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Stress relief toys are lifesaving: Learn How? (Best Toys for Traveling)

Perfect flight with a child: What to consider, what to take with you

Flying with a child is … horror? Nightmare? Never again? Grit your teeth and endure? Or nothing, you can survive? Whatever experience you have, it is important to properly prepare and correctly gather. We share our stress relief toys life hacks so that you can fly with babies wherever you want and not go crazy.

Right time stress relief toys

Make your life easier even at the stage of buying tickets. It is clear that you want to save some money, but admit right away that choosing a low-cost airline with a departure at 3 am is not a good idea. Keep in mind that charter flights are often delayed and rescheduled, and even one extra hour at the airport is +100 parental fatigues.

It is better to choose large proven airlines and think carefully about the departure time. Listen to your mother’s intuition. In theory, many children tolerate night flights well, falling asleep right on takeoff.

But if you are the owner of a restless, easily excitable child who sleeps at home a rare night without waking up, choose daytime flights. Yes, you have to play the role of a man-orchestra all the way, but this is better than frantically trying to rock a baby crying from lack of sleep.

Many airlines provide stress relief toys for babies under one year old. Remember to order it in advance – at least 48 hours in advance. Prepare for the fact that during take-off and landing and during turbulence, it cannot be used.

Stress relief toys

The right clothes with the best stress relief toys

Think carefully about clothes for yourself – let it be comfortable dark jeans, a tight T-shirt, a simple shirt or long-sleeved jacket in case it is cool in the salon. She, on occasion, can perform the function of a blanket. And in an unforeseen situation – napkins πŸ™‚

It’s always good to have a spare T-shirt on hand – no one is safe from spilled juice or a regurgitated baby. A changeable T-shirt and stress relief toys is required for a child.

Clothes for a child should also be simple, comfortable, easy to remove, have several layers if it is too hot or cold. Even if the child is already wearing panty diapers, it is logical to replace them with classic diapers during the flight – you can quickly change them without undressing or undressing.

You can take thick socks to the salon so that the child can run right in them.

Correct fees


I am very proud of my life hack – I take my favorite backpack to the salon, and inside it I put a simple cotton shopping bag with the most necessary things. The bag is taken out in a second and for the duration of takeoff is put under the chair, the backpack is removed to the upper shelf – everything you need is at hand, the flight attendants are calm.

Instead of a shopper, you can also use a belt bag. It holds less, but must-have will fit. In addition, it is convenient to put passports in it during any controls and inspections.

What to take with you on the plane other than stress relief toys?

– Snacks, lots of snacks. Carrot sticks, apple slices, crackers, like heavy artillery πŸ™‚

– Water for yourself and your baby. Remember that for a child, you can take as many liquids as you like into the salon – water, juice, baby food, stress relief toys etc. The easiest way is to get a high-quality sippy cup – Munchkin has a good one, you can drink from it from any angle.

– Favorite book. Wimmelbuchs are ideal for travel.

– Stickers. We like the ABC-Atticus book series. Also, be sure to stock up on vinyl stickers that can be used to decorate the porthole and everything around. Then they are easily removed and do not leave marks.

– Aircraft finds. Great free printouts for kids can be downloaded here. On one child, you need to look for the depicted objects and cross out when he found them. And the second is with questions that you can ask your child. Communication develops best.

– A small notebook and drawing supplies. Better without covers, they will still be lost. Wax crayons or wax stones like this in a tight bag will do.

Carry good wipes along with stress relief toys

– Large supply of wet wipes. And buy alcohol wipes from the pharmacy, which are used for disinfection with injections. They can quickly wipe the handrails of a chair, a table and a window – these places are record holders in terms of the number of microbes, they are dirtier than WC. A dropped toy or pacifier can also be disinfected in this way, and then rinsed with drinking water.

– A small toy. Small cars, simple clockwork toys (no sound!), Velcro toys go well.

– A jar of play-do. This is optional and only if you know for sure that the baby will be interested.

– Player or book for yourself. For that ideal situation when the child falls asleep in your arms while taking off.

Stress relief toys 2021

Correct attitude

Once, on a transatlantic flight, I met a heavily pregnant woman with two weather conditions of three or four years old. We flew for 12 hours. Upon arrival, all the children were alive and cheerful and my mother looked absolutely normal. After that, I’m sure – if she could, then we can all too.

Find lightness in your soul. Try to go to bed not too late before the flight, have a good snack, and drink enough water during the flight.

Give the children some stress relief toys s before boarding the plane – if possible, let them run, stretch, make some noise, see together how the baggage claim line works, how the planes take off. On the plane, you can walk around the cabin – it is very difficult for a child from one year to sit still for a long time. But remember, it’s safer to be strapped most of the way.


Remember that the entire crew of the plane and the rest of the passengers are, of course, good people, but .. you most likely will not see them more. And your children are your children. Be condescending and patient with them. It is best practice to give them stress relief toys.

Try not to be nervous, even if it seems to you that you are disturbing other passengers – they have players, earplugs, an extra glass of wine, finally. Loud laughter and talk will not kill a neighbor, and everyone perceives crying on takeoff with understanding.

If you are flying alone, do not hesitate to ask for help – if the child easily walks into your arms, asks the stewardess to look after him while you calmly go to the toilet. This is part of their job.

If it is difficult, do not dwell on the moment. It will pass soon, and you will reach your destination, you can take a shower, have a snack, make herbal tea. Remember this, inhale, exhale and hug the child tightly.