tired, as well as those that are not yet old. And it is better to organize a secret place not under the child’s bed (he can easily find it, and dust will accumulate there), but on the top shelf in the nursery or any other room.

Storing china sticky ball toy for creativity

Separately, you need to think over and organize the storage of various materials for children’s creativity.

Ideally, for such things, you need to allocate space on the table for creativity. It has an underframe where you can put containers of creative materials. It is important to store them close to where the child is studying, and not in the back of the room.

Storage of the second category of toys

China sticky ball toy of the second category are those that require an adult to play. For example, building blocks with small parts, figurine kits, first aid kit, toy food – something that is suitable for role-playing games. It is better to store it in a closet and higher so that only you can take out the sets, and after the game you can safely hide them in place.

For storing toys of the second category, transparent plastic suitcases, mesh bags for washing clothes are suitable – it is important here that the details are visible immediately. This way you can easily find what you are looking for. In turn, these bags or containers can easily be folded into a large basket or box and put it in a closet, or store everything on the highest shelf.

On the question of baskets for toys

Capacious baskets are very convenient for storing china sticky ball toy throughout the house, but it is better to refuse this system in the nursery. The fact is that for the kid there is no thing that he does not see. It is difficult to find the toy you want in the basket, and a quick way to search is to simply dump all the contents on the floor, and this is no longer about order.

In addition, most often we throw everything indiscriminately into such baskets. This does not add convenience in search. If you still want to use closed boxes or baskets, then place them on the shelves of a low rack and stick photos with the contents on them.

How to protect children from hard toys?


Children and household appliances are a perennial topic that excites every parent. How to protect an inquisitive kid from injury and preserve the nervous system without resorting to radical measures like locking the rooms with a key? There is an exit. The solution came from modern toy manufacturers who have created analogs of household appliances for children.

Useful pluses of analog toys:

  • china sticky ball toyallow you to redirect the child’s attention from household appliances in the house to safe toys;
  • children in a playful way will be able to get acquainted with the work and functions of technology, which they will use in the future;
  • Every kid wants to imitate adults, so analog toys will give him the opportunity to do the same as mom and dad.

What kind of china sticky ball toy will kids like?

Perhaps this is the most dangerous place in the house. It will be useful for your child to purchase a children’s kitchen. The standard set includes a stove with a set of dishes and utensils: a saucepan, frying pan, salt shakers, knives, forks, spoons, cups and other items.
china sticky ball toys 2021

A mixer, a microwave oven, a toaster, a coffee maker and an electric kettle will well complement the kitchen collection. Now the child will cook with you, but only in his own kitchen.

Cleaning kits

But what about the washing machine, vacuum cleaner and other equipment? After all, children take interest in knowing what kind of magic buttons parents press on unfamiliar devices. You can buy a play set for washing, cleaning and ironing, which eliminates the need to purchase toys separately. All items of such a set will be compact and easy to assemble.

China sticky ball toy for girls

Every little girl admires her mother and strives to be just as beautiful. She attracts to that mysterious china sticky ball toy. The play set for hair care with a hairdryer and accessories for hairstyles will delight the young beauty.

The baby will be able to preen herself, as well as organize her own beauty salon, braid pigtails, wind curlers and make dolls’ hairstyles.

Workshops for boys

Boys will take interest in tinkering with tools, tinkering and fixing something like dad. Give him a Mechanic’s Kit or a Repair Shop Kit that includes a machine. The child will enthusiastically begin to master new objects: a wrench, screws, screwdriver, screwdriver, pliers, etc.

The father can clearly explain how to work with the tools, what each of them is intended for. Such knowledge will be useful to any boy in the future.

Children tend to keep their china sticky ball toy organized and understandable. Just help organize it properly.